Fly drones here

I think the popularization of civilian drones is making some shit birds a little uncomfortable. Luckily, they marked all the places they don’t want one to snoop around, hahaha.

PS.: I wonder if it would be possible to use a drone for gifting.

This is an excellent way to find targets for orgonite and earthpipes, thanks Eduardo! The locations on the mapbox site are pretty high profile but to find the more hidden targets one might find google earth to be more productive.

I remember when Google/NSA Earth started blurring all the underground base sites in 2003. It happened kind of suddenly after a German fellow began sharing satellite views of the massive-scale Nazca-type imagery within White Sands in New Mexico. I posted about it at the time but lots of people were already looking at it.

After that we noticed that many areas that were not directly related to miltary sites were also blurred by NSA editors ![Cool]
It may be that they stopped doing so much editing after people started publicly discussing it online but I think these sites that Eduardo has provided are going to be helpful if you want to disable the underground bases where you live. We can all probably assume that we’ve got them nearby because I think that part of the corporate world order’s terminal insanity involves their attempt to create a safe space for themselves underground as humanity continues to wake up to the reality that we’re all being ruled by parasites and that it’s not necessary. ![Wink]
When I met Geoff in NYC last month he told me about being overtly harrasssed by ‘cops’ and others each time he visited a fairly obscure location on Manhattan’s waterfront where he had been filming some of his UFO sightings. Google didn’t blur that area but I’m betting the sewer are busy underground, there, and were sore about Geoff doing some filming.

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That’s a good way to find important targets, thanks guys! Another tool to find “off limits” areas is OpenStreetMap - the military bases etc will all be marked in a pink color with diagonal red lines. It’s true it makes candidate sites for earth piping very easy to find, or at least it’s quite suggestive about it ;-)


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It’s a good time to also remind that in megalopolis areas like Los Angeles where all the death towers have been flipped the patches of low, white smog are probably the best markers for underground bases. Carol and I have always felt that earthpiping underground bases speeds up the destruction of this ancient criminal syndicate that lives off of human misery, hopelessness, fake debt, mass murder, the destruction of children, etc.

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Another good way to find targets (although slightly time consuming) is the LIDAR maps. LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technology that scans the terrain with short pulses of laser beams that penetrate virtually all the natural obstacles on the ground. In this way, you get a picture of the site without the trees, buildings, etc.

Here’s an example what is possible with this map.

A lake in the forest:

missing image

and the same lake in the LIDAR view:

missing image

The above pictures and the instruction below were taken from this website…-w-lasach/.

I translated instructions how to get the LIDAR view. It’s in Polish, but any other country has the same map, here it’s called GEOPORTAL, with some web search it probably wouldn’t be difficult to get the LIDAR view for your country.

Here’re the instructions:

  1. Go to the site of your LIDAR map in your country.

  2. In the upper right corner you will see three icons in the shape of the eye. Click biggest eye.

  3. You will see a table, click the icon that says WNS.

  4. A table will display named Add Map. Select the option WMTS on it.

  5. Click on the + sign at the command Services National WMTS.

  6. Click on the row ISOK Shading.

  7. Click Connect.

  8. Click the Add button.

  9. You’ll see the map with marked gray LIDAR maps.

  10. In the Table Contents uncheck the Visualization Maps BDO.

  11. Zoom the map and enjoy the LIDAR view.