Everglades Coast Gifting Sortie and Its Lovely and Bizarre

Whenever one goes on a gifting mission he/she can expect confirmations, like blue holes upening up in the HAARP whiteout, the appearance of magnificent Sylphs overhead, dramatically improved ambience in the gifted area, an expansion of the chest as the tightness of DOR suddenly disappears, etc.

Jeff and I got some brand new, startling confirmations yesterday, when we gifted along the Everglades coast for sixty miles from Everglades City to the southern end of the Florida Peninsula and back. I even got a bizarre confirmation by watching the Weather Channel when I got home Cool

We initially thought that we could take the boat down through the Everglades, roughly parallel to the shoreline, along the charted water trail but we quickly discovered that the water along that route is too shallow for our boat at low tide. We went out to the Gulf with our two five-gallon buckets of TBs, instead, and laid a line (beyond the sight of land)offshore to the south southeast, then another line close to shore on the way back toward the north to Everglades City.

We got the boat in the water at first light, hoping to get through the hundred twisty miles of the Everglades natural waterway, then back along the sixty miles of coast before dark. As in the previous week, when we gifted the apparent underground base area, out to the lone tower in the Gulf, sixty miles SSW of Marco Island, we saw no signs of federal or even reptilian surveillance and the sea was undisturbed. At that stage of a sea-gifting sortie we’re usually quite alert and expectant but yesterday we felt lethargic from the intense DOR and creepy stuff streaming from the Everglades. The water was brown until we got out about ten miles, then was typical Gulf green.

When we realized that we were being targetted, apparently by draconians (I had a slight headache and Jeff was hearing tones in his ears) we got sharper, speeded up a bit and kept our eyes open. Sylphs were forming in the blue sky ahead of us as we moved along and tossed TBs every mile but HAARPish whiteout dominated the sky over land to our left and above the tall cumulus clouds. We regretted not being able to gift through the western portion of that wretched National Park but the apparent massive presence of draconians underground, there, induced Jeff to commit to getting through the area to put some earthpipes down and plenty of TBs in the water along the way. There are no roads in most of the Everglades, of course, so it will be time/labor intensive to apply the kll shot to that massive, ancient underground base.

On the eastern limit of the Everglades are some prison facilities that are used to experiment on adolescents, by the way–obviously CIA and part of their Monarch Program but the intense energy of the physical, emotional and psychological trauma which streams out of those remote buildings nearly overwhelmed Carol when we gifted outside of their razor-tape topped fencing last spring.

When we rounded the SW cape of the Everglades, yesterday to gift the remaining ten miles, east to the National Park’s highway terminus facility a spy plane flew over us but coming south southeast until that point, we’d driven into light headseas, so even if the HAARPies roughed up the water around us on the return trip, at least they’d be sending it from behind us, so no problem. As we motored into the area under the HAARP whiteout, Sylphs obliterated the white above us and apparently used that thin, high-altitude cloud material to make their own filmy garments. I remember flying over some HAARP whiteout that was forming over Montana and the layer looked paper-thin from the passenger jet, which was flying only a few thousand feet above it.

We soon figured out that a war was in progress in the skies when huge white lenticular clouds began forming in our path over the Gulf on the return leg. Jeff and I were the ground troops that day, seizing more territory from the draconians and their HAARPie/CIA stooges. Until Carol, Jeff and I gifted teh similar underground base area north of Grand Bahama Island I’d never considered the significance of alien predators’ involvement with weather warfare against humanity, in concert with the World Odor. By now, I"m seeing little else but an ancient, parasitic draconian war, playing out undert the auspices of our parasitic World Odor. For me, at least, the local appearance of that little spaceship in my neighborhood sort of capped that realization. Still, the World Odor is the main problem, though, and they all put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you and I do.

The Park Service has a couple of marinas at that facility but also a dam separating them, which rather astonished us. We’d hoped to go through at least a portion of the Everglades on our way back. We don’t like to retrace steps, after all.

Starting back, we noticed a thunderstorm over land, about twenty miles to the north and we didn’t think much of it because the little powered cloudbuster we take with us usually eliminates storms like that, long before we reach them.

