For A University Research Project In Zimbabwe

Don Croft
23 May 2008 09:54
Subject: For a University Research Project in Zimbabwe
I think Georg sent this graduate student to me as an additional information source. I’m copying and answering the questionnaire, below, and it seems suitable to use as a post, since a lot of these questions show up from time to time. At this point, Zim needs all the help they can get and the student to emailed this to me seems erudite and highly motivated–reminds me a bit of Judy Lubulwa i Kenya.



Questionnaire for Medical Practitioners and Pharmacists

Area of Specialization

Years Experience

Twelve years.

Ever head of Orgone healing products? Yes/no


If yes:(a )Where?..……………………………………………

In June, 1997 I was lent, in Nelson, BC, Canada, a boxfull of books about alternative science and technology, then begn experimenting with orgone accumulators over the following year. I had already been developing my version of the parasite zapper since March, 1996.

In 1998 one of my zapper customers emailed me to say that the small device that he bought from Karl Welz for $500 was ‘nothing but metal particles in epoxy’ and though he was angry about it, I was cautiously elated because I sensed that this material might be superior to the layered orgone accumulators I’d been making and experimenting with. That turned out to be true, according to what my 11-year-old, energy-sensitive daughter, Nora, was consistently seeing. Adding a large quartz crystal focused the energy, which could then be directed.


Two years later, i got togethe with my wife, Carol, who is a reliable psychic and sees energy and we started doing field experiments with this material, which Welz had named, ‘orgonite.’ We discovered, much later, that other people had experimented with similar material over many decades but none of that work had become public until Welz began marketting his version, apparently in the mid 1990s.

© which ones?..………………………………………

We started out just combining metal particles and fiberglas resin, including a small crystal, in small plasic boxes, then by the end of hte year, 2000, we had discovered that the field effect of orgonite could be enhanced by casting it in the shape of a cone. We then experimented with putting these cone devices in areas of very disturbed, choatic, ennervating energy and those areas were quickly healed and revitalized.

Soon after that (March, 2001) we built our first orgonite cloudbuster, which is a combination of Dr Reich’s original device and orgonite, which changes ambient ‘bad’ energy into good, vital energy. With a combination of the cone devices and the new cloudbuster we travelled up the entire US East Coast to deploy the cone devices in key areas and to see what the cloudbuster could do. We were so impressed with the observabl results that we began propagating the information on the internet for others to experiment with.

If no: Please kindly read the handout on orgone healing products and then fill in the following detail. [I gather that these handouts are for distribution and that many people in Zimbabwe have heard about orgonite by now, thanks largely to Georg Ritschl’s extensive travels and connections in Southern Africa. ~Don]

  1. How do you rate the claims about orgone healing qualities? 0 (very lowly ) to 5 ( very highly)
    1 2 3 4 5

Very highly–most of us err conservatively with our claims.

  1. Would you be willing to try them?
    Yes No undecided

  2. Would you be willing to find out more about them?
    Yes No

  3. What regulations bind you in the use of unorthodox remedies like orgone and traditional medicine?

professional ethical religious personal None

I don’t think that the pursuit of this genuine and harmless research is bound by any regulations.

  1. what are major obstacles to research into alternative remedies?
    Medical bodies governments Drug companies Churches Other (specify)

Quasi-govenment agencies are vehemently opposed to all such research and healing, of course, and any other corporate asset can be used to undermine, extort, thwart or even imprison practitioners, since all governments are now subservient to the corporate world order. The problem faced by these agencies is that so many ordinary people are seeking alternative healing and empowering information. This is our protection, I think.

  1. Governments have been pressured to endorse only drugs and remedies from established companies. Do you agree?
    yes no

That’s true, for the reason stated above. In Africa, the World Health Organization is the agency that pressures governments to neglect natural remedies in favor of pharmaceuticals, most of which are poisonous.

  1. Some findings on the side effects or ineffectiveness of approved drugs are withheld or deliberately denied to promote the drugs?
    Yes no Not sure

That’s a documented fact.

  1. What is your view on the negative effects of cellphones and computers?
    Believe it Do not believe it Have not followed it much

Cell phones are only harmful if they’re held next to the head. Bluetooth and other attachments keep the user safe. Cathode ray monitors throw harmful energy at the computer user but flat, LCD scrteens don’t. Some orgonite in the vicinity of a cathode-ray monitor apparently negates the bad effects and especially if one will wear a small orgonite device on the sternum the body’s energy field will be shielded quite well. We believe that this is because the hart region is where energy from ouside entes one’s pesonal energy field and orgonite instantly transnmutes ambient ‘bad’ energy at this point.

  1. Are you aware of any suggested remedies to those effects?
    Yes no

See previous comments

  1. Would you be willing to participate in further research on use of orgone products?
    Yes No undecided


  1. Would you recommend institutes to take up studies in orgone or alternative healing methods?

So far, no funded institutions have initiated a controlled study of this subject matter. I think it would be terrific if your university were the first in teh world!

