EW Is Back Online!

We’re back online!!! Thank you, Ale and people of the Chile server, for your hard work these past days.

I am sure Don will post soon about what has happened (well, the hacking was obvious). If indeed as many posts are lost as it seems, since Februari 2008, we’ve got work to do:

You can find back some of your old posts on the Internet, by typing the following in Google or other search machines (without the quotes): “ethericwarriors.com” – “viewtopic” – “1234” ……… then click on the ‘in cache’ option. This leads to a snapshot Google has taken of your post. Not all is there, because the snapshots are not taken every day. But most.

Instead of the post number “1234”, you can type a title word, like “bankster” or your name, to see what comes up.
Let’s lend a hand and copy and paste back our posts.

For all of you that kept up their spirits in gifting:

Nice Hack Job NSA !

The admin dude for php forums has the ability to do daily back ups, but it’s a manual thing and has to be done to another hard drive from the servers. When was the last time you did a backup Alejandro, just out of curiosity ? It looks like it’s been almost a year since you backed up the files based on how old the posts are.

Now, I have to repost my 100 or so photos of all the death towers I’ve gifted over the past month in south florida.

Not complaining at all, in fact I’m delighted to do it to keep people up to date on my gifting adventures .

Good work for getting the ew back though, you all rock in Chile ! [Image Can Not Be Found]

For those who want to read deleted posts a good source is http://www.archive.org/url:3p2nv43x. They don’t archive photographs though, but threads from 2004 – 2007 are there. Why none of 2008 isn’t archived is a mystery though.


I have copied some posts http://whale.to/b/ew_a.html

I’d do more but they get out of date when new posts get added. I try and copy the photos as well


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