Family affair... my oldest daughter leda

my oldest daughter leda, is on a gifting mission designed by
us that is really unique, orgone-wise. she is just now on a 100 foot dive adventure boat tossing orgonite in the water every two miles. the trip began in bimini and they are cruising down to cay sal bank which is just twenty-eight miles north-east of havana, cuba. i think we calculated about 90 tbs were necessary for this mission.

this is our first orgone line in the bahamas, in moving outrwards from florida waters . it’s one hundred eighty miles long and stretches from a very unique cultural feature called the bimini road, a prehistoric, submerged, manmade project probably built by a pre-flood culture… down to another underwater preflood cultural edifice at cay sal bank. its a wall made of the same material, limestone blocks and granite slabs. divers say that there are pyramids there as well and i gave her the gps coordinates for the uprisings.

years back, say in 2002, ruiters news of the u k broke a story about a canadian research team finding a pyramid city just west of cuba on a submerged bank, citing large pyramid structures, roads and other buildings ‘seen’ with their unique stereo sonar imaging equipment. i’m mentioning this because apparently ancient cultures of man were doing very well in this general area before the seas rose suddenly. now we are dropping orgonite on this stuff bridging symbolically and physically the ancient culture, erased from popular history for obvious reasons, with our own new paradigm culture of a healed planet and peaceful modern cultural groups. yehaw!

i consider my daughters moves today, out on the high seas, to be significant historically in general and for her personally.

she was really stoked about the trip and was most in tune with the ancient people aspect of it . i salute her and all young people who have decided to join in the continuously expanding network of orgone tossers and etheric warriors.

i am very proud of you number one!

continuing in the family theme, we just returned from a trip to blue spring state park where we were camping and swimming in the beautiful spring hole and river.

we took out fourty two more towers on our route to and from orange city, fla. where the spring is located.

when i gifted orange city itself this sunday morning, it took only about a dozen tbs. two of their towers were a massive double haarp set up, as tall as any i have seen. those big boys are now looshing off life force. we were treated to an aggressive heliocopter buzzing upon my return to the campsite, not just a flyover, but a circling and a buzzing around as if looking for something. my nephew looked at me and said something like “that’s for what you did, right.”? we just laughed. just then a chemspewer flew overhead. i showed my nephew how to make them stop and we blasted the plane. the plane quit spewing and took a turn just as we finished. good show for the kid. i think he gets it!

on the way back, we were just sort of roaming aimlessly southward, when my sister and i came to a town called cassadaga. we drove on through the tiny town but both of us realized it was the little spiritualist town famous for psychic readings and such for tourists and seekers. just as we were saying ’ let’s turn around and see about gifting this place my sister’s ear began to ache suddenly and with great pain.

i immediately knew it was an attack and that there was a watcher on lookout for folks like us. we blasted for her ear and turned around to go get that place straightened out. my sister placed tbs all around on foot and i cruised a wider arc around that tiny town of old wood buildings with the car.

the damn placed was eerily quiet with no birds chirping. the folks there had the appropriate vacuous new ager gleam in their eyes. very creepy.

we gifted the hell out of that crusty little place.

subsequent research by me last night on this place revealed why i thought it was so creeped out feeling. they are the american branch of the spiritualist church. they like to communicate with dead folks and identify psychics like the scientologists do. they are a bonafied cult, anthropologically speaking. they display the all seeing eye symbol prominately and use hindu mantra that focuses one in their solar plexus chakra. they have peekers and hookers (in the psychis sense) and are looking to add to their fold. .they use a mix of christian and hindu imagery and philosophy, which smacks of new age stuff. you can look it up at and see for yourselves. my cut and paste did not work on my firefox operating system.

we left that town with them in a whirl as their nasty little vortex was adjusting itself to to the influx and transmutation to por. my sisters intense earach went away after blasting and gifting.

so we continued back by taking a toll beeline called 528. suddenly i see two cooling towers, the type used at nuke plants and remembered that carol was telling me about it’s location. we had to go down the line a ways , but doubled back and got off the beeline to find a prison, the plant and a canal leading to a heavily fenced gate at the end of the entrance road. the nuke plant was still a half mile away but we laid a heavy line of orgoniite along a quarter mile stretch leading into the plant and alongside the prison. it was enough to constrict and contain the dor field to the point of our closest tb. we could not find any other access roads to get closer. we laid at least 30 tbs in a tight line pointing directly at that plant. trouble with that place is that it’s not listed as an asset of f.p.l. our power company. i do not know whose it is or what is done there, but it is gifted enough for now.

further down, cocoa beach still looked good from previous gifting and i could not resist to use up my last dozen tbs on patrick afb and space wing 49, also previously gifted.

just wait till the kids get bored of shootin alian spaceships out of the midnight sky. that used to be alot of fun for me.but they grow older and move on, leaving the old man to mop up.

brent mosley