Farm Progress in Sudan

Christine Anyango sent the following photos and captions. Her friend, Janet, lives and farms near Juba, Southern Sudan.
Christine has lately moved from Juba to Waw, Sudan, which is very far to the west, and has already given orgonite to farmers, there, and to fishermen along the Jur River. More reports to follow. Let’s learn something about networking from these folks.


She was explaining the effects of orgonite on her vegetables . so grateful she was

janet in her Sukumawiki garden

Janet with her children.She do confess that with orgonit ,she has been able to get alot of output from her only shamba

Janet attending to her vegetables

Hi Don,
Happy to read from you .
This is taken at a place called Wau [Southwestern Sudan, north of Zaire. ~D] and the farmers name is Kwasi Majuek he is hardworking farmer and he has helpd us to distribute Orgonite to fellow farmers around .
He has different crops as you can see in the pictures and they are now very greenish and flowery too.
The places where the Orgonite has been put in has a big differences for farmers and that why you can see the demand growing day by day .
Tomorrow I will try to send more pictures and the names too.Alot of people today was a weekend and I will take more tomorrow in thier field .
Thanks again ,