Fine Progress Report From Vittorio In Southern Italy

Don Croft
19 Dec 2008 17:12
Subject: Fine Progress Report from Vittorio in Southern Italy

Hello from Southern Italy, Don, how are you?
A couple of months or so have passed since we gifted the two main targets in our province(Monte Stella and Montevergine , the ones Alejandro reported in EW), and the results have been quite important in terms of better quality of the clouds and of the sky in general. There’s been good rain too, for more than a month now, almost everyday. Beautiful cumuli can be seen all the time above or amid the rain clouds while HAARP attacks have become less powerful than in the past, lasting not that much. This is the main difference we made, I believe. Actually, there’s been rain almost everywhere in Italy, especially in the south, but I have to say that the gifted areas have not been affected by any sort of damage like landslides or floods happened elsewhere, as reported by the media. Storms and heavy rains have hit Sicily, for example.
At the moment we want to complete the gifting of Cilento (Monte Stella which is a UG base, weather ball and HAARP arrays is in Cilento and we gifted it in October), the beautiful and wild part of my province which is situated southward of the city where I live, Salerno (60kms south of Naples). Here are some pictures of Cilento with its wild beauty and variety of natural scenary:…ento/index.html
After the report in EW, we gifted a huge tower in cement with two other antennas in Sant’Arsenio and another one in Teggiano but we have to go again (two sorties at least) because there are other arrays left in Palinuro, Novi Velia, Vallo della Lucania and Corleto Monforte. Then, I believe it should be ok. We are aware now that the more we gift and extend our range of gifted mountain top arrays the better the sky will be, so this is good.
I made a full account of some of our adventures in the Spanish forum to which I joined in May:…rgine-t1257.htm
Here you can see the antennas in Montevergine, the place where we met the agents surveilling the area. I believe that Montevergine was the most important centre of climatic control here, that’s why the sky has changed so much for the better but still there is another group of antennas to be gifted near Naples (Monte Faito) because they are still responsable for fake HAARP clouds. Unfortunately, I don’t know any Neapolitan gifter. However, Igor told me that there are two CBs in the city while another one is near the Vesuvius because I’ve often seen its effects in the sky, especially during spray days.
As to Salerno, there are two CBs (mine and my gifting companion’s) and another one to be built soon.
I really feel we achieved a great change and are sure that the future gifting runs will bring other wonderful results for our land. At the moment we estimate that our gifting covers 200 square kms, which is good.
Anyway, we’ll continue our sorties soon, during the coming holidays.
I hope I managed to describe our activity here, Don, even though I didn’t talk my personal sensations and happiness for the noble work we all do.
Please, give my best regards to Mrs Carol.
Ciao for now,

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