Farmers in Kenya Now Seeking Orgonite

I’m happy to announce that our support of the gifters in East Africa has been paying off. I got the following update from Mrs Odondi, whose friend and associate, Dancan Omolo, a gifting fisherman on Lake Victoria, will be posting reports and photos here, directly. Please note how resourceful these folks are, also how regular people in Africa are now being irresistably drawn to orgonite. Don’t you wish it was happening where you live? [Image Can Not Be Found] ~Don

Hi Don,

Thanks for your mail. Indeed I have produced some orgonite…I have started to supply them to the market since I want to know its demand but from the look of things, people wants it. I talked to some of the farmers around and even gave them some to go and test them in their farms of which they are soon giving me the reply. There is this farmer who has been working with orgonite in some times back and he ask me how I got the knowledge of making such a thing since he is saying , orgonite is a very good thing. He is the one who even motivated the farmers in the area to come in large number since with orgonite; they will experience a boost in their harvest.
Otherwise, I don’t have much but I know that will make a success in this our business.

Thanks Don,

Pass my greetings to Carol and your friends too.

Mrs. O,