Extra - Agent Doctor Simone Gold, Esquire and "America's Front-Line Doctors"

This is twenty first Century, real-time propaganda rebuttal, by Jeff Miller.

This claptrap was posted on Youtube yesterday. I'm presenting my analysis of it here on 10/19.


America's Frontline Doctors mask Lie


This propaganda was released on youtube yesterday, on October 18 2020.

In the title, they've used "Front Line Doctor Mask Lie" as a cover meme for "Illuminist Engineered Virus Genocide Lie".

 As you can see in the screen capture above, the visual language is loaded, and full-on Establishment. White-coated physicians in front of a Federal building whose design exactly copies a Greek human sacrifice temple. A stars-and-stripes intertwined-snakes Serpent Cult caduceus. A couple of unconcerned cops watching over the scene, underscoring the "Law, Order, Establishent" visual message. 

Who gave them permission to perform this unmasked public gathering, in front of a Federal building? Why isn’t there anyone in the background, trying to jump up and get on camera?” It’s a carefully staged Op. The film runs thirty six minutes, and it’s going to take me a couple of days to get through this analysis. It’s going to be a long document.

“Hello everybody, I'm Dr. Simone Gold. I'm a board-certified Emergency physician, and the founder of America's Front-Line Doctors. I'm also a Stanford University-educated attorney, and we've come back, with some of my group, for the second White Coat Summit.

We're here to speak to America just like we did on July 27th. At that time we brought the American people truth, and hope, and optimism, and we're here to give you more reasons to be optimistic, and to not live in fear.

There continues to be a great deal of disinformation, and outright censorship. Since our Summit, the censorship unfortunately has gotten worse. Because of that, we've established a website, America's Front-Line Doctors, where you can find the truth, where the truth is not censored.”

Dr. Gold’s website’s truths do not include the fact that the virus was made in a lab and released on the populaces of all the nations.

“You can also follow most of us in Social Media. Today we're going to bring you information about masks, about lockdowns, about most importantly early treatment, reasons to be optimistic.

I want to start with masks. I start with this because there's a legal crisis, a constitutional crisis, that we're not recognizing. It is to some extent personified by the forced, mandated wearing of masks. Let's not tiptoe around the great big elephant in the room. The facts are actually not in dispute. Masks are completely irrelevant in blocking the SARS Co-2 Virus. If you doubt that, you must watch the educational session we've done about the myth of masks.

I encourage everyone to do their own internet search and discover that prior to March 2020, there were no Scientific journals that asserted that masks could keep out a virus. That's simply not how it works. A virus is one one-thousandth the size of a hair. Remember what our Emperor Fauci said when he was asked if he was sure that masks worked. Now, remember, he's not new to the game. This has been his life's work for decades. There was no chance that what he said was a mistake, there is no chance that SARS Co-2 is different than any other virus that he has made his life's work.”

“There is no chance that SARS Co-2 is different than any other virus” is not-even-cleverly used to infer that four extra amino acids were not, in fact, added to the Chinese bat virus to make it far more transmissible to humans”. Here we can see that, having established what they call in the intelligence trade her “bona fides”, Agent Gold is off and running.

Dr. Fauci said "when you are in the middle of an outbreak, your mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it is not providing the perfect protection that people think it is, and often there are unintended consequences."

It's right about at "droplet", at 2:25, that she makes the Satanic "sign of the horns" with her left hand.

Dr. Simone Gold is a follower of the Left-hand Path, as are all the other stooges up on the stage. She's stamping her pump and saying "something must be DONE!", but not saying anything about the creation of the virus in a lab, or about China's rich history of weaponized bat virii. She’s not mentioning anything about researchers at Stanford, her own school, embarrassingly saying that the virus was far more widespread than imagined, bringing its mortality rate down to or below that of the seasonal flu. She's a propaganda mouthpiece, using lies and half-truths with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty. She and her brazen cohorts are trying to stay in charge as their get Confidence game collapses. To preserve current programming levels, affirm that Dr. Fauci is “just one bad apple”.

Agent Gold continues: "What the New England Journal of Medicine, a premier medical journal had to say about masks was the following: "it is clear that masks play symbolic roles. Masks are lucky charms, that may help increase healthcare workers' perceived sense of safety and well-being. Although such reactions are not strictly logical, we are all subject to fear and anxiety, especially during times of crisis. Expanded masking protocols' greatest may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety."

Here's her hand sign at 2:56:

And this at 2:58:

"That is per the New England Journal of Medicine. I will put it plainly to you, my fellow Americans: you have been lied to by the Media."

While it’s encouraging that a Medical Doctor is speaking up like this, I’d note that she’s the second use of “Emergency Room Doctor” in the controlled opposition propaganda connected to Covid. Remember those other two even-lamer stooges?

As if they couldn’t find an infectious disease specialist. Some busybody young woman ER Doc is going to refute the Sainted immune specialist Dr. Fauci? It’s the sort of grotesque play that the propagandists put forward that they figure you’ll never notice.

