Fortean Times Article Is Now Out

well I have a couple of copies anyway. If your in the UK you will be able to find it in a week or so. Stateside more like 2-3 weeks at Borders etc.

click on the thumbnail to see the full sized image.


and now even in shops in the UK:


there’s the proof!

Also I’ve now been booked into speak in Liverpool on the 23rd and will launch a new trial there. Presentation will be about 90 min long and likely to be videotaped.


Unfortunately, here in Oregon, the title “Fortean Times Article is Now OUT” has taken on a new meaning: it is OUT (the May issue which I believe is the relevant one for the Orgonite article) as in NOT available on the Borders, Barnes and Noble, or 3-4 other independent periodical seller’s shelves that I called/visited. I started my hunt on May 7 but, by that time, all May issues had been pulled/tossed and the June edition put on the shelves. This seems amazingly fast, especially in light of the timeline that Mark identified above. Hopefully, I didn’t just miss it in the June edition (I must have leafed through that page by page at least 3 times but, hey, please let me know it I missed it.)

If I’m correct, intentionally or unintentionally, this will mean that the article – now that more people may be alerted to looking for it – will be harder to get. All I can think of now is investigating getting back issues from the publisher…? Anyone have any other ideas/information on this?


Hi Nancy

Its the issue above with the Whitch board cover. This might be the June issue.

Article is in the front news section.

Hope you find it.



Was just on BBC South Radio’s gardening show with a very brief explanation of orgonite and getting more people to join the trail.

Won’t bother getting it as an MP3 as I felt I did a better job on the morning show.


amazing! Don’t know how you got under the radar, nice flying [Image Can Not Be Found]; . That BBC Focus magazine was a fearmongering special, by the way.


Just for the record: The June issue of the Fortean Times available in the US ( identified as FT248) is different than the issue (identified as FT249) in the picture supplied above by Mark. The cover and contents (apparently, from the lack of the Orgonite article) are different. I understand that this MAY be standard publishing procedure – tailoring the content to the targeted audience. It is also possible that there is a delay between the London and the US editions.

The major reason I"m pursuing this – and thanks, Mark, for scanning in the article so that there is no delay in having that available – is that I REALLY like the idea of every possible media presentation of Orgonite – especially with this positive “let’s see what results we get” approach. I would like some clarification/assurance that this article is going to be presented to US purchasers of the periodical. I tried emailing the editor of the magazine but, apparently, he is out until tomorrow. I’m hopeful that I will get some clarification from him. I’m going to be really annoyed if that article is only seen as relevant for UK distribution.


On, hopefully, a final note: I just got an email from the Fortean Times UK editor clarifying for me that there is, indeed, a publishing/distribution delay between the UK June edition and the US distribution of the same content – it will be the JULY edition ( number FT249) in the US. A local Borders told me that they will receive this edition (and, therefore, the coveted Orgonite article [Image Can Not Be Found]) toward the last week of May. So, anyone who wants a hard copy in the US will now know the scoop. I have no idea if there is a delay between the UK edition and editions distributed to other countries….???