Experimentation On Specific Orgonite Devices

For a while now I have been developing orgonite devices that are specific for a certain malady… I have been getting back very positive feedbacks, and it’s really been a wonderful experiment that might broaden the effects of orgonite… This thread will keep track of this experimentation.

The first device I tested is my “good night sleep” device… it is interesting that the vast majority of the users report a curative crisis, that is, that the first week they experience a lot of nightmares and active dreaming (even people who “never dream” report this), waking up several times during the night… like if the device was doing precisely the opposite to what it is supposed to… now, the second week, it is like they enter a second stage… they begin to sleep very profoundly, reporting back that the quality of rest is very high… the nightmares disappear, dreaming stabilizes…
I have also noticed that the device has a much more dramatic effect in people who don’t take sleeping pills… in fact, I’ve had a few cases of heavy night dopers on which the device just doesn’t work (Ale’s mom, jejeje).
Now, I have made a few changes to the stone combination, basically added stones, and there is a lady who is slowly starting to quit taking sleeping pills… I will follow her case closely to see what comes out of that, it will probably take more time than with the rest of the people.

Another case is the [color=#8C00FF:6f84osxx]allergy pendant[/color:6f84osxx]… I am very impressed with the feedback I’ve received… it is available in the thread [“Got Allergies? Try it!”/url:6f84osxx.
This device has been tested on dogs and on people…
Within this allergy experiment, I made a pendant that was even more specific, aiming only at hay fever this is probably the most specific device I’ve made so far… Here, I quote the feedback:
Amazingly since Nicole is wearing the pendant there has been no hay fever
allergy effects!!!
She has tried it without the pendant and her eyes start to itch, which is
the first signs of the hay fever.
Javi this is a very good affirmation, thank you so much for this
And later…
Nicole has not had a single day of being blocked up with hay fever since she has had and worn the pendant. We are now into the summer and our pollen count should be high, as it is really hot and sunny here at last. I really am impressed that orgonite can do this Javi, it never ceases to amaze me!!

Recently I came up with another device for arthritis … motivated at first to help my grandma, I got splendid results which I expect will repeat… turns out that with the device she is another person (as she puts it)… two days after I gave her the device she washed the dishes and some handkerchiefs, and made a clean up of her closet… Before, she could barely move her fingers, the arthritis was so severe that they are completely crooked… She was also very depressed and only got out of bed to go and pay the bills… well, my aunt told me that she went to visit her one day and that she was up, had gotten dressed and even put on some makeup… she went for a walk in the park. All this happened on the first week, so it seems that the device has a pretty dramatic effect. I am sending this device to Ale’s grandpa in the States (he is 84), so I’ll report his feedback later… I am looking for more subjects to try this one out… so if you would like to test an arthritis device, I would charge you only 15usd and the shipping expenses (which should be 7-10 usd). This is not a pendant, it is the size of a desktop orgonite, a little larger than the one on the web page. Email me at [email protected].

At the beginning of winter I decided to come up with a pendant that would help with eating habits, specifically to loose weight … I made the stone combination thinking of stimulating the digestive system, intake of nutrients, and a good digestion… well, turns out that the pendant worked the opposite way… I had three subjects test this device, my sister, Ale’s sister, and me; the three of us experienced cravings and more eager to eat… I think what happened is that by stimulating the digestive system you are also stimulating appetite [Image Can Not Be Found] .

Even though this pendant didn’t work for what I had intended, it was good experimentation… if I later come across with someone with anorexia I will revise and start from this stone combination… and next time I want a pendant that regulates weight I shall aim to regulating anxiety.

I will keep reporting on this experimentation as I get requests on specific problems and the feedback from the testers…

All this has been very interesting. It never ceases to amaze me… And it is great when these effects fall upon someone who is very skeptical, since it is no big deal that a new ager starts to believe in the power of orgonite… on the other hand, when common folks start to see the beneficial effects of orgonite and they start asking questions and buying a device for their kids too, it is truly rewarding and inspiring…

Shall keep you posted!