Female genital mutilation

Hi readers,
This is what I came to know out the Female Circumcision which is today called Female Genital Mutilation.I know it is quite barbaric and it might not be easy to believe. The Female General Mutilation (F.G.M.) is a practice that is done among some particular communities in Kenya, majorly the Bantu Community and some others from other minor communities. In the central province where our college is centered, the majority of the people there are Kalenjin and the Kikuyu Community. Traditionally, they practiced Female Genital Mutilation, which they call Clitoridoctomy.
Just like the Male circumcision is now encouraged among all the communities in Kenya, to them it what a rite of passage from one stage of life, Childhood to another, Adulthood. No girl who never practiced it would ever be married. In fact they used to ask, “Who will ever pay cows for such a girl?” In African set up, marriage is complete only if there are cows paid for the bride. After that, one is allowed to do anything for the wife, including wife beating. In fact, traditionally, women who were not beaten by their husbands feel seriously unloved.
When I talk about the FGM, what makes it remarkable is not because the practice itself, but it is how it is done. When I visited an elder in the neighboring community during the time for community service and he explained to me something about the process of F.G.M. This is what he said to me:
During that time, two days before the process, ladies who are candidates go out for a dance, which is carried out in one of the houses of the eldest candidate.In that night, one is allowed to mention anything about love and love making, which otherwise is a taboo during the normal circumstance. A drum is played and the candidates dance in a concentric circle, and i a provocative way, doing all the marvels with their bodies. They swing their hips from left to right and do all things with their private parts. At some point of the dance, one becomes a wonder and find himself/herself in the circle of the dance. During the time you are a wonder, you should exposes your body naked for everyone to see.
On the big d day of all, the candidates are not allowed to sleep in the house. They spend their night along the river bank, not with blankets, not with anything, but just to take their time there. During the dawn, they get right inside the water and they sit in the flowing water. This is meant to numb the skin, and it was the only anesthesia that is used. Numbing the skin would make the operation less painful during the process.
Women old enough would come in the morning with knives and they take the candidates one by one to the river bank. They wipe and clean their genital parts with some liquid, which has a cooling effect They would use their knives, which is made of a piece of iron sheet cut in a particular shape. The woman is supposed to chop off the whole genital part, and the entire external part. They then use locally made thorn like needles to sew up the opening. They do so to a extent that they only leave a small whole that can only permit the passage of urine alone. The hole was meant to be in the size of grain of rice, and the grain of millet was also desirable. If the hole becomes bigger than that, the poor girl has to undergo the same operation the second time, until the desired size is met.
During the child birth, the women were to undergo the same operation. The hole would be cut towards the rectum.After that, they were supposed to be left free now. This was meant, according to the informant to help them keep their vaginity. During the successive childbirth, they would be allowed to go without it.
The women are not allowed to go to the hospital of the modern treatment, since the doctors and nurses could not know that they would be required to cut the hole towards the rectum rather than upwards, and in the required manner.

It happens that we have some ladies here in college who comes from the regions where this thing is still practiced, despite the fact that the government now campaign against. They do it from the back door. In this community, a college mate hinted to me that they would be doing this by next month when the candidates are in their holiday. I think this is one of the areas that should be gifted to enable the communities concerned know the right thing to do.

Thanks Benedict for shining light on such a traumatic ritual. I lived in Dubai for 5 years and came across Muslims that still practice female circumcision. I must admit that I was squirming in my chair reading what you wrote. Both female and male circumcision ensures that the people get “shut down” from easily obtaining higher states of consciousness and awareness during their sensual endeavours. Sometimes the blood of the circumcision is drunk by the people around and even parts of the foreskin consumed in the Jewish ritual. Anybody that knows anything about “invoking the demonic” knows that this is what the ritual is about. I have had Jewish friends defend it stating that it was a “covenant with God” and all that stuff. They can believe whatever they want to believe. For myself…my son is not vaccinated nor is he circumcised and I have also thanked my Mom and Dad multiple times for not circumcising me. My Mom simply said “I would NEVER do that to my baby!” Thank you Mom.

