Fort Meade - I had to share this, because it makes me smile everytime I think about it

I had to share this, because it makes me smile everytime I think about it. [Image Can Not Be Found]

Fort Meade, MD, home of the NSA and alot of the biological R&D and warfare directed at us(project daylilly for example) has recently been gifted on the inside.

What hope do these goons have of hiding when the military members are gifting their own bases?

No photos, but you can check it out via google earth etc.

Thanks to Eric at for the prompt delivery.

Hilarious! Love it!

As well, the Hong Kong skies this weekend were FULL of sylphs. The sky was clear and I saw one tiny little pitiful remnant of a chemtrail in the sky while viewing the sylphs as I sat on the beach. Keep in mind that Hong Kong “had” a notorious reputation as being very polluted and sometimes it still is. But I think more and more we’ve flipped that. We’ve had just the right amount of rain too. Keep in mind that this has been a very spontaneous and disorganized effort. I have never met Didier (the French gifter in Hong Kong)…nor have I met or coordinated with some of the other gifters in this area. As well my organizational skills are minimal so it’s always been “toss the tb and hope for the best.” Then watch the patterns. Also the quality of the orgonite I make could certainly be put in the “special needs class” with often too much hardener, cracks and plenty of rough edges. A handyman I am not. Maybe because they are so ugly my TB’s get mistaken for old relics from another dynasty and thus they are left alone. The bottom line through all of this is that something is happening and it’s very positive and I think if it can be done here then for sure, it can be DONE ANYWHERE. The world’s energy will flip to the upside as we toss more TB’s and we’ll definitely have the POR flowing fully.

I would supply photos but I even suck at that, but I’m sure when you look at all the beautiful photos of sylphs from other gifters on this forum and also see many for yourself your heart will be smiling…

All the best…Hong Kong John

Yes a great awakening is taking place on a grassroots level. Like in this video:

All the best…Hong Kong John