Right after rounding the cape for the NNW run up the coast I saw a frigate bird, then immediately saw a dark dolphin breaching ahead of us. Several more dolphins, running in the same direction, indicated a travelling pod, so we raced ahead to get even with them and they slowed down to check us out. When two of them surfaced near the boat, Jeff threw one of Carol’s dolpnin balls in the path of each. It was obvious that they were busy with something so we kept going. About five minutes later my chest suddenly expanded and I had a realization that the dolphins had just figured out what the dolphin balls are. On the phone, later, Carol told me her impression that these are migrant dolphins and were engaged in a project, perhaps with the Sylphs and the good space guys around us.

Last Tuesday morning, before first light (I take my long walks before sunrise in this hot, humid climate) I saw a small spaceship (about the size of a large helicopter and with one red light and four or five white lights on it) obliquely and silently drop behind some trees about a quarter mile away. Carol told me over the phone that it felt like an Andromedan craft to her. Andromedans, Lemurians and dolphins are close associates, apparently, and are our allies against the World Odor and their parasitic offworld and reptilian cohorts. I consider all of the good guys who are above us to be among The Operators, of course.

People ask me to furnish authoritative references for some or all of this stuff and, of course, I tell them that there’s nothing out there except disinfo about these things, aside from rare personal (therefore subective) accounts like ours. Also, I say that we operate on this data the way military people on the battlefield operate on intel. Once we find a source trustworthy, we take what he/she says seriously enough to be ready to act on what they’re giving us, in other words.

Later on, when the hyperdimensional stuff perhaps loses more of the subjective quality, ‘proof’ won’t be needed any more.

One evidence that offworld predators were furious with us was that the small thunderstorm over land, ahead and to our right during the return leg, quickly grew and darkened as we approached, in spite of Jeff aiming the CB at it. This was the first time we actually got rained on during a gifting sortie, in fact. Every time, before now, that a rainstorm was in our path the cloudbuster, perhaps in conjunction with the line of orgonite we were laying in the water, obliterated even teh darkest and most violent of storms ahead of us, long before we arrived. That storm grew and darkened and ‘tried’ to extend over the Gulf, west of our path, but was stopped as if it hit a wall in the area where Sylphs and bright lenticular clouds were, overhead and slightly to the west. The underside of the boiling, upper cloud mass from that black, lightning-filled T-storm had an angry aspect that stood in sharp contrast to the light but potent countenance of the Sylphs and the tall, white cumuli in which were nestled the bright lenticulars. One Sylph formed into an accurate dolphin profile, facing the threatening clouds and that dense Sylph form remained intact and in the same position for almost an hour, strange to tell. That was definitely shown for our benefit.

We finally passed the rapidly-advancing thunderstorm, gifting within sight of the shoreline and several miles to the east of our initial gifting path, then went east through the three-mile channel from the Gulf to Everglades City right before the contorted, dark storm arrived. It was a little game for us to get the boat on the trailer and be on our way before it started raining (which we did) and we stopped at a mom-and-pop restaurant in town to get some seafood, then. The little cloudbuster was still running in the boat, in the parking lot. It was pointed at an area of sky that we were able to see from our table. The sky remained gray but the CB cut through the roiling, darker mass like a knife, lightening the gray sky right overhead, and held the rain at bay. We gifted the only death tower in town, which is in the middle of a roundabout in front of the restaurant, and within minutes we were in a downpour which lasted all the way to Ft Lauderdale, directly to the east on the other side of the Florida Peninsula.

Everglades City is within the limits of the national park. Alligator Alley, which is US41, the original road across South Florida from just north of Everglades City to Miami, is the north limit of the park. The DOR in that entire park area is so dense that one wonders why anyone would live there but of course humans are adaptable to any conditions, including wretched ones Wink.

The evening before Carol and I gifted the first line (120 miles) from the passenger ferry through the massive previous DOR field in the Gulf of Mexico, west of the Everglades and between Ft Meyers and Key West, we were surveilled by reptilians, who also had arranged to run us off the road during a freaky thunderstorm, halfway across the state. When they were tailing our little car in that massive pickup CArol quickly swerved to the left in a turnoff lane and stopped while the surprised reptiles roared past us. She had to stop pretty quick, in fact, because a dead alligator was in the road in front of us. That was the only time we saw a dead alligator on a highway, in fact–another bizarre little confirmation. STate Troopers and other cops along the way were hunting for us ‘terrorists,’ and were apparently told to report our position to the felonious feds but of course we used our invisible mode, which works fine on human predators and parasites but not on reptilians. That was in early July, a month and a half ago.

