Exemplary Report From Irish Gifter

Don Croft
14 Aug 2008 23:09
Subject: Exemplary Report from Irish Gifter
Hi Don,

I read a lot of yours and other peoples posts on Ethericwarriors.com. They are very interesting
and indeed funny at times, especially your comments on the various individuals, you found to be
following you.

I could not believe something as simple as orgonite, could be causing all these
agencies soo much trouble. But the idea was hilarious and strangely appealing/ invigorating that
this could be so. The best laid plans to be ruined by scrap metal, resin and some common minerals.

So I read on and on, eventually deciding to make some TB’s and go let the local tower have it.
Its about a mile away as the crow flies. And there are no other towers within five miles of my
house. The sky was dark and overcast as it mostly is in Ireland since about oh 1986. Rain rain and
more rain. This July most houses in the village were burning turf to keep warm, so much for Global

Anyway shortly after busting this tower, we were treated to some nice patches of Blue
sky. Not to mention the unusual way the clouds seemed to hold their distance from the tower.
Proof enough for me! Out I go and let the next nearest ones have some in the local town. We like
hill walking and so done tops of nearby mountains, that are within site of home and two much
farther away.

So the weather cleared up nicely and I went back to watching the sky over the local
tower. This was great and I started to get the parts together for a CB

However the grey overcast skies returned, went away and came back again. This time to stay.
I was so disappointed, but a week or so later I get up from bed and see my local tower cutting a
wide swarte of blue sky into the prevailing grey and it was something else to see.

There was strong winds blowing the grey into the blue, but it was disappearing almost instantly. Two hours later this
stopped and its been mostly grey and wet since. That morning I think I came to realise what was happening, the towers were being turned off and on. And been off for the past two weeks.

We will
gladly swap our weather system for some of your desert climates.

Anyway do you think a CB will break this impass before we have to locate blueprints for an ark!
Your insight would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely


Brian, I’ve never read a better gifting report than yours, thanks. I posted it on EW, leaving off your last name. I hope you don’t mind but our readers (and contributors) ought to be spurred on by your words, as I was Cool

You’ve presented the first evidence I’ve seen that the HAARPies may now be turning off their death transmitters periodically in an effort to restore their death matrix in the atmosphere. As they apparently know by now, when a death transmitter has been gifted, it turns into a life force transmitter Wink and how frustrating that must be for them! I think they hoped that these new towers would eventually enable them to control the populace by throwing us all to the ground with convulsions at the twist of a dial.

An orgonite cloudbuster will clear the deadly orgone radiation from the atmosphere above those dark clouds and will certainly influence the rain clouds, themselves, but the way to decisively turn the tide on these HAARPies is to extend one’s gifting efforts ever outward, mindful to concentrate on coastal HAARP arrays in your case, of course, and to toss orgonite in the sea for the dolphins to distribute to the seabed death transmitters. If you observe smog over teh ocean, these sea bottom transmitters need to be disabled in order to consolidate your efforts on land and the dolphins and whales will be much safer for it, too.

Otherwise, please let me know when you see the firsts Sylph in your sky, okay? This would be the most encouraging sign, for you, that you’re making solid progress against the world order’s effort to poison your atmosphere.

I confess that I was starting to question whether some of the wonderful climate improvements we’re seeing across North America, including in all the deserts, in recent years may be on account of a natural cycle as much as on the thousands of busy gifters across the land but that fairly small, remaining severe drought area in the American Southeast is confirmation, for me, that if we hadn’t done this work, the rest of the continent would, by now, look like that pitiful little dry area still does. That drought will probably also be reversed by gifters pretty soon, by the way.

Sure, our deserts are looking pretty good to me, too, because they’re now mostly green, even in summer. Carol and I are quite pleased with what we did in Death Valley, which was the worst-hit area on the continent outside of Utah when we got started in Death Valley, almost seven years ago. Lots of gifters are working on reversing the bigger deserts, of course.

Please let me know what happens after you set up your orgonite cloudbuster, okay? I’m looking forward to sharing more of your detailed observations and reports.


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