For People Who Crave 'Answers'

Last week, some people got upset with me for criticizing the guru/chela dynamic that I could see, raising its hideous head again on this forum. I think the best way to deal with this stuff is to get it out in the open.

There are over a dozen very skilled and accomplished psychics who sometimes post reports on and each of them, over the years, have been sought out to provide ‘answers’ by some people who were resistant to developing and trusting their own discernment processes.

Once in awhile, a psychic or energy sensitive who is new to this forum falls prey to this guru/sycophant dynamic and agrees to be placed upon the pedestal. I don’t waste any time in reminding everyone that this is just not acceptable here.

People who don’t know the history of how this forum came into existence, against all the odds, usually get angry at me for spoiling the party and they hopefully tell me about it instead of complaining about me to others.

Ben Morton described his experiences with a couple of former would-be gurus who eventually tried to murder him. Carol and I (and DB) were not surprised at all that it happened in April, 2004, even though the would-be murderers spouted (and are still spouting) the sweetest of newage rhetoric and one of them incessantly said/says, ‘I Love You,’ to everyone.

No matter how hard someone might try to keep sycophants out of a group he/she will fail. The human urge to foist one’s discernment responsibility onto someone else is just too strong, so when someone shows up, here, who will ‘take on that burden,’ the floodgates immediately open and this unfortunate dynamic threatens to destroy this forum’s hard-won credibility.

On the upside, this is an opportunity for me to more clearly define this forum’s mandate, which is to encourage more and more people to make simple orgonite and to toss it intelligently into the environment and into social situations, according to the dictates of one’s own judgement. We’re all easily capable of creating and carrying out strategies and tactics, especially when we read the reports of others around the world who are doing it.

For any situation there are potentially at least six billion ways to succeed. It breaks my heart to witness someone assigning arbitrary authority to another person to come up with solutions, here. In my view, both are equally culpable.

The current standards for of what can be done–socially, for the economy (agriculture and fishing in this case) and for the environment (abundant rainfall in arid regions)-- with simple orgonite are being exemplified by our East African cohorts and their orgonite is as simple and basic as mine is.

This is the next stage for us beyond flipping those damned death towers and weather weaponry, which some of the Africans have started doing, by the way [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol and I get email almost every day from people who don’t want to use their own discernment and we never do it for them. We always tell them that their own instincts are the best guidance. We honestly believe that. We also offer to provide some support after they’ve come up with a strategy. We’d be doing them a disservice by letting them treat us like gurus.

If someone will not honor his or her own discernment process, then it’s just a burden to someone else and corrupts that other person. We really do each get the right guidance and we need to follow through with it!

We sometimes want independent confirmation from our coworkers, though, and it’s one of the benefits of a group effort that this is easily shared among us. What isn’t so healthy is to develop the habit of deferring to one or another person for ‘the last word.’ I won’t allow it to continue, here, after it starts up. I think it’s only happened three or four times in the seven years that EW has been in existence.

I’m grateful that EW is at the bottom of the search engine lists because the faker forums are welcome to keep all the ‘chelas’ (Sanskrit word that means, ‘slaves;’ popular term among the theosophy/masonic cults) who would otherwise waste our time, here. I don’t think the CIA/NSA intended to operate as a filter for us [Image Can Not Be Found]


I’m encouraging everyone here who is energy sensitive and has experience with gemstones, coil forms, shapes, metal characteristics, etc., to set up their own blogsites and I’ll link to each of them.

I’ve failed, so far, to interest anyone in setting up a forum for all this–nobody seems to want to get the sort of treament by the sewer rat agencies and their horde of agents provocateurs and sleepless chest pounders that have gotten thrown at me in buckets for the past ten years. Manfred is holding his own in the face of all that with, though, at least.

My wife, who is nearly as fumbling with web dynamics as I am, has intended for a couple of years to develop her own blogsite,, and Ben has generously committed to help her get it done, next week. He’s helping me learn to edit our business site, too, and to finally post my own photos on EW.

It’s obvious enough that the basic orgonite-making and deploying information available on this site is more than adequate for anyone who wants to take part in this unorganized movement effectively.

The next step is to trust one’s own instinctual guidance, of course. We’re all conditioned to distrust our hearts’ promptings so that’s probably why it seems so daunting to some.