Experimenting with pointing CBs

I was wondering several times why some days a CB works really well and on other days, they managed to create a carpet of chemclouds. All of the towers I could find around here in a 15-20km radius have been gifted, so, one can imagine that having such a CT carpet is kind of frustrating. So, I started really observing the sky, the different cloud movements in different altitudes until I realised that wheather really is quite a complicated thingUndecided. Usually the chemcarpets arrived prefabricated from the south in hights of between 16000 and 24000 feet, rarely higher than that. Initially I thought that pointing the CB into the upcoming front of CTs would help but most of the times, it did not. So, the hoped for quick fix did not work. I started reading up on how weather systems are supposed to work and read loads of articles about Wilhelm Reich and his Cloudbuster. Very interesting stuff. To cut a long story short, I found out that a CB really works in a very subtle way most of the time. I now believe that it actually can create something like a micro climate even quite some distance away if pointed correctly. I now hardly ever have the CB standing upright and the results are quite astonishing. Sometimes, pointing a CB into a particular direction only yields result after several hours or even a day. I am convinced that the criminals behind the spewing campaigns do not plan too carefully according to jet stream, high and low pressure systems, warm and cold air layer floatations etc. etc. Throwing a spanner into their works is not only fun, it confuses them no end which can be observed when they start moving in from all directions wondering why their stuff does not stick a bit.

It really helps to understand how weather works at least in its fundamentals and I now point our CB with a little bit of basic understading about weather but it still is mostly an intuitive process. Fact is that a CB creates a vastly improved lower atmosphere all around its location no matter where it points to. This can be observed by birds actually starting to fly again rather than walking, a lighter feeling outside despite chemclouds being present and people not sniffling and coughing as much as somewhere else. However, I also feel that whatever we do in this respect, in areas where they are not going to stop spewing (usually close to rivers and lakes for their cloud generation), creating reprieve for ourselves will sometimes result in making it harder for people somewhere else when CTs are being diverted perhaps into areas where there is less or no Orgonite. On the other hand, Orgonite somehow prevents egoistic abuse which I feel is a safeguard. I personally find it amazing to what a degree working with Orgonite appeals to and enhances moral and ethical qualities not only in oneself but in people around.

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My children used to have lots of fun with my cb. We have a fire pit in the front yard and cook on it. The kids would spot a “moving star” and point the cb at it. The “moving star” would dart away, they would follow it with the cb and chase it around the night sky. The first time we did it the thing darted all over and then it stalled and blew up. Shooting moving stars was lots of fun on camping trips! The whole thing lost appeal when my oldest learned she could do it without the cb.

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I have started experimenting with my CB also in this way. I have been at it for a few weeks now. I mostly have it pointed at the big tower farm up on the mountain across from my house. I live in a very secluded valley with mountains on all sides. So, I have no horizon at all to see really what is going on in the far distance. I do know that there is no smog at all in this valley. We have had really bad winds this year also. It seems to have helped somewhat to reduce the overall velocity of the winds but no stop them. I suspect that is because I live in a valley and cannot point it directly at a DOR source.