Finland giftings - for the record (2)

Here’s a link to our site where the gifting work done by us is described in length, starting from the spring 2006:

At a time I’ll post more about the recent activities with photos. Let us just say, orgonisation is reaching greater awareness.

We did some gifting in Jyväskylä, a city in middle Finland last week. Just before I travelled there we managed to pour 50 tbs with brass and snow quartz, charged by the ice age and pre-ice age civilisation which a trusted psychic has confirmed. In two days we gifted the near towers and the city center, starting from a temple of theosophy which I heard has Blavatsky’s and count de Germaine’s photos etc. Also found a masonic temple. A steel door that has their symbol, behind the door stairs go down to an elevator. As usual, with a video camera. I took a snap-shot of a guy who seemingly is some kind of action manager etc. We dag one tb right atop of the underground lodge. Strong grid was formulated by our devices. I’ll soon return there to construct CB and some tactical units.

One day after our gifting and leaving from Jyväskylä, there had been 1.7 richter earthquake. There are approx. ten earthquakes in Finland each year. Confirmation or coincidence? You tell me, I just do the gifting. But I find it interesting that during early fall last year after we had accomplished highway gifting from south Finland to north and were driving back, an UFO sighting was made on that night by many people. We can all be sure it really was just that, because afterwards nothing was ever mentioned about, except the air aviation department said there was no air traffic in that region at the time. That’s a normal proceeding technique here. Mute silence. When the evidence is too clear they just ignore it. At least no one tried to sell us any blantant lies, maybe that’s what can be called ‘progress’.

Let’s hope the site can be maintained for now. The old world farts are really giving us a lot of credit by their sabotage. Don’t worry my sleezy friends, we are coming to get each one of you. Everyone will get what they deserve. 'Tis a punishment no history has yet recorded. Justice will happen.



A nice progress has been taking place in Finland. I went back to Jyväskylä, and got a couple of new people involved who took the concept of orgonite rather seriously. We poured 90 TBs, four water healing devices (Hhgs in glass jars) and made a CB with copper pipes with 4 cms diameter during the one day I had time before heading to Estonia.

I got some promising feedback from the new gifters from there. The CB is bringing lots of rain, so that the water won’t stay in the clouds for long. I hope to get some photos of that posted, also about the basic gifting. EPs and Hhgs EPBs are also on their way.

In Helsinki we have been contacted by people who are interested in orgonite. Suddenly it seems orgonite has become quite popular. The work we are doing is certainly bearing lots of juicy fruits. When I return to Finland, the real networking may begin.

God bless,