Thank you for your co-operation


Questionnaire for clients or users

Tick the appropriate box

  1. What compelled you to start using orgone products?
    curiosity prescription Recommendation from friend/relative Failure of other treatments Other(specify)


  1. How did you get to know about orgone?
    Friend relative Internet Workshop/seminar Magazine/ newspaper Other (specify)


  1. How long have you been using orgone products?
    Less than 1 year. 1-2 years 3-5 years 6-8 years More than 8 years

More than 8 yrs

  1. Which orgone products have you used? (specify)

Harmonic Protector, orgonite cloudbuster, Terminator zapper, HolyHandgrenade, Crystal Harmonizer, Towerbuser, Earthpipe, Stielhandgranatten, Powerwand, Eighteen, Succor Punch

  1. What effects were observable?
    none Minor positive change Major positive change Negative

Major positive change

  1. Do you talk to friends or relatives about orgone?
    sometimes rarely all the time never

all the time

  1. What are their reactions?
    Positive interest Negative interest indifferent

All three of the above, depending on who is listening. Overall, more positive, as long as a sample of the material is present/

  1. Personally do you recommend orgone products? On a scale of 0 (no) to 5 (strongly)
    0 1 2 3 4 5


  1. Do you know of any other people who are using orgone healing products?
    yes No


Thank you for your co-operation


Questionnaire for Manufactures

1.When did you start?

November, 1999

  1. How big was the organisation at start?

Just me

(a) Number of employees

I started adding orgonite to my zappers, then. In June, 2000, Carol and I got together and by March, 2003, we began selling her Harmonic Protectors, so had two products on

(b) Product range

We now have four products for sale but had given away several other inventions, which others are now profitting from

© Product volumes

We haven’t calculated that but we earn a good living and sell worldwide.

(d) Customerbase

(e) Branches

We sell the zappers and pendants to many distributors in the US and abroad.

  1. Have you experienced growth in?

(a) Number of employees

We won’t likely employ anyone because we prefer to make each device, ourselves.

(b) Product range

we very gradually add items when it seems appropriate.

© Product volumes

not calculated

(d) Customer base

Our business has grown almst entirely by referral and it continues to grow, gradually. We don’ wish to experience rapid growth.

(e) Research and development

we constantly find ways to improve our products, also network with other researchers and we often share findings with each other. We usually ask our nergy-sensitive friends to directly evaluate new findings, first.

  1. What growth prospects do you envisage?
    increasing number of employees
    increasing factory/ workshop size
    opening new branch/s
    increasing Market base
    merger/ acquisition
    Other Specify

In order to not be overwhelmed with work we’ll likely just raise our prices if business volume increases beyond a comfortable level. now that there are many other people producing good products.

  1. How would you describe your relationship with other orgone manufactures?

(a) Hostile and competitive

(b) Friendly and co-operative

© collaborative

We collaborate with and even promote the reputable ones and we don’t have much to do with the rest, though we’re not unfriendly toward them.

  1. What obstacles have you encountered in market penetration?
    other (Specify)

There is negative publicity and a lot of slandering in open-membership forums but this generally ends up generating positive interest in our efforts, so can’t be characerized as obstacles. Apparently, the CIA and other agencies use more sutble means to sabotage some of us but we usually find ways to overcome that, usually in the international, informal group efforts, online.

  1. How do you verify and test the effectiveness of your products?

We mosly rely on the empirical observations of reputable associates and then post their observations. In the absence of funded, controlled experiemnts this has served to generate enough active interest that there are many thousands of people, worldwide who are conducting our own, personally-financed research and field experiments. It’s the observable, consistent results that confirm the value of the work for most experimentors.

  1. In your opinion is there room for new entrants in the business?

Yes, we’re just scratching the surface by now.

  1. Would you be willing to have your organisation cited in this research?

Yes, though we tend not to characterize ourselves as an organization. We rather see this as a spontaneous, grassroot effort. worldwithoutparasitescom is a business website that belons to my wife, Carol, and I and is essentially an information clearinghouse, my property, whose contributors are there by my invitation.

  1. Is there any other information you would like to communicate for this research?

I should mention that the only way to understand the subject matter is to conduct enough of the experiments to get a ‘feel’ for how all this works. For the more non-physical approaches that some of us in this collective efort are pursuing, it’s a good idea to get some online coaching from Laura Weise (‘Coach Dooney’) who has, after reading some of the material on that site.

Thank you for your co-operation

Glad to help and let me know what else I can do for you, please. ~Don

23 May 2008 12:33
Subject: Re: For A University Research Project In Zimbabwe
Fungai M is an accomplished teacher and human rights activist whom I met after my prison sojourn in Zim. He has also done a project on orgonite with is students at Watershed college, a private school east of Harare. After that his house was raided and he is now in Exile in South Africa.
Fungai has distributed some orgonite and put a CB up in rural Zimbabwe.
He is presently finishing his MBA thesis and has chosen the “Economics” of orgonite as his subject.

Doing it all over Africa and sending it out to the world
Don Croft
23 May 2008 12:57
Subject: Re: For a University Research Project in Zimbabwe
Wow, this fellow is a powerhouse. Thanks again, Georg. I hope I helped and we’re at his disposal, of course.