For Those Gifted To See The Energy Around Towers

I would like feedback for those who see energy around towers. Before a tower is gifted I see dark to black shape clouds hanging around the boxes attached to the towers. I’ve seen various shape devices and see this dark matter usually on the outer side of them. Sometimes I see it come and go and what looks like a thick rod shooting up above the tower. All this dark matter seems to pulsate and fluctuate but it’s constantly there. Once I gift the tower I have seen from 10 to minutes later those dark clouds seem to be gone and in there place I see white energy similar in shape to the previous dark matter. Sometimes above the tower I see a little pink mixed in the the new white energy. I’m new to this so I need to know if others see this to.
Now to take this one step further. I take pictures of the towers I gift. When looking at the photos I can see the field of energy similar to what it looks like when I’m looking at the real thing. The strange thing is that a gifted tower shows white energy. So I took pictures of un-gifted towers and saw dark energy in the photo but using the same photo (you probably think I’m nuts) once I gifted these towers I’d look at the same photo which I saw dark energy coming from and whala I just see white energy and every time I look at the photo it shows white energy, even white energy shooting out the top.
What I plan do is keep a collection of my gifted towers and check them from time to time to see if any dark energy appears. And if so I’ll see if gifting again will take care of that.
It would be great if someone else who can see this energy could conduct some experiments and post them.
I thought that checking photos like this would be helpful. And you can call me nuts that’s fine to.
If anyone is interesting in knowing how to develop this vision or sharpen it up please feel free to PM me and if there is enough interest I might post a lesson or two. [Image Can Not Be Found]


Thanks or sharing. I think having a psychic around when gifting would be a great advantage.

What you said really clicked in with the idea / observations of black helicopters. I mean how fast can they get into a newly gifted spot. Or is something being revealed when a target is gifted? Are they the same ‘flying saucers’ that Reich was shooting down?


Wonderful to get this out in the open. For me personally – I’m more “body oriented” or kinesthetic in my perception so often I have felt the tingling of a TB in my palm when I approach an ungifted tower. I think we all have our different ways or “gifts” of perception. My teenage son was with me gifting a tower the other day and he described the energy of the tower like a “brain fog” or “brain confusion” energy. He is much more in tune than me.

Don mentioned the Hong Kong based movie “PUSH” in a previous posting and I saw it on the plane recently. There’s a lot in the movie but one of the major things I got from it was how we all have different gifts of perception. In the end the “psychic warfare Triad fellows” implode on themsleves…which I feel aligns with my experience of them. when the whole triad-run NWO silliness does implode, I think we’ll be able to explore more fruitful endeavours, pick wild flowers in the forest yet at the same time send those suckers a gigantic orgasmic blast of healing energy if they get out of line. They are simply fellows in deep need of healing…maybe their hearts haven’t been blasted open wide in deep orgasmic bliss for a long long time…sad…it is really quite silly.

Loved your sharing Cowboy. we all have great courage.

All the best…Hogn kong john

I got 2 PMs asking for tips on how to see this subtle energy. A and D thanks for asking. I’m going to start and keep it simple because actually its something everyone has done as a child. I’ve never seen anyone discribe a way of how it can be done. I know most people can do it because it’s just muscle adjustments. Nothing psychic about that. I know there are many ways to see this and different types of seeing. To show those of you who would like to see something I hope this method will help. Let me know if it doesn’t seem to work for you because a little tweak may be all you need to open that vision for you. Let me know and I can help you until you have it.
OK let’s get started. Short, simple and easy. Some eye muscles are stronger than others depending on the work you have been doing with them. Practice shifting between focused vision and wide angle vision. Shift back and forth many times so you get used to doing this at will.
Practice this 100 times a day as long as it doesn’t hurt and if it does that’s your limit for the day, ad more everyday so you can do this easily.
Now once you know what I’m talking about and can do this easily. Pick out a pine tree and wide angle gaze about six inches from the tips of the branches in daylight. It can be sunny or cloudy it doesn’t matter. I like to do this against a blue sky. It’s easier to see a greyish whitish smokey pulsating misty something wavering off the branches.

