First Aerially Gifted Mt. Top Death Ray Array ;-)

Don Croft
06 May 2008 11:45
Subject: First Aerially Gifted Mt. Top Death Ray Array [Image Can Not Be Found]
I was going to do it yesterday (my birthday) but Carol said that talking about it, earlier, enabled Whomever to create a little dark storm over that mountain by the time I was done with my day’s work, so we raked and burned the stuff in the yard from the pine trees, then disabled the new underground base not far from here, also tossed an eighteen in a lake not far from the base. She got me a big belt sander and a German-made crock pot for my b-day but says I’ll have to make kimchee in the shop, not in the house Cool

We live in a nice valley surrounded by pretty big mountains so I’ll get a lot of practice, this month, flying in mountains. It’s awfully exhilarating to circle a mountaintop deathray array at cloud level and (it’s against the alleged law to toss stuff from airplanes, so of course I’m not going to say I did that) bless it in a material way!

On the way back, I flew across a little cumulus cloud so I could see my airplane shadow and that round rainbow all around it and this was the first time I’d flown above and close to any clouds, which is also ‘illegal’ of course. Sheesh. I didn’t see any feds up there, so no worry!

The reason I picked this one as my first is because it’s called Hoodoo Mountain and the world order is founded on infantile masonic/jesuit/vryal/triad hoodoo, of course. I tried getting to that death ray array six years ago but somebody owns the whole mountain and access was blocked about halfway up. I did manage to slow down the effect considerably by painstakingly surrounding the mountain with towerbusters but today I definitely finished the job.

From up there I lined up two more accessible (to me Wink ) mountain top hard targets that I’ll get to soon and another couple of peaks which Kelly gifted with a lot of difficulty about four years ago but on which the sewer rats have erected some more weatherballs and other death transmitters, since. Let’s see these nazi jerks stay ahead of my gifting efforts after this, heheh.

I was only gone forty minutes and climbed steadily, after leaving hte field’s 1000’ traffic pattern, to around 6000 feet–arriving at that altitude right before I got to the peak. The mountaintop is ten miles from the field. The other hard targets I mentioned are all within easy range, too. I had to dive under some clouds that were forming, just above the array, but I got a clear view of it as I circled and ‘blessed’ it. I took note of how the little clouds below me were moving so I could detect downdrafts but the wind was light and the flying was pretty smooth. All the way there, I took note of emergency landing spots, which is what any pilot does, especially ultralight pilots. I had already determined my glide rate, so can count on gliding a mile for every thousand feet of altitude. I practically glide the remaining couple of miles back to the field from my comfortable cruising altitude, which is about a half mile above ground level. The first few times I banked the plane at that altitude was kind of startling because the sides of the cockpit are open and just a little bit wider than my shoulders. The second time I soloed (December) I forgot to buckle up, so I made very shallow turns, that time.

The parachute I installed on the plane is for if I’m ever over an area, like forest or water, where I can’t reach a flat, cleared field or road if my engine quits. Meanwhile, I practice short landings with the engine off, just about every time, and experiment with airspeed and flap combinations on the approach. A mechanical lever operates the flaps and I have to slow the plane down a lot in order to apply full flaps. When the flaps go down I get a brief weightless sensation as the little plane takes a jump up–that was a little disconcerting the first couple of times, too.

I’m looking forward to getting the little turbo-cloudbuster installed so I can aim it at black helicopters and other predators while I’m flying. I especially like to aim at the psi corps predators and the ‘non-lethal weapon’ wielders in those choppers Cool

My savvy pilot (previous military) buddy, D, in Hungary gave me some good advice about detecting the feds’ tampering with my plane and I took that to heart and began applying it during my meticulous preflight inspection routines.

On one of our open-water gifting sorties in Florida the feds had poured about thirty gallons of water into our boat’s fuel tank the night before we left Key West on our way toward the Dry Tortugas so I know what these criminals are willing to do to stop someone’s healing efforts. The Operators must have worked overtime protecting us, that day, because we probably should have had engine failure about the time that US Navy patrol boat was headed at us, about fifty miles away from Key West, over one of their underground/underwater bases (yet another restricted area on the charts–go figure Wink )

When the boat mechanic later told us about all the fresh water he drained from the tank (we had only been in salt water) he had no trouble accepting our explanation of why the feds had apparently done that to our boat. People in Florida are generally a lot more open minded, we found, than people in most other places in America, except Northern Idaho and a few other areas that are NOT fed-friendly.