Agent Gold doesn’t make any mention of the generational Satanist One Percent, nor does she mention any politician, or any establishment figure, whatever their, er, private religious beliefs and practices might be. Just the general "the Media". She’s a a controlled-opposition plausible-deniability mouthpiece, directing the lightning away to the only-general lightning rod of "the Media". 

"Propaganda is not a new phenomenon. Thomas Jefferson said "the man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." And John F. Kennedy pointed out that "it does not matter if the propaganda had a sinister purpose - the great enemy of the truth very often is not the lie, but the myth - persistent, pursuasive and unrealistic."

Right about at "unrealistic", at 3:35, she uses this hand sign with her left hand:

She's used card-carrying Establishment folks, namely Kennedy and Jefferson, to give you impression that there's just been a few bad apples in the political barrel, of late, and that the generational Satanist fix has not been in from the top back to Jefferson, and even further, all the way back to Babylon, and before. These fine people are always staying one step of the wholly-credulous, mouth-breathing rubes in every nation, who fall for the trigger language, and stuporously don't even notice the blatant Masonic hand signs.

"These days, Americans fall into three groups: those who recognize the propaganda, those who are successfully propagandized, and those who just don't care. We'll just leave them out of it for now."

This is the sign she makes with her left hand at 3:37 to emphasize "those who recognize the propaganda":

And she used this at 3:39 to emphasize "and those who just don't care", also with the left hand:

And this is at 3:41, to emphasize "leave them out of it for now”:

As you can see from the hand-gesture, same shit, different Century. They figured the rubes would never notice. 

"My message is for mask-believers who have not yet realized that they are victims of propaganda, and who also believe that it is no big deal to force other people to wear a mask. In fact there are three enormous problems with masks. First, mask mandates are spreading fear and hostility that is changing American culture. We are less friendly, less interactive, more hostile, quick to be angry with our fellow citizens. Masks are very socially divisive. There is mask-shaming, and mask virtue-signaling, and hashtag social compliance, and there is citizen policing of sidewalks, and airplanes, and restaurants. And in addition to hostility, masks bring a palpable sense of fear that is totally unwarranted by the facts.

There are actual human beings who believe that others will be harmed if they don’t wear a mask, and this is tragic.”

Left hand, 4:27, on “actual human beings”:


“Second, mask mandates cause an insurmountable civil libertarian issue. In the American legal system, the government cannot force a facial covering, because all rights not expressly given to the government belong to the people. The government has to neither common law, nor statutory right to mandate clothing. Encroaching on a right that belongs to the people is extremely dangerous. One of our founding fathers, fourth president James Madison, said “it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this to be the first duty of citizens and one of the noblest characteristics of the revolution, the free men of America did not wait until usurped power had strengthened itself.”

Here’s her codified hand sign from 5:02, at “proper to take alarm”:

Agent Gold is pretending that neither she nor anyone else knows that all U.S. Presidents trace their maternal lineage back to one English King, John I. She’s playing the ongoing ruse that they’re not Illuminists serially dividing, conquering and fleecing wholly-credulous rube Americans. 

Her act gets you hot and bothered about clothing rights, and doesn’t touch the international genocide part of the Op. Remember, there’s a nattily suited version of Agent Gold speaking in other languages in other countries at the same time. Using the same hand signals. 

“Third. Wearing masks is a National Security issue. When most of the citizenry of our country can easily be persuaded to do something that is so against our own constitution, our Enemies certainly…take…notice”. A pause between words. “We are quite literally telegraphing our weakness and our social divisiveness to our Enemies.

The Stanford-trained lawyer looks calm, but she’s desperately oping you’ll forget that mask mandates were put in place on wholly-credulous rubes in every nation, with the support of International organizations such as the United Nations. Agent Gold has flung a stars-and-stripes caduceus in your face as her logo and is attempting to divide and conquer, as her counterparts are desperately doing in their own nations. All with natty suits and shoes, whitened teeth, and using conscious deception with the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty.

“Our enemies will take notice.” What, our towel-head terrah enemies, who hate us for our freedomes? Or our previous godless Communist enemies? Certainly not our cuddly Communist Red Chinese buddies, who only used to be our enemies. Wait, I thought it was one world for Poor Mother Gaia?

And once they notice, what are our only-generally identified “enemies” going to do? Whip up a propaganda campaign that we’ll all fall for where we all become fundamentalist muslims, God I mean Allah forbid, I mean praise? 

You can see how her thesis doesn’t really, er, hold up to cross-examination. The sort of bullshit play that Doctor Agent Gold Esquire is running used to by these miscreants years, if not decades. I’m ripping them a new one the next day, and I’m just one person, how cheering is that?

“Now. To those Americans who are genuinely afraid, we are Physicians. We are here to help you with these facts, to reduce your fear. First we’ll do the facts, then the emotion, and then the call to action.”

Cal to action, wait, what? You just said you were going to reduce my fear. What’s with the rabble-rousing? She’s got the set-up in place. She’ll talk to you about your feelings, tell you they’re valid, and then drive you and the rest of the mouth-breathing mob in the direction she wants you to go. Using patriotism and the mob’s credulity to drive it in a direction away from she and her stone-guilty, virus-engineering cohorts.