My boosting partner has a Muslim girl friend who is circumcised…she is deeply damaged in my experience.

Thanks so much for gifting these areas where it’s obvious these people are “invoking the demonic”. Orgonite has a wonderful way of bringing light on the situation and allows people to see how dangerous and sad this practice is.

With all this said about circumcision…if you are circumcised you can still heal the trauma and move through it. Men can also experience multi-orgasmic states if they really work at the art and move through the trauma.

It’s interesting that I have noticed how nervous I am around men who haven’t faced their pain of circumcision if they are circumcised…particularly men that think its ok and encourage the trauma to be passed on to other babies. A re-birthing friend of mine shared that when she took men back to the time when they were circumcised that it was HORRIFIC all of the buried pain and suffering they were carrying around but let go during re-birthing.

Much appreciated Benedict…may the world be a more beautiful and genuinely orgasmic place. May people learn again to play with joy and beauty in their hearts. Deep pleasure and ecstatic states of orgasm and LOVE connected to our Creator is a wonderful thing.

Hong Kong John

Apparently god doesn’t like our anatomy. He commands thru jews we shall be mutilated. Destroy our life energy potential, keep us down. What a fearful, petty god. hmmm… Maybe fearful, petty controllers who hide behind god….Sick! Hong Kong John can you post a link on healing this trauma?

Yes Bear Claw…I find it interesting that both Jews and Muslims circumcise their men. Circumcision is ritual sexual torture with a propensity for mind control. I recently listened to a pod-cast with Jeanice Barcelo … a courageous woman who is exposing all of this and saying it as it truly is. Of course the medical cartel is now advocating circucision of baby boys for phoney health reasons…but it all comes back to ritual torture and mind control.

So for healing. Awareness is the first step. Re-birthing I think would be a powerful method of healing…I have done that and its good.

Genital massage is powerful…like reflexology. The Taoist Healing Centre offers it:


Mantak Chia is the guy. I like his books such as the multi-orgasmic man, woman, couple. The books are not perfect but they are a good guide to what is possible. Mantak Chia is NOT a saint…he is an “energy Taoist” so don’t expect for him to be all holy moly and all that stuff. A bit like me in that respect where the flow of the energy is important and not having any secrets, lies or BS with those with whom you have relationship. Full wide-open disclosure.

I hope this helps. may the quotient of pleasure be increased on the planet…may the joy of who we are blossom like a thousand orgasms…may we all have infinte smiling hearts…


I would like to point out Clif High’s latest Wujo (The Grand Penis Conspiracy), the mp3 recording warrants our attention:
Clif’s allegations in this Wujo (a series of audio discourses) are extraordinary, and potentially a very big deal…

The Wujo regards: male Circumcision, hormonal receptors in the foreskin (lost irrevocably at circumcision), brain chemistry and brain development arrestment in circumcised males, behavioral feedback loops in females pair bonded to circumcised men–and the repercussions on civilization, and the human species, as a result of this barbaric practice.

Quote from http://nocirc.org/articles/fleiss1.php:
The foreskin may have functions not yet recognized or understood. Scientists in Europe recently detected estrogen receptors in its basal epidermal cells.24 Researchers at the University of Manchester found that the human foreskin has apocrine glands.25 These specialized glands produce pheromones, nature’s chemical messengers. Further studies are needed to fully understand these features of the foreskin and the role they play.

Other Links to Hormone Receptors in Foreskin:
http://digg.com/news/story/Religious_ci … arity_says

Interestingly, I just heard about this discovery of Clif High’s shortly after beginning to read “Yahweh the Two Faced God” by Joseph P. Farrell….

Personally, and IMHO, the practice of circumcision (both male and female) is utterly barbaric and a totally unnecessary involuntary (to the child) mutilation.

In Christendom this barbaric act is an atavism of Jewish (Judeo/Christian) influence, and if Clif is correct (and I believe he is), the product of a conspiracy of implanted Memes, Irrational holding to Traditions, and Group-think in America (Circumcision in European Christendom is rare).

