Experiment from JohnL

This is a “For the Record” posting.

When I was a boy I lived in Ramsgate, which is a town of about 55000 souls on the south east coast of England. In those days of 45 yesteryears we could walk along the beach at low tide and, if we were so inclined, help ourselves to sea bounty such as mussels, crabs and welks. We could cast out from the beach and catch fish such as Bass, Cod, Ling, Plaice and Dog fish. If we were lucky and had a boat (my father did) we could go out and fill the boat with fish using a rod and line.

Those days left us, the inshore fishermen dwindeld in numbers, and the sea bounty even more. Where there were rocks covered in all manner of marine flora and fuana there were just rocks.

On the 23rd of December I went out in a fishing boat with a box of TB’s. The intention is to see if the decline can be reversed with a bunch of orgonite. And to create a giant water orgone generator.

Using a sat nav, a fish finder and most important of all, a knowledgable local fisherman, we went along the coast from Ramsgate . The area was chosen so that we could get some feedback over the next months from the people who hopefully would bennifit most if there is to be an improvement in the sea life- the fishermen.

On the way to Margate we went just outside the low water mark and dropped two TB’s every half mile. At Margate we went a mile offshore and returned doing the same. Rocky spits and anywhere our expert suggested received extra TB’s. In total more than seventy went in the water, with our fisherman friend promising to drop another ten in Sandwich Bay in the new year.

The area of the Isle of Thanet, which comprises of Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs and a number of villages has been extensively gifted in the past, with all the police stations and hospitals getting extra attention. With the sea gifting there should be a recognisable difference for all to see.

Sandwich Bay is the outfall of the River Stour which runs through an extensive Pfizer (very well gifted) harmaceutical factory where they make Viagra, among other chemicals. The idea of Viagra getting into the local food chain through an “accidental” leak is quite amusing too.

Hopefully over the next few months I will be able to report any changes in the local conditions, although at this stage they would be subjective. If there is a positive result I’m sure word of mouth would soon get fishermen gifting their own catchment areas.

John L.

Well done, John L! You were a lot more generous with your TBs than we were along Florida’s southern coasts and we got huge confirmations. You involved local fishermen, though, so may be getting much more specific confirmations in coming months than we did with simply our own observations.

By the way, the hundred miles or so of Gulf of Mexico coastline in Southern Florida which was plagued by red tide for several years is now apparently clear of it, a year and a half after we gifted that stretch. It may have been clear a month later but we just didnt’ have any feedback until recently, when a gal in that area I correspond with told me that there are plenty of boats in the Gulf in those waters by now. When we gifted a TB per mile along the poisoned area, there were literally no boats, no fish and the air made us a little sick. All of the boats confined themselves to the inland waterways, which had remained clear of the deadly bacteria, which apparently came from that biological weapons dump we gifted, forty miles off the coast, northwest of Tampa.

I assume the fishermen you know will easily determine whether the conditions in the water, itself, have improved in addition to seeing whether plant an aminal life return to the area. Generally, water gifting increases clarity and removes or reduces surface scum, for instance.

I suspect that the measurable aspect of gifting (in the atmosphere and in water) is ionization, which is what causes smog to rapidly disappear from the skies of gifted cities. Ionizing any environment, including the inside of the human body, increases health and healing. DOR goes along with acidic conditions, which is characterized by a deficit of free ions. I’m pretty sure that Dr Reich’s orgonometer was a slightly modified, simple gaussmeter, which detects the presence of ions.

I was surprised to learn, recently, that Reich’s orgone accumulators set off Geiger counters, even in the complete absence of DOR. Some graduate students at the University of Dublin subjected a simple orgonite device to extremely powerful microwave energy and the HHg was entirely unaffected in terms of physical makeup, heat, etc. We really need to get more scientific evidence of the effects of orgonite, especially since the new tactic that’s being deployed against us is being carried out by previously reputable fakers, claiming that orgonite is ineffective, wears out, needs ‘charged water,’ etc. Your experiment, involving those objective fishermen, might go a long way toward silencing these ‘next generation’ snipers. If we don’t silence them with solid evidence they’ll just get noisier and I learned, early on, that it’s a bad idea to just ignore snipers. I’m apparently following Dr Reich’s own example that way–he fought that sort of sabotage with solid, scientific data.