Forum Hacked - On Christmas day, the server that hosts EthericWarriors and was severely hacked

On Christmas day, the server that hosts EthericWarriors and was severely hacked. Not only was the data base erased, but all backups, going back 1 year were corrupted as well. All that was left was an old backup from january of 2008 saved on a magnetic tape as last resort. The server keeps several copies of the backups, which were all erased or corrupted beyond repair. The server technitians have never seen a problem like this one before. PHP websites were particualry affected by the “bug” so thats the reason why WWP was only down for a day or two and EW was down for a week. This all happened a couple of days before I left on a trip to the USA, so its was pretty hectic to put the forum back online. The backups I had saved myself were not the appropiate format to upload into the sever, they were just a copy of the text and images of the posts of the forum, in order to restore the posts, they would have to be put up manually. I want to thank Carolien for restoring all of the lost forum posts, THANKS! Its a tedious job. I also want to ask all forum members to repost the posts that Carolien has put up, making sure you put the original date of the post, I will later erase Carolien’s posts. This will help with the search engine and forum statistics. I’ll ask Eduardo if he can restore the original dates afterwards. I apologize for not keeping a proper backup, and promise it won’t happen again [Image Can Not Be Found]; If anyone has problems logging in, please first use the “forgot password” link and if that doesn’t work email me and let me know, I’ll reset your account.


I guess the $#!+birds partly timed this to coincide with your trip to the US, Ale [Image Can Not Be Found] . I sure do appreciate your taking the time to set things right under the very hectic circumstances. Apparently our readers do, too, because I’m getting plenty of positive, grateful feedback.

It was a whole year and a half since the last CIA/MI6 hacker assault on EW and I suppose I got a little complacent during that time.

THANK YOU, Carlien! So much momentum was building during the last couple of months that some of our readers were afraid we’d miss a step but what you did ensures the continuity that we need, also provides graphic evidence of why the sewer rat agencies were so eager to wipe all that from the record. You were the first casualty from the reprisals that were thrown at several of us in the network after we started goign after the Illuminati families in October, after all. Nice, balanced payback for you!

The photos that were lost were hopefully sa