In the Jewish religion–the source of this scourge–it is an article of belief/faith regarding a “Covenant with God” and though the PJ People might, being influenced by the subtly effective Social Tolerance/Diversity Memes installed by the Miscreant Elite, tend to condone such a practice and not make a “Fuss” because of a misguided tolerance for Religious freedoms, the practice remains an abomination….

What gets me is what if the Jewish religion claimed that it was a “Religious Covenant”, with God, to lop off a male Child’s left arm at birth? Would we, the rest of the world, tolerate this? Would the practice be attacked as Female Circumcision is today? I don’t think we would countenance such an “obvious” mutilation in the name of “God”… Same as we don’t countenance the stoning of “Harlots”, etc.

"But, what the hell, they are just chopping off a bit of skin on the end of the poor child’s dick…. What do they call it, a shmuck? They won’t miss it, and they are too young to remember the agony of it all…. besides, the CDC says that it reduces the chance of HIV infection…. " blah, blah, blah….

WRONG! The repercusions were already grave, and may just be MUCH graver than we could have imagined…

My predisposition is to fight this (in whatever way that I might) regardless–and if Clif’s allegations prove out, and it affects us ALL, the matter then becomes intolerable and the practice should be utterly stamped out if possible, or at the very least contained where it does not affect us ALL.

I am going to ask Clif, on http://www.webbotforum.com/ , if he can provide some references for his conclusions and assertions.

In any case, I am ever so grateful that my mother chose not to have me mutilated, and my anatomy butchered, shortly after my birth ….

So many millions of men were not so fortunate, and (according to Clif’s allegations) so many millions of women were cheated as a result as well. Moreover, as civilization is composed of these very same millions of circumcised men, and their pair bonded women, Clif asserts that the aggregate effect on civilization, and the harmony therein of its peoples, is a subtly devastating act of Sabotage by a “Superior Being” masquerading to primitives as a “God” (As Pizarro to the Inca) and perpetuated, today, by a Cabal of Miscreant Scoundrels leveraging secret knowledge gleaned from the “God”, or its confederates.



I was just made aware of this website by the Wife of one of its founders:

Thanks Azti for the post. I had already listened to Clif’s discourse and was thinking about an appropriate way to introduce it on the forum and then I read your entry…Cool.

The information certainly has a lot of synchronicity with Farrell’s ‘Yahweh’ book.

If true, it could explain much of the male/female competitiveness and aggression in the countries that predominately practice male circumcision. Or at least it could help point out a correlation between the practice and cultures that have a predilection to aggressiveness against their fellow beings.

The potential impact this information could have on opening the dialogue of what it means to follow God could be timely. This could be a major blow to the dogma that so many blindly follow. These are exciting times to be alive,…to see and participate in the healing.

Was very interesting and well worth a listen in my opinion.


Disclaimer: I should add that my comments are targeted to the ‘information’ that Clif is presenting about male circumcision and not necessarily an endorsement of Clif himself. At the end of his talk he endorses a particular conspiracy theorist, which I have big, big doubts about. As mentioned on the forum many times, not everyone sharing information is 100% correct, so your discernment should be ‘on guard’.

Regarding male circumcision, and this may come as a shock to most readers, when one of my son’s were born in 2009 a random doctor came in to talk about circumcision. My wife at the time was leaning towards it but the doctor essentially talked us out of it saying that it’s more of a cosmetic practice and unnecessary for reasons of cleanliness. This was at Madigan hospital on the Lewis-McChord military base no less. I think it’s a good sign. I bet they didn’t actually discard the umbilical cord and placenta though…

I just listened to the Clif High interview and it is remarkable. So thank you…very well done.

Regarding the umbilical cord and placenta…in Bali the men have a 3 day protocol that they know to engage in so that demonic entities can’t bother their new born baby and attach on to them for their life. I found that interesting. I also note that my visit to Bali showed me one of the most “spirit active” places that I have ever been to. The “spirit activity” on Bali is profound in my experience…

Anyway, next time I call my mama I will thank her again for not having me circumcised. My mama is a woman who often states at parties and family gatherings that war is the stupidest thing on the planet. I love my mama.