FLA Gifting Adventure 2008

07 Dec 2008 12:19
Subject: FLA Gifting Adventure 2008
I’m here in South Florida, been here a week and I’m already having fun gifting tb’s !

For the most part I’ll be concentrating on gifting the death towers from Palm Beach down to Ft. Lauderdale .

Can you believe I had a helicopter cirlce right above me 3 times while I was hanging out on the trendy, cafe lined Atlantic Ave. in Delray yesterday afternoon ? People were looking up and saying go away already. It was so load and obnoxious.

It had to be the orgone energy they were checking out, since Atlantic Ave. has several towers on a few of the office buildings.

The biggest set are on top of the Marriott Hotel on Altantic Ave. Gifting that is probably what brought out the helicopter.

I can’t gift, post or do this work without my trusty digital camera, so stay tuned I’ll be posting photos soon.

I don’t like asking for donations, but I know 600 people on average read the EW daily and not all of you are making orgonite, so

helping out unpaid prolific gifters like me and others is one way you can get involved.

Getting off the cash is the easy part. Making orgonite TB’s and then driving around the country to bust the towers is time consuming and costly. Right now the IRS has frozen over $3000.00 of my money and until the irs agent agrees to release the levy, I have to watch my pennies. I have some tb’s aleady made and 50 bs of crystals(I sell them wholesale you know) and over 50 lb’s of aluminum shavings just waiting for someone to paypal me $30.00 for the gallon or resin I need to make
50 tower busters. One gallon of resin makes about 50 cupcake size tower busters.

PAYPAL your donation to actionville [at] mail [dot] com or shop UltimateVision.us and I’ll be forever grateful. There is nothing more heart wrenching than to see an ungifted death tower and not a have tower buster to do the job. Mr. Yellow


Downtown Boca Raton Death Tower


Bank of America Death Tower, downtown Boca Raton

Deerfield Water Tank with Death panels on it.


Deerfield Death Tower out by 95, there is another one, same size right next to this one, so I got 2 for one with my tb !


This weatherball is off the Sawgrass Expressway, it doesn’t have heavy voltage going to it, but Don and others have said these weatherballs are still being used as energy weapons.


Weston, FLA Death Tower, another one behind this one.

Stay tuned more photos and reports coming, send cash for resin in the meantime Wink

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Don Croft
Yesterday at 00:26
Subject: Re: FLA Gifting Adventure 2008
That’s a good plan, Eric–nobody did much gifting south of Boca Raton (‘rat mouth’ in español Wink ) except for the main HAARP weaponry all the way across the peninsula and to Key West. You did much of it, of course, and you and I later did some of the remainder toward the Everglades.

The IRS thugs might have turned their attack into advertising for you. I hope you get plenty of contributions.

Carol and I still buy our resin from that place in Palm Beach. I forgot the name but Jeff gets his there, too, so maybe you can knock on his door and ask. It’s really good stuff because it’s thin enough to saturate even the finer metal particles by pouring and it’s sold in five gallon plastic buckets. Jeff told us about a really good Cuban bakery near there, too, and they’ve always got Cuban coffee, too. We really, really miss South Florida (and Jeff) Sad


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