For the record--we'll be experimenting with this

Dear Don,

 As I understand, You like to read wide expanded texts. Let it be.

IT is on it’s way towards You. There are two devices, without any box,
small printed circuit boards. We have no manufacturing possibilities,
because all my

zappers and other hand-made devices were installed in incidental boxes. I
think, it will be no problem for You to find something similar to plastic
case. OK?

Both pieces has blue (GND) and red (+) input wires, and black (GND) and
white (hot) output wires. And now closer to its properties.

The first, marked ZapRand, is fully completed Dr.Clark-type zapper, only

with my modifications – current-source output (with internal 40V supply),
and pseudo-

random sequencer-type pulse generator. Output current is adjustable in
limits from about 0.1mA or less to about 3mA max, by potentiometer (witch

power switch, too). Output current is little dependent of patient’s
resistance and skin conditions, – it means, that output voltage changes
load resistance to

maintain the current. Randomness (chaos) is made by digital shift register
with clock generator. Pseudo- means, that one full working period (in our
case, 17-stage

register gives it: 2exp17-1=131,071 clock pulses) randomness is true,
it simple repeats. Clock frequency was chosen about 4kHz, it gives

spectrum density nearly linear from about ~teen Hz, till clock frequency,
then harmonics gradually falling up to several tens of kHz.

In mid 70's our medical scientist group started to research effects of

weak magnetic pulses on bone fractures and injuries. Pulse fields of 1mT
frequency 80Hz, later 30 and 16Hz For laying patients treatening was made
non-stop. First days effect was remarkable, then slows. Changing the
frequency restored process. Then came idea to make randomly changing
frequency. Effect was beautiful – treatening time shortened by 25-30%. In
80’s was started mass production of little device named “Pulsar”. It was
made several hundred thousands, in about two years. Then came crushing of
Soviets… I was done registered invention.

Random-zapper is powered from 6V source ( 4 pcs AA type batteries),
consumption at full load is 10-12 mA. Alkaline batteries lasts very long.
Circuit is made

to be maximal economic. It is not recomended to go behind 7.5V, but until
it maintains all properties. About 4V lightens the small red LED, it signs
battery is

dying quickly. Blinking yellow LED only indicates “ON”. For me it will be
marginaly interesting to compare it with ordinary (without orgonite)
I think,

current source output is only convenience, without healing properties, but
randomness is essential.

Further, it will be marginally interesting to test it with Your options.
If I understand, the output current is fed via Moebius coil? Please, be
careful to put powerful

neodymium magnet near zapper’s choke to avoid saturation of it’s ferrite
core and destroying converter. Wishing success!

The second device PolyR was made for accoustic waves generator, with

piezo-electric membrane, to treaten painful places. I think, it will be
ideal for

investigating the white-noise principle in Your SP and PW. It contains the
same random-pulse generator, only its clock was made about 5 times lower

800Hz), and the band’s lowest frequency, respectively. If You find
necessary to more lower the clock, You can solder on or beside

capacitor (470 pF), marked with white dot, an extra 470 or 330 pF. The
device has a bridged output, it means, 2 outputs in antiphase, such

voltage. You needn’t the second output (very short white wire beween
transistors), only black-and-white wires.

IMPORTANT!  It needs to solder a buffer resistor in series with output

wire, (maybe a LED, too, to see what happens), because of very low coil’s
resistance. If

it is 1 kOhm, current will be: voltage minus appr.1.5, in miliamps.
allows powering from 5 to 16V. Current can be changed, changing the

Maybe Wand obtains extra power!

Waiting may be 1.5-2 weeks. Letter now, I see, is too long! About our
Latvia I’ll say several words next time. Don, please, look-in the site . Maybe is it worth to join her?
Have a happiness in Your life! Karl.

That is pretty interesting! Do you know if the wave is still a square wave, or pulse wave–and if so, do you know how close to an “ideal” aquare or pulse wave it is?