Feedback And A Possible Target In China

Don suggested I post an email I recently sent him to the site, so here goes:

I was amazed at some of the things I saw and experienced in the Sunday chat. I’m really starting to pick up on this, although the group energy and dynamic of the other psychics are a huge help. I always thought of myself as more of an intuitive and “feeling” energy sensitive, but I really saw in my mind’s eye a lot of the things we were doing on Sunday. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you for letting me be a part of all that. Gene saw I was ready, and really, I’ve just been waiting for some sort of cue to get more involved in the chats. I didn’t want to get in the way if I couldn’t contribute somehow.

The agent that was pestering Karen and I seems to be backing off thanks to posting about the incident on the site, but if more things happen we can tackle it in chat. I do expect to get some reprisals for gifting Orlando. I do like pissing these people off, I admit. But agents have killed people I’ve cared about in the past, so for me, it’s personal. Of course, that is secondary to transmuting the DOR havens around here to POR and giving the local parasites a run for their money.

I had a dream about a nuke going off over Orlando, but it was obviously not a precognitive dream – more of a scare tactic I think. Although, they are trying really hard to stop me from gifting it. Makes me wonder a bit about what they are planning for this area in the future [this is a major center for media brainwashing, especially for children, and it is most likely is a hive area too].

I sent Gene some intel from last week’s chat that I didn’t bring up but that I saw when I was switching views etherically from Japan to the cavern beneath the Tibetan mountains. I saw a large black circle over a section in Western China and felt that there was something sinister there, probably a few large well of souls and maybe a Gobi goon base. I have a suspicion that the Mongol razing and other massacres like those perpetrated by Mao were for the express purpose of creating hundreds of wells of souls in China for the Gobi goons to draw power from. China has had more people massacred than just about every other country combined, so it makes sense to me. If we can go through and find those wells, and release them one by one, I suspect the dark masters won’t be very tough opponents for much longer. That is easier said than done, however, and will take some time. I have a feeling we busted one of their major strongholds on Sunday, but that there are several more left.

I figured out exactly what the black circle I saw in chat was using google maps. There is a a natural formation called an alluvial fan between the Kunlun and Altun mountain ranges along the southern border of the Taklamakan Desert in north western China and the southern rim of the Tarim Basin. From above, it looks like a black circle. It lies in the Xinjiang region, which has been more hotly contested over the last 3,000 years than the Gaza Strip or Kashmir. It’s been the site of many a massacre for as long as civilized people have settled there. Even today, cries of “free Xinjiang” can be heard in Chinese protests. They’ve also found ancient red-haired, blue-eyed mummies in that desert, the Tarim mummies, which suggests that the Celtic peoples actually originated from the area. I would imagine there are many wells of souls there, and like most of northern Africa it used to be a very fertile, vibrant region, and a key point along the silk road, but is now a lifeless husk of a desert. Whole ancient cities have been found abandoned there with the treasure hoards still in tact. Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t. I’m still too new at this to be able to tell without the assistance of the more experienced psychics, but I’m getting there.

I hope this helps.

WOW. Thanks for that post. I need to tune in to tune up… all i can say at this time is wow. This is very encouraging. Wow. really.

Thank you. I love this forum.