On the second sortie into that area, a week ago (Carol’s been back in Idaho during August, doing a little groundwork for our upcoming move), the DOR had been severely diminished but when the local dolphins showed up around us and induced us to toss a large number of TBs in the water the horizon had disappeared, even though the sun was up and it wasn’t smoggy. Yesterday, when Jeff and I were witnessing the strangely beautiful battle in the sky over us, he speculated that we may have been in an opened hyperdimensional portal when the horizon disappeared. Now I’m wondering if the dolphins weren’t getting that orgonite from us in order to close that draconian (?) gate. The water was quite clear in that spot, by the way, not typical in the Gulf of Mexico.

At the end of that day we saw a single but large Sylph, slowly becoming distinct high over the area we’d gifted as we drove away from the area toward home. Yesterday, Sylphs were literally everywhere around the limits of the horrifying, black thunderstorm, inluding out over the Atlantic, east of Miami, Ft Lauderdale and the Palm Beaches. The skies where Jeff and we live remained lovely the rest of the day.

Here’s the bizarre confirmation of the effects of the day’s sortie: I invited Jeff in to watch the Weather Channel for the local update, which is usually shown every ten minutes. An hour long program was half done, during which no local updates were shown, and he was tired, so went home. I persevered; kept the STupid Box on, muted, until the HAARP propaganda show was over, then my jaw dropped when the ‘previous three hours’ tape loop of satellite images of South Florida showed no storms at all over the Everglades. As we travelled north, the black thunderstorm was clearly seen to extend all the way up to Lake Okeechobee, directly to west of where we live. The local tape loop only showed a few small, scattered T-storms at our latitude, over the Florida Straits to our east, then across the state. There were actually no thunderstorms over the sea that day, nor over the Gulf It was all happening over land and not even over the eastern cities, where there are still a lot of death transmitters operating. By now, we’ve all nailed all the HAARP facilities in South Florida, including Miami and Ft Lauderdale, which has some doozies, including the HAARP Command Center (aka Hurricane Tracking Center) in South Miami, with its score of weatherballs and its large-scale HAARP tower arrays.

I persevered with the Stupid Box until the national storm coverage came on. When the national show’s satellite tape loop of South Florida for the previous three hours came on it briefly showed a single mass of red over all of South Florida (none of that over the Straits of Florida or the Gulf), then the local cable company’s satellite feed for that channel suddenly disappeared. I hope you’re aware that there’s a great deal of digital editing that’s done on that channel, which I sometimes call the HAARP Channel.

I got up at 2AM tonight so that I could see some less-edited weather coverage on TV and, sure enough, that massive, landlocked storm had lasted until late afternoon, then simply disappeared within an hour or so. It’s as though the draconians (top of the parasite/predator heap) were literally throwing everything they had into the storm, trying to extend it into the territory that we had taken with orgonite all around South Florida and the Sylphs and other Good Guys were holding onto.

Bear in mind that South Florida is the western anchor point of the Bermuda Triangle, okay? There’s a huge amount of natural energy in this region, which is probably why it’s essential to the HAARPicane assaults on the US.

It feels like the editing of the local HAARP-linked radar imagery was done to instill doubt in me and the loss of the satellite link to the Weather Channel by the local cable station during a key moment seemed to confirm that. I’m not an egoist; I do report my observations for the public record, though, and the World Odor is obsessed with secrecy and with the continuing inducement of the Pajama People’s perpetual slumber in order to keep their parasitic hold on the host, which is the body politic of humanity.

There are no reports of damage from that freakish, massive storm, by the way. Nothing bad can happen from weatehr in an area where all the HAARP facilities are disabled. The bad stuff is happening in the Midwest, where most of the HAARP facilities are intact, and in the desert regions where it’s raining a lot. Those desert regions are the only areas where people build on flood plains without using precautions, of course. The Rio Grande is becoming a real river again, in other words, rather than the wide, shallow creek it had become since that region was desertified a few centuries ago.

