Exposing the Network w/photos

There are 3 main devices involved in causing droughts, long-range WeatherBall Radars (Rexnad/Doppler) cell tower/death towers, and microwave highway cell tower lamps which act as a fair optical illusion atleast for some people.

For this post I want to focus on the lamps situated on the highways usually clustered near bridges and over passes.

I have photos showing that these lamps which stand twice as tall as normal lamps used for lighting put out as much radiation as regular cell towers, but due to their appearance they go unnoticed by motorists 24/7 who don’t realize they are being exposed to enormous amounts of radiation every day when they are traveling. These microwave lamps have more than one purpose besides providing light. They radiate deadly microwaves over long distances and they keep putting up more all the time. But guess what they also do? They also (in a very efficient manner) EVAPORATE PRECIPITATION and are currently being used to cause droughts throughout the U nited States of America!!! Think about all the states with millions of acres burned by wildfires!

Get the picture, wildfires, global warming, crime, and on and on. Believe you me, ORGONITE is the only thing that will stomp this problem out and the elitists know this fact!!! The great thing is truly a little bit of orgonite goes along way. Less than $100 will shut down $1,000,000.00 dollars of their NETWORK STUPIDITY! If everyone knew this, we would be living in total harmony throughout the entire world and eliminate the possibility of future wars FOREVER!!!

Just recently, I was studying the weather radar and noticed something EXTRA-ORDINARY! When large amounts of rain (represented by the color green on the radar) was coming to us from the west, it DISAPPEARED when it reached a certain highway!!! This was so obvious. I said where’s all the rain going, and I knew what I had to do in an instant. The elite are so dumb and believe it or not they are helping us all the time, we only have to think for ourselves. When I pinpointed the exact location, it had the usual handful of cell towers but there were approximately 30, yes 30 of these microwave cell lamps (if you will) and the next day after we gifted this area it rained on and off for 3 days! It now feels so cool and comfortable here and I can tell the people love it even though they haven’t got a clue what’s going on, but that’s okay. (They deserve a break) The very next morning the jet tankers were spraying chem crud all over the skies confirming our big discovery!!! These lamps provide an almost perfect optical illusion for the pajama folks who go home every evening and worry about Global Warming when all along the cell lamps were working very hard along with the regular cell towers and Nexrad/Doppler weather ball radars that cause the GLOBAL WARMING!! I


Covert Microwave devices with lights forming a circle around the top posing as normal night lights


Radiation exposure registering long before reaching the lamps (in background)


Radiation from Microwave lamp devices


New microwave lamp ready to deploy


Cell towers located at the same over pass as the microwave lamp devices



Orgonite available from: orgoneenergybalancing.org


Hey Louis, thanks for this information.

I do know that radiations can be bad to us, but I do not know to which extend and in all details, I’d like to learn more about it.

Could you please explain or give any link where I could find more information on when radiations become detrimental to animal and human health? How it works …

In your post, you also post a pictures of you holding a receiver in your car, where did you get that receiver?



You can find out the harmful effects of cell phone/power line radiation here


quotes I extracted


Prior to last Wednesday, Huntsville, Alabama was in a drought for about 2 months. We were only getting enough rain to keep everything from completely dying. But last Wednesday, I looked at the weather radar and it showed significant rainfall coming from the west only to stop dead in it’s tracks west of Huntsville at the very spot where the microwave cell lamps were located. There was rainfall 10 to 20 miles above and below Huntsville east of I-65 but not HUNTSVILLE! These lamps were operating at a capacity designed to make Huntsville droughtful. No BUTTS about it! After I gifted the lamps we got rain on and off for 3 days! The most rainfall ALL summer. Below is a map of Huntsville from yesterday that shows significant precipitation (lots of clouds) that was not present prior to last Wednesday. This is important because this precipitation is beneficial to plant life and the the clouds have cooled our area off by atleast 5 degrees. It’s a fact that the microwaves were keeping the cloud’s at a minimum to cause the drought. All this precipitation is seen moving freely across I-65 into HUNTSVILLE NOW BECAUSE OF 1 THING O R G O N I T E !



great report, Louis.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Once you gift the correct places, it becomes increasingly easier to maintain the proper balance necessary to thwart the failed WWIII weapons in place and in our backyards. I expect all these towers to be dismantled and made into Christmas trees by the end of 2007. The radar shot of our area in this segment is a live and current view of Huntsville, Alabama. Now the whole world can watch our beautiful weather 24/7 thanks to the wonder of orgonite. These things we say are for real and everyone should be able to enjoy them. Just click refresh if it doesn’t come in after a few seconds.

WAFF Live Doppler 48 Radar

This is the photo I wanted in the slot above this one, but I’ll leave it because of it’s uniqueness. The preceding photo is apparently up to the minute anotherwords “LIVE.” The photo below from 08-29-2006 is being shown to demonstrate that highway 65 (a main artery for the network) is no longer evaporating rainfall with microwave technology naturally designated for Huntsville, Alabama. Therefore the lamp assemblies along this highway are intended to offset our gifting efforts and return our area to drought. Wrong! The beauty is like I stated earlier, a few gifts knock out lots of wasted elite $$.


I have a little more information along with personal theory I would like to disseminate to everyone. Looking back at the radar, notice there are two main arteries that connect I-65 to Huntsville from the west or left of the screen. The lower interstate that connects Decatur to Huntsville is I-565 which has approximately 10 overpasses with anywhere from 8 to 20 of the microwave lamps at each overpass. So as rain comes in from the west, it has a good chance of being evaporated by the 30 lamps on I-65. Precipitation that gets past the lamps on I-65 in Decatur will have 10 more groups of lamps on I 565 as it moves eastward to Huntsville. Therefore the chances of rainfall being evaporated by the lamps is increased dramatically. This means there are approximately 11 microwave walls (from Decatur to Huntsville) set up to control the amount of precipitation we receive. Believe you me, this may sound like the elite have this thing all sewn up, but this is definitely not the case. Orgonite acts as a SUPER energy balancer and like I said earlier, a little bit will take care of the problem guaranteed. What about global warming? The wind generally moves from west to east carrying the artificial radiation or heat into Huntsville from the west. I’d be willing to bet that most cities in the United States have similar systems in place just like Huntsville. I’d also be willing to bet that every state that has experienced wildfires in the last 5 years or so is set up the same way. Remember, the average person says that’s a lamp or that’s a cell tower and never gives the situation a second thought. The bad guys who have been planning WWIII forever felt they had to get an extremely early start on us because they knew if and when we found all this out they’d be history, and they are. As for the upper road (highway 72) which connects Athens to Huntsville, it is inundated with regular cell towers but no where near as many microwave lamps. Highway 72 has something else altogether, a weatherball! Look closely at the radar where it says Athens, and you will see a very small area that doesn’t have as much precipitation. This is an example of a busted or contained weatherball which was intended to solidify the network’s stranglehold on this area. But as you can see, all of these toys are contained and will stay that way no matter how many more billions of dollars they decide to blow on a failed system like this. Think about it, something so small and simple to make such as orgonite has been given to us to empower ourselves and the world.

I am so excited about the future! One more thing, this entire area was always in harm’s way when tornado season started every year, but not anymore. Tornadoes are a thing of the past and I don’t expect my mobile home to become air-born any time soon.


louis, i think it is the lack of tornados there abouts that is the telling factor of the massive orgonite field you have created.

i used to see tornados sweeping through upper alabama and eastern tennessee all the time in weather reports and now that i think of it , it’s been quite a while since something violent like that has moved through your area.

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