“The first is the facts. What the experts have said for months is wrong. There are not two million dead. Our healthcare system is not overwhelmed. There were ten times the number of ventilators needed. Nearly everyone survives, and early treatment works. You must not ignore your own life experience. If all you had to do was put a piece of tissue paper to your face, your ancestors would have learned this centuries ago, and your grandmother would have taught you this.”

That’s it for the “facts”. She won’t say what the number of dead was. She won’t elaborate about who’s doing the misleading, or why. She won’t go into the fact that it requires a Great Big Conspiracy to execute such numbers rigging. It’s a really middle-ages “facts” briefing, which will allow people with intellects to shred her. The people doing the shredding will be other generational Satanists quoted wherever people are quoted.

Her rebuttal of masks is correct, but completely unscientific.  She comes across as an idiot, here, in that people stupidly wore bandanna’s over their faces during the release of the Spanish Flu bioweapon roughly a hundred years ago, and they taught their stupid children, and grandchildren that mask wearing would have any positive influence in a virus epidemic.

She’s a Medical Doctor, and an Attorney, who is suddenly not speaking like either of those. It’s a Trumpian mind-fuck, coming out of a thin young white woman.

That was a controlled-opposition Mouthpiece moving into a part of the act that denigrates the opposition.

“Second is the emotion. Consider that what President Jefferson said more than two hundred years ago, that newspapers are propaganda, and also what President Kennedy later pointed out, it does not matter if the propaganda is a myth or a lie. I’m sorry. The myth that is persistent and persuasive. Realize that just because what you believe or feel something, is true does not make it true.”

Now she’s speaking like a lame middle school kid. Who used the same Kennedy quote twice in succession, and f-ed it up bad the second time. So bad, you can see how she’s leaning into it to denigrate the opposition she purports to represent.

In a world where I can’t get highly intelligent people to concede the Donald Trump reads a teleprompter, I don’t know why I’m taking pains such as this.

“There has been a massive propaganda campaign to get you to believe something.”

Can you see how “something” is general? Who ran this campaign, pray. She’s lamely being lame, to discredit the opposition she purports to represent, and also because she’s desperate to defray rising awareness that all U.S. Presidents are related through the maternal line to King John of England, and that there is, indeed, a Great Big Conspiracy.

“A simple internet search reveals that no scientist ever believe that a mask, let alone a bandanna, was relevant against a virus, right up until Covid-19.”

Here’s Dr. Gold’s gesture with her left hand at 7:07, “right up until Covid-19”:

“And when something happens in Politics, you can be darn sure it’s done for another purpose.”

Can you see how “Politics” and “another purpose” are both completely general? 

“Third: a call to action. To the mask believers who have been angry at people who won’t wear a mask, I call on you now to double your anger - but direct your anger toward those people who have lied to you.”

Wow. It’s a Black magic spell. The angry mask believers have been commanded by the literal witch reading the prepared speech. They’re not going to get to the part where she says to direct that anger to the only-generally referred to “people” whom Agent Gold steadfastly will not identify. Other than her early snipe at “Emperor Fauci”. Which is, in fact an actual salute on her part.

“It is the people who are angry who have the power to fix this social divisiveness.”

Personally, I’m angry that some lab jockey added four amino acids to a bat virus to make it far more transmissible to humans, including myself. She’s saber-rattling about my ruined social life, and I’m more concern about the genocide and the theft of trillions of tax dollars.

This is how propaganda works. Lies, half-truths, misdirection.

“We need YOU to put your anger squarely where it belongs - unleash all your fury on the professional Media complex that has LIED, and LIED, and LIED to you.”

Agent Gold is trying to direct your anger from those practicing genocide to an only-generally-referred-to “professional Media complex”. Can you see how she points to “professional”, away from “Federal”, or “governmental”? Remember, there are “angry” people in all the nations, who are angry about the same things. The triple use of “lied” is called a “Yes set.”

“And the final call of action to all Americans. So-called experts keep telling you that a bandanna can stop a virus that is one thousand times smaller than a hair. How stupid do you think we are?”

The portion of people still buying the bullshit are not going to have an epiphany, hearing those words, but are rather going to direct their anger toward HER, the controlled opposition. As the person who wrote her speech well knew.

“To all Americans we say, we will be fooled no longer, the tiny Emperor has no clothes. Thank you.”

Summing up for Dr. Gold. “Masks are bullshit! Mandating their use threatens our National Security! Direct your anger about that to the controlled press!”

What a hilarious piece of steaming bullshit. The great news is that it is the best they’ve got, and that SHE’s the best they’ve got. And I’m sitting at home in my study toppling her regime in my spare time.

I think this is long enough for its own article, and, while I’m having the time of my life, I believe I shall go for a bike ride, now. We’re eight minutes into a forty minute piece. I’m really excited a new stooge is coming up to talk. We’ll get to analyzing his speech, and, wait for it, his “secret” hand gestures, as we move forward.

Jeff Miller, Brooklyn, New York, October 19, 2020

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