Followup from a Gangstalked American

This woman has made significant progress, as you’ll see from this email from yesterday:

Hello Don and Carol and Dooney,
I just finished reading Carissa Conti’s book, Chasing Phantoms, a download-able e book.

I can’t say how helpful this book is to me. I’ve just had the EUREKA I’ve been waiting for. Don, it’s been a little over a year since you published part of my letter to you on EW, entitled “Here’s a Typical CIA/NSA Stalker Case” on June 20 '12. You then and occasionally later have urged me to try and figure out why all this is happening. Thanks to Conti’s excellent book, I think I just have. It appears I’m a Milab.

Don, on May 8 this year you posted to a thread on EW regarding Gangstalking. You said that a lot of the people being gang-stalked are indeed paranoid and this may be one of the reasons they’re being gang-stalked.

Chasing Phantoms proves you’re statement is correct. Don and Dooney and Carol, please read this book (which I came across while on researching abductee and gangstalking info).

The book as well as info on Conti’s website,, tells people being gangstalked, how they can help themselves to stop being an “all-you-can-eat-buffet” of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration for the negative entities who are most likely dining on you. It is Conti’s belief that these emotional reactions are what drives the harassment to continue long after it should have stopped. She details examples from her own life. Also, the gangstalking and other “woo-woo” harassment is most likely a side show to another issue: being a military psi-op or black op abductee. She details this in her blog on her website, and in part II of her book, “side-track and circus distractions”. What she describes over and over from her own life are the classic tactics used in gangstalking. But unlike others, she didnt get stuck there. She had experienced harassment since childhood, but on some level she was always aware of other dimensions. So she was eventually able to stop most/all of the harassment, and she gives insight and practical advice to help others do the same. Unfortunately she doesn’t know of orgonite, or doesn’t talk about it. Someone should inform her!

But even more, she gives her account of being a military abductee, and many of the issues that are red-flags to individuals, such as myself, who are just beginning to become aware.

Don, my situation meets many of Conti’s specifications for possible abductee status. Here are just a few:
Irish/Celtic, Croatian bloodlines
recently discovered my sister is half-sister, she doesn’t have our dad’d blood type. Mom most likely raped/impregnated without her knowledge or consent
Close relatives in military, esp. MI or CIA/NSA or NASA or “hush-hush or Special Forces etc. Me:
Sister was in military intelligence. She and her hub West Point graduates. They tried for CIA positions, but were “rejected” despite impeccable credentials, supposedly.
Uncle in hush-hush military position, very strange guy
My mother and my genius brother debilitated by strange depressions and emotional problems, unable to reach their potential. Me too tho I’m now snapping out of it!
Evidence of abductions on myself while attending Cleveland State on campus
Attempted abduction by fed on my way into school, that indicated I had received some sort of programming
Waking up in bed as a child upside-down, out of my covers, many times
Strange bruises, markings on my body that I don’t know where they came from
UFO sighting by myself, I sent you picture of it I may have seen others
Waking up after little sleep feeling unusually alert
Strange dreams of “watching things” and also of observing UFO abductions–possible remote viewing issue
Voice in head telling me stuff trying a little too hard to get me to believe something which I could see was B.S.–obvious programming attempts
Paranormal in our household
Mind control devices appeared to be in household
Male voices saying they were going to " cut off my hands” and I saw someone on the net had same experience
Voices saying they were going to give me breast cancer–that’s a common one for female abductees to hear
Years and years of “gangstalking” experiences, harassment and surveillance
One gangstalking issue of license plate that said “women’s farm” (well that’s my own addition to the list)

At any rate Don and Dooney I was writing a detailed history and analysis for you, but it was becoming a book. So for now I’m just sending you this letter. As I was reading on about a male abductee, a large military helicopter flew over our house.

You have to put the pieces together carefully, questioning everything. I’m doing that as best I can. I think I’m finally getting somewhere.

The creepo stalker doctor neurologist guy is working for them. I can see it was planned out a long time ago.

But we have the ability to change time plans…….
So this book is about self-empowerment. It’s a must read.


Hi all again,
I forgot to mention a couple of things that also occur apparently commonly in the milab experience, which I have also experienced. One is lightning-quick reflexes with the hands on autopilot, ambidextrously. I’ve noticed this with a feeling of the THEMS watching, and laughing. This happened a number of years ago, and I sensed it had something to do with being experimented on. I continue to experience this. I also notice that I can go in and out of “autopilot” and that everything is much easier when I do it with my subconscious mind, apparently. I don’t know how much of these “talents” are my own natural, and how much they’ve been amped up due to whatever the THEMS have done to me. But Carissa Conti believes that the quick reflexes are a result of whatever they do to you during abductions.
Another issue is the ringing in the ears. Carissa Conti writes extensively about this in her book and on her website–it is definitely an issue for Milabs but for many others also. I think the folks on EW might find her information interesting and helpful. Also, I experience the “Morse Code” like beeping in my ears from time to time. I experienced that a lot at our house in North Olmsted where so much other stuff was happening.
Talk more later,


I’ll post some more shortly. ~Don