By the way, I hope you’ll pass around the very intelligent, comprehensive new online film, America; Freedom to Fascism. … 3867390173

Google is probably a CIA asset but the fact that they won’t even dare censor this film on their own property probably indicates how close we are to getting rid of this criminal federal government.



06 May 2008 21:58
Subject: Re: First Aerially Gifted Mt. Top Death Ray Array [Image Can Not Be Found]

Congratulations on the fulfillment of a long-held dream!! The sewer rats can hide no more!

One thing, though. Just how do you use a belt-sander to prepare kimchee?… Wink


Don Croft
08 May 2008 09:56
Subject: Re: First Aerially Gifted Mt. Top Death Ray Array [Image Can Not Be Found]
Thx Dean–I could have some fun mystifying the kimchee mfg process, I suppose Wink

Planning to gift the really, really nasty deathray array on Mt Spokane today. I like to telegraph my punches, much to the occasional chagrin of some people who are close to me.

Mt Spokane is a very wide mountain and Carol grew up on its slopes. There’s a big ski lodge near the top but the felonious feds shut it down right after they blew up the World Trade Center. A year later I tried to get to that array to disable it but the access road was gated and ‘observed’ so I had to content myself with stringing orgonite all the way down–ten miles–from the gate and I wasn’t able to get around to the other side.

CIA guys literally boxed me in when I parked the Zapporium in a grocery store store parking lot, a few minutes later, and one of them–obviously a nerdy engineer–wheedled me to open up the back of the Zapporium so he could look inside, which I was happy to do just to frustrate them. Of course there was nothing in there but living facilities (it was my home-built camper on the back of an old ford pickup that Carol and I had lived, worked and travelled in for a year). The atmosphere over the mountain had improved so quickly and dramatically that these CIA skunks apparently assumed I had some anti-HAARP weaponry in there Wink and right after the guy walked away, disappointed, the three CIA vehicles that boxed me in suddenly left. The others, except for the boss guy, never got out of their cars but they had that skunkish, slightly menacing CIA look and dark glasses. The NSA guys who later accosted me in Maryland were a lot more aggressive–real Men in Black: morticians with attitude, lousy tailors and pistol bulges at the ankles.

That was a fun day but I always intended to get back there to finish up. A couple of years later, perhaps due to public irritation, they opened up the popular lodge and access road, again, and they had also increased the number of death towers. It looks like a bad haircut, up there–sort of like the ridge top above the HOLLYWOOD sign in LA does. Have you noticed how hard it is for cinematographers to avoid showing those death towers, lately?

I was going to go there, yesterday but it was overcast all day, perhaps partly due to my success on Hoodoo Mountain Cool the day before . Today, it’s clear and windy but not too windy to fly. Kind of cold, though. My new helmet is on the way and I have a video cam to attach to it. I think I can get something on YouTube, pretty soon if the hackers can’t prevent it.

Remember DK in Nevada? I told him about the ‘hovering airplane’ over me while I was taking off, a couple of weeks ago, and here’s what he replied:

Aha! I have seen that too. My friends and I would see balls of light transform into lear jet type planes but have a propeller sound! Oops…somebody got the hologram wrong! Haha!

Well, I’m glad you’re OK. Be careful. Tribal elections are coming up around here so I’ve been giving out gifts of TBs and also placing them around the Tribal bldgs. Every little bit helps…


It seems to me that draconian arrogance can account for adding prop sounds to a jet disguise. Carol and I once watched a Cessna stop about five hundred feet over us and hover. We looked up becuase the motor sound was stopping and the plane then sort of glided to a stop. After a moment, we heard a motor start up and the plane began slowly moving, again.

I wish I could do that! Keep your eyes open and look up a lot, okay? These experiences are kind of empowering because they break down the What To Think Network’s stranglehold, also erode materialistic academic programming…