Finally in Philly! A Resolute Gifter!

Hello Don,

How are things going these days?

I have made good progress in gifting Philadelphia.

Over 230 gifts have been distributed and all for death towers.

I would estimate that over 90% of the towers in the city and much of the
surrounding communities have been gifted with tb’s.

I took your advice and obtained them Marcus at,

and they have been working out very well.

It started to rain when I first began a few months ago, and it has rained
almost continually ever since. In fact the rain followed the first package
in to the area, and continues just with a few days break now and then, it is
really strange to see the energies balancing in the area, and the ground
receiving the soaking that was so badly needed. It has been nice, gentle,
consistent rain, no violent storms or flooding. Neat stuff!!

I met a friend a while back who had taught me how to dowse with a pendulum;
I as able to use it to find that only a few towers had been gifted in the
area. Some around Temple University and some along Interstates 95 and 76
were already taken care of. My friend even purchased a bunch of orgonite to
help with the effort. That was really cool and inspiring; all in all it’s
been a fun adventure.

Still not sure that it’s having much of an effect on the violence that the
area has been experiencing, but I remain hopeful. I’m looking to concentrate
in some areas by going block by block, but first I’ll work on how to
manufacture some devices.

Well, thanks for all your help and encouragement.



Thanks for the excellent report, Charles! Congrats on your ongoing success, too. You’re definitely achieving the requisite confirmations in the atmosphere and this has been a very long time coming in Philadelphia, which is where our zapper parts supplier lives, by the way.

If you want to reduce violence and the violence happens in certain areas, just hide/toss a TB in every square block throughout that area, as you mentioned, and watch what happens in a short time. Bearing in mind that most of the random violence in the world, these days, is a result of mind control programs and the global drug cartel (chief money source for the world odor) it tends to be kind of localized. The violence in public schools (CIA-creepy playgrounds) is easily lessened by gifting around the schools, as Jeff in Florida thoroughly proved and others gifting teachers have found to be true.

If you’ll be observant, you’ll even see an immediate transformation of people’s attitudes and countenances in those areas. I think the most dramatic case like this was when Georg and Trevor gifted Soweto township in South Africa, several years ago but anyone can earn this basic confirmaiton, of course.

You mentioned building a powerwand and I want to tell you clearly that there is NO passive or ritualistic form of protection if the $#!+birds’ psi corps attacks, of course. The only defense is to fight back effectively and the clearing house for the latest techniques for doing this is . For any energy tosser who wants confirmaiton that he/she is doing it effectively, Dooney is available for online coaching and can watch the student’s energy remotely.


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