I’ve never seen or heard of a storm like that one in S Florida, yesterday. Even the hurricane I sailed through in the Gulf in October, 95, wasn’t that uniform and consistent and HAARPicane Wilma, thrown at us last October before enough of the HAARP facilities were disabled, only lasted half as long as that storm did.

National satellite imagery showed a counterclockwise but fragmented, spinning storm over the Wesern Bahamas, feeding energy into the enormous S Florida storm yesterday as we were travelling north along the East Florida Coast but, as I said, there were no dark storm clouds over the ocean there, then. The bit we took out of the storm-generating field in the Western Bahamas was evidend in the radar imagery. That was the main area. It looks like the AUTEC-related HAARP facilities on Andros and the three massive HAARP towers on the Bahama Bank, east of Andros, are being called into play, now.

I write these long reports to indicate that when we all go out on significant gifting mssions there’s a great deal that can be seen and reported about conditions and circumstances before, during and after these important efforts. I set up EW mainly to host and catalog reports like this one and I want everyone to be as freewheeling with their subjective accounting as I am. It’s the consistency of these observations that lends credibility to the global gifting movement and turns individual, subective reports into empirical evidence of the effectiveness and purpose of intelligently-distributed orgonite.

So, please think about this when you report about your next gifting sortie on EW, okay? We all think it’s wonderful that you spend the effort to gift and most who do this essential work don’t even participate on forums (why should they?), but the reason I invited each of you who post on EW is because I had a hunch that you’d be willing and able to thoroughly report your subjective observations of the effects of your gifting sorties here, for the record, in a user-friendly, sociopath-free, sans behavior modification format.

In other words, the only peer pressure here is the kind that induces us all to excel and to exemplify what this network is accomplishing, worldwide.


don’s representation of the gifting sortie is completely accurate and observationally insightful. i would just like to add a few things ‘around’ what he said.

there was indeed a cosmic battle going on above the florida etheric skies between the draconians and the good guys. the storm he described was chasing us back upon our route to everglades city. lightening was striking about ten miles away from several directions at different times. we raced back as he described and actually outran their turbulent airmass.

the cloud-types had very clear demarkations as to what typr of energy they contained. the little interactive orgonite cloudbuster was working hard but the stormy response to our gifting was nearly overwhelming. the clouds were extremely swift-moving and full of roiling angry energy.

after i left their house when we returned, i went home. i was watching the idiot box to see the progression of the storm-cloud formation and just as don said the damn tv blinked out right when they showed the entirity of south florida under a complete coverage of severe thunderstorm weather(shown in red). i said to myself aha! that’s the deal.

the next day i looked up yesterdays radar loops from a weather website(which i should show here but i cant because my operqating system wont let me copy to paste-bummer) and it shows a very interesting progression which i dont think don saw.

the storm started as don says, right north of us at everglades park and spread rapidly outward from there. the radar loop showed the thing kicking up at 12:00 noon right when we finished the outward sea leg . it spread rapidly on our return arching over us, but to the north it spread at about 40 m.p.h. it spread expanding northward and both east and west to cover the entire half of the state which is mostly below lake okeechobee in only two or three hours!

the loop showing the geometry of the storm is most interesting. from the very tip of florida it spread in rapid fashion, covering all the gifted land areas except the heavily gifted east coast. outer clouds from all directions outiside the clouded southern half of florida rushed in towards and joined the massive storm swirling inward to form an even mightier storm clump. then, it seemed to implode from inside, clearing, and the outer fragments sped outward away in a loose spiral motion! in other words a rushing inwards from all quarters to bolster the spreading storm from the south, a battle, and then a clearing in the middle and rushing outwards of clouds to the GIFTED perimeter of florida, in the surrounding ocean.

it was most certainly a battle of regional proportions and it looks like the good guys won! after effects and confirmations like these are too geometrically significant and timeline coordinated to be overlooked.

by the way, that dolphin cloud don mentioned was artistically superior in it’s rendering, an exact likeness.

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