Now for some of you this is easy to see and others you might not get this at all. Those that don’t see anything post or PM me I can help you tweak your vision. For those you want to move on great. Those that see this pine tree energy can now see auras around things because that is what your seeing. The thickest part of the trees life energy or a form of chi. From here towers are so easy because their energy is dark and thick.
But I’d like to get you a bit further. it takes a little work and patience and practice of course.
I forgot to mention before you must be in a relaxed state and be aware of your breathing. After working out while your body is relaxing is real good for beginners because thier body, heart and breathing is calming down.
OK now on a clear day preferably sit or lay down on your back looking into the sky either straight up or at an angle. Now extend you hand palm up wide angle your eyes and shift focus to your finger tips and look for those sparkly things falling down hitting your fingers. Isn’t that amazing? You’ve seen it before as a child but either don’t remember or thought it some kind of eye thing. No my friend that’s a type of orgone, chi, life force energy of at least on type that falls only in the day time, never at night. Now I have a question is this really orgone because chi is around day and night so I’m not sure it’s a type of chi or its something else. Oh well the purpose here is to show you the type of muscle action you need to see the energy around towers. If you just get as far as my tree lesson will be enough to see what type of energy a tower has.
I’ve taught hundreds of people this procedure and every single on has been able to at least see the energy around a pine tree. No pine trees? Well try a palm tree these two types of trees are the only trees in the world I know of that send out positive chi energy in this way.
Put your back to either stand there for 10 minutes and this will charge your body batteries right up. [Image Can Not Be Found]
Let me know how it works for you. I have many other ways to work on this way to see this energy.
I realize most of you already see this energy. Great!! This lesson is just for those that doubt or think they don’t see it.
I hope this helps some of you. [Image Can Not Be Found]

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Thanks for posting about this Cowboy and for the tips. I’ve been practicing with pine trees off and on and I can see what you mean. It does look like a kind of vapor or mist. Like steam rising. It comes and goes for me so I’ll keep practicing. I haven’t managed to see anything from towers yet tho, but trees are my friends and towers aren’t so maybe that has something to do with it. The sparkly stuff in the sky I’ve seen all my life but I only started taking it seriously about 10 years ago, after reading Trevor Constable and Reich (previous to that I just thought it was “something in my eyes” or some other similar rubbish that was fed to me). I just assumed that it was some kind of energy after that. As time goes on I wonder if its not more than that. Probably most of it is energy but some maybe lifeforms (like Constable’s critters or ‘rods’) and some maybe machines. I say this as some of the flashes are particularly bright and long lasting, relatively speaking. That’s just speculation on my part, I’m interested to know what your impressions are.

I also would be interested to know if you’ve herd of any methods technology wise for accessing ‘supersensible vision’, or whatever you want to call it. Really its probably normal vision we just aren’t brought up with it. In particular I’m thinking of coloured filters. Recently I have started to read the work of Walter J. Kilner (……/index.htm) where he used dicyanin screens (dicyanin is a type of dye) to reveal the human aura. Oscar Bagnall replicated and added to his work in the 1930’s. Now you can buy aura goggles ( to apparently help you see auras. Have you Cowboy or anyone here at EW tried using screens? I guess its probably just best to practice with your body but if something can help why not?

For me, it depends on the tower. Sometimes, I see a darkening of the air around the tower, but sometimes I get a very itchy feeling inside; & occasionally, I just get reeeeally grumpy. I have no clue why; I’ve never tried to find out what reaction goes with what kind of tower. Hope this helps.

Hi Pahinh,

At least for me, though its hard to see during a bright day, if I look at the gifted tower I will see a greyish area close to it with a black or dark grey thin line outside this (what some people refer to as “guy wires”) and a brighter than ambient area outside this. I take it the dark line is the conversion zone where DOR gets transmuted back to POR.

Sometimes if you hold your focus and simply rock left and right a little it helps your brain to eliminate some of the background interference and doing this, I can usually see (subtle but visible) whether a tower is gifted or not during a bright day.

It is much easier early in the morning or towards sunset. It is subtle energy after all.

Ground DOR makes me nauseas if its bad enough or gives me a knot in my gut and atmospheric DOR kind-of gives me a headache. The energy coming off a single cell phone tower thats not gifted usually isn’t enough to do this so when I do start to feel like this, its a pretty big red flag to me to get out of the area and then to figure out exactly whats causing it and fix it.

And as I’m sure you already know, just as people are all different, so is how each of we energy sensitives views/feels energy. Just because I see it as I’ve described above doesn’t mean everyone does (though from what I gather a lot of us do). I don’t see color (a little around a human aura but its subtle). I did ask the operators if they could give me the ability (to see color) and got a funny answer back – in due time. Guess they have more important plans for me right now (hehe).

The trick is to understand the difference between how a gifted and non-gifted tower looks to you (or feels if all you can do is feel energy but can’t see it) so you know what to expect and leave it at that.

Nonetheless, I still think its really cool to be able to look at a tower and know if its in need of gifting.

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