Finally In Central Kenya

We have now come up on a very serious note in gifting the central part of the country, the area where my college is. We have strategized for a serious gifting and we have delegated duties among the few friends whom I got recently. We organized for a small party which was meant to unite us together as we give one another the task that each person is going to play. Yesterday was the first time we went to gift four different areas. Following the information that the people already have, it has made it at least easier for these people to understand the work we are doing.

We are trying to capture the biggest population at this time, since this is the time that the majority is going to be planting. our experience Because of we have, we want to ensure that the people here can use Orgonite in planting and the result will be obvious. We have realized that the few people who have known our Mbolea needs it the more. The demand of the same among these people keeps on rising.

Meanwhile, I gifted a place in Ng’arua, which is predominantly known to be very influential as far as the rainfall of the area is concerned. The other time when I gifted the place, there was a tremendous change in the weather pattern of the area, since the place could now receive atmospheric conditions which are more favorable. I believe that the conditions would be even better, especially at this time when we have settled in this place majorly for the purpose of gifting.

Very funny, Ng’arua has just received a very heavy downpour (rainfall) which has just ended some thirty minutes ago. The last time it rained in the region was 3rd January this year. It has since been very dry, and that is why we decided to start gifting the place. It is believed that the entire region is dependent on this place’s influence for the purpose of rainfall. It is just yesterday evening that we gifted the place and rainfall is already experienced. Orgonite is likely to bring a very great influence and effect in this place and am very happy. I have today in the morning gifted some three areas and am waiting to further see the effect of that.


Habari ya Rafiki yangu Don,
Ninayo furaha ya ajabu ya kwamba kuwa wakati huu naweza kutimana picha kuwa EW ,najua nitaendelea na kuandika reprti kila mara Mungu akinijalia.