Federal Year-end Mass Murder Plans A, B, C, Failing

I thought it might be prudent to post about Plan C, which is the federal gov’t’s plan to commit mass murder at Logan Airport in Boston, today or tomorrow. The psychics in today’s chat session saw burning fuel spread all around the busy airport and, right now, they’re hunting for feds in charge of that plan so we can prevent it. They also saw an alternate attempt to commit mass murder at Boston Common during the New Year’s Eve celebration there.

Yesterday, in Dooney’s chat session, they found a nuke bomb at an auto plant in Detroit, set to detonate immediately in conjuction with a murder ritual conducted in that city by some of the top (sic) people in government and industry. At that point, Carol saw them negotiating over who was going to get to eat the dead baby.

Detroit was Plan A, Chicago was Plan B, which was also disabled yesterday and they found the Boston mass murder plan today. Not surprising that the federal alleged government would create an airport disaster to generate more hate toward Muslims, since that might be the only way for them to get the PJ folks to even grudgingly accept the presence over the past six years of airport Gestapo [Image Can Not Be Found];

Carol feels sure that if the feds can’t commit mass murder before January first, they’re going to have a very bad year after that but that if they can manage to kill enough innocents in one event, WTC-style, before January 1 they could have a very good year.

We want these quasi-government killers and parasites to have the very worst year, ever, don’t you? [Image Can Not Be Found];

I think we’ll look for more plans today. Carol and I will visit Dooney and STevo tomorrow and will probably do another session then, just to be sure we’ve done what we can to prevent mass murder. This sure has been easier and a little more productive since discovering how to operate from the higher dimensions, where fascist sewer rats and their psi corps can’t go!


Heheh, STevo just found a big nuke bomb on a truck at a US Navy facility in South Boston–we’re working on that one, now. I guess this is Homeland Security’s version of the old shell game. There’s probably too much good orgone in Boston to detonate a nuke in the city.

Back to the catroom–good hunting today! After today’s session, Eric Carlsen, who lives near Boston, is taking a bunch of towerbusters to gift around the places where the feds hoped to kill thousands of innocents. He’s taking his camera in case some felonious fed is stupid enough to get within range.


We got another payoff just now, apparently.

Dooney was feeling seasick when sending energy at an underground facility in Philadelphia, at the site where the US Navy sent a destroyer into the future in 1943.

Stevo’s whale friend, Big Blue, had psychicly nudged him when we thought we were done stopping the feds from committing mass murder in the Boston area, which is how he found the nuke on the truck in South Boston, but more enquiry led the psychics to see a connection to Montauk, the New London sub complex across Long Island Sound from Montauk, and that place in Philly, all of which are connected to each other.

Dooney’s seasick feeling led her to see that some time manipulation is being attempted in Philly, so to get past the feeling, she moved to the ninth dimension to work from there and the feeling stopped. She also got a strong impression that boosting the sewer rats from this dimension interferes with their ability to manipulate time.

Stevo and whale friends did a ‘seawater enema’ and saw a lot of cloned aliens being drowned. These were apparently made up for enforcing martial law and generally committing mayhem on the surface in coming days. I guess the Russians and Chinese just weren’t willing to do that for the federal alleged government as long as the US populace remains armed.

The psychics are seeing a whole lot of desperation among the people who stand to lose a lot if they can’t generate sufficient terror among the Pajama People pretty soon.

If this intrigues you, why not examine the instructions on donebydooney.com and start experimenting with working in the higher dimensions? Apparently, the world odor’s entire time manipulation effort is only done in the fourth dimension, which might explain why it’s not hard to stop all that from a more rarified dimension. It’s pretty amazing that people can now access those higher dimensions but the world odor, including all those Sanskirt-marinated Theosophy gurus who pretend to be more than they are, can only get up to the fourth one.


The world odor created a time rip in 1942 at the navy base in Philadelphia. I think they were attempting to ensure that all the horror they had in store for humanity would come to pass but it may be that The Operators simply let them do all that because they had a sense that there would be enough ordinary people to commit to opposing tyranny. It seems apparent to some folks that the tide changed in our favor in the 1980s, leading eventually to the discovery of what the ‘magic bullet’ can do. That’s orgonite.

The psychics started exploring the potential of operating from higher dimensions in November and a few minutes ago, they apparently discovered that the time rip is easily repaired from the ninth dimension, so we’re all working on that now. In the chatroom are a dozen people from around the world.

How timely is that? [Image Can Not Be Found];


The psychics’ efforts apparently got some attention from the guardians of the primary earth vortices, who are now helping us and the whales channel a lot of corrective energy into the global underground base network. By now, the time rip that was centered in Philly and Montauk is apparently repaired with their help.

I’ve been having stronger and stronger feelings that if we can just keep the world odor from committing mayhem in coming months then big government and big corporations (same thing, of course, but in different costumes) will just gradually dry up and blow away and we’ll experience organic unity, real freedom, unrestricted prosperity and free energy throughout the world.

That might be a lot closer than any of us can reckon. The process is certainly underway and has been for a long time. Maybe the old Mayan 2012 prophesy relates more to an obvious turning point–at least, obvious to the more observant and rational. One of the charismatic Theosophy/freemasonry-backed gurus was insisting, decades ago, that on December 21, 2011 ‘,All plastic is going to instantaneously disappear.’ We don’t see a lot of that sort of silliness any more, which is yet another confirmation that the process has already been underway.

That would be a good beginning. The funny part, to me, is that the PJ folks–the vast majority, especially in the industrialized countries–probably won’t even consciously notice that it’s happened [Image Can Not Be Found]

Do I need to post a reminder that most of this is the subjective impressions of the participants? I"m only reporting it to encourage you to start doing your own experimenting with these techniques or to create your own. This is a very empowering time.


The last thing we did in today’s chat session was to look into the political situation in Kenya, where the incumbent alleged president, with the support of British MI6, has refused to accede to his successful challenger, whom MI6 is apparently planning to murder. Taht murder would probably initiate a civil war. Lots of public protest and even rioting has been going on, throughout the country, and Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi, one of the chatters today, has the impression that the various police and military agencies are rounding these people up in trucks and then taking them out of town to be summarily shot.

Apparently, some orcas and whales are interested in keeping the challenger safe from MI6 assassins for now and we’ll do more followup in subsequent chat sessions to do what we can to stop the world odor from murdering this guy.

Dooney got an impression that a lot of orgonite in Lake Turkana would have a positive effect on this problem, so if you’re reading this and are planning a trip to Northern Kenya, please consider dropping as much orgonite as you can into the lake from a boat or airplane, okay? Judy would like to go there but hasn’t the means for now. The other gifters in Kenya whom we know are closer to Lake Victoria, which has been gifted quite a bit.


I gifted Logan airport, Boston Harbor and Boston Common yesterday afternoon.

I didn’t get off any photos since it was very overcast and getting dark.

I’ve gifted all these places before with Orgonite, but per request of the psychics in Sunday’s Chat I went back
to the city and left more tb’s.

I didn’t notice anyone who might have been tailing me, but the cashier in the logan parking garage gave me some
dirty look. I don’t know why, unless he is a “them” or he was just feeling miserable.

I hope the added Orgonite does the trick to prevent any nefarious shenanigans they had planned for Boston.

I’ll some photos for you all next time I go gifting [Image Can Not Be Found];

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