Flagship: Unorganized Etheric Air Force

I named (and lettered it) ‘Madam Carol’:



Here it is taxiing in front of our hangar (thx for taking the pics, Coach Dooney, hosting my pics on your site and teaching me how to FTP):


And here’s my friend and neighbor, Roger, and his restored Piper Vagabond, in which he’s teaching me the finer points of flying a tailwheel airplane.


Roger, a flight instructor who has a lot of really cool planes, is going to make sure I’m competent enough, over coming weeks, not to fall out of the sky.


Sweet lettering Don, real classy!
Nice colour combinations too.


That drop-shadow work is to die for.

I want him to do my bike!

Excellent, Don.

Von Dutch would be jealous.



I see that the photos of my little plane got hacked out of the post but that the one of Roger, his plane and myself is still up. That’s on the same private (Dooney’s) photo site as the others, by the way. That confirms that my attempt to post a photo of the dolphin riding a whale, yesterday, was also hacked.

I wonder why the sewer rat agencies are so determined not to let me post pictures? I could understand their interference if I were butt-ugly, I guess

The sewer rats have been beaming our office so intensely for the past few weeks that my TV and VCR remotes weren’t working at all, even with new batteries. I stopped trying to do email in teh house and plugged into the access to the dish receiver, then the remotes worked, again. I guess they’re opposed to Carol adn I getting online together in the house. She uses a different wireless setup on her laptop and doens’t have trouble getting online with that. The broadcast tool in the shop/office sends a signal into the house via a couple of small transceivers, so when there’s no direct NSA interfence I get online in the house as well as in the shop.

Carol’s daughter gave me a remote-controlled, electronic whoopee cushion (five ‘tunes’ on it) for Solstice and we were having a lot of fun with that until the NSA apparently disabled the receiver. Apparently it was near something else that was being beamed–my computer? When I plugged the computer into the office’s dish connection and the TV and VCR remotes started working, again, so did the whoopee cushion’s receiver. Stevo said something like that could be useful in his doctor’s waiting room but when we visited them this week it wasn’t working.

I generally post about obvious and specific instances of NSA/CIA/FBI interference because 1) if/when it happens to you, too, you’ll be more inclined not to write it off to an overactive imagination; 2) these anti-lawful sewer rats are mandated to do all this unlawful stuff in strict secrecy, so exposing their tactics really puts their silk panties in a twist.

We ought to do what Eric Carlsen does and keep a camera handy. Sometimes the looks on these rats’ faces is priceless because it seems apparent, lately, that they know their days of ascendance are almost over. I don’t know if you remember how much they used to bother a few of us, years ago. We’re getting a lot less trouble from them, now, and fewer of us are being interfered with, worldwide, though there are perhaps exponentially more gifters now than before.

I think the US Federal Government and all other predatory, fascist agencies on the planet are going to have a bad year, which means humanity and related species are going to have a good year, finally.

Now that I’ve posted about their interference with my pictures, let’s see how soon they’ll pull the hackers off Dooney’s website and allow the pics to show up in these threads, again



heheh, right after I posted about the picture hacking, those two pictures of my plane showed up [Image Can Not Be Found]; and now they’re not showing up, again, but the one of Roger’s plane is still there.

If they’re just hacking my computer maybe they want me to make a monkey of myself, talking about disappeared photos. Too late for that (oogabooga!)


You’re right Don, when this thread comes up there is no photo of the plane, unless you reload,which to me is a sign of hacking.

Remember folks, to hit the reload or refresh button whenever a site doesn’t comes up. Often times that is all it takes to bring it up.
It is more common than not that when I’m trying visit ethericwarriors.com. Latetly, all I have to do is refresh the url to get it to launch.