Evidence of Climate Sabotage?

Jeff, a gifter in the Phillipines, sent me the following:

Hi Don,

I dont know if you had heard of this already. Damning evidence of climate change manipulation.

Climate Change Skeptics Get to Say ‘I told you so!’ https://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/25520/

Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists ([https://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2]
The CRU hack

Here is a searchable archive of the alleged hacked emails. https://www.anelegantchaos.org/search.php

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I haven’t read those hacked emails, but the fallout speaks louder than words.
I was rolling on the floor with laughter when I read about it, though it’s a bit sad and frightening as well.
The “Mail and Guardian”, a South Africa Spin Of of the UKs “Guardian”, in other words a Guardian of political correctness, was most worried, that investigating the “hacking crime” might give “climate denialists” more ammunition ans so it should rather be swept under the carpet.
Weird what these self proclaimed leftie-progressive think they can get away with.
The pressure for total consent was never stronger than today.
First “AIDS” denialists got hunted out of all positions of influence, now they get the straightjackets ready for us “climate denialists”.
Let’s bost the snot out of them!

My thoughts are that all journalists out only rewrite press releases and it takes hackers to get to the truth.


“When an issue becomes a vital part of a political agenda, as is the case with climate, then the politically desired position becomes a goal rather than a consequence of scientific research.”* (Prof. Richard S. Lindzen , MIT climate researcher)

For those interested, here are 2 pretty good articles on the subject from https://www.globalresearch.ca

https://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=16330[/url:3t209h48] Prof Lindzen’s critical review of the “forced consensus” on climate change

Michael Chossudofsky on recent events with some juicy quotes from those hacked emails. He also tells how the big finance guys have already lined up all their ducks in a row for future “carbon trading” and how shaking the forced consensus on climate change would really not further their interests, apart from the lovely opportunity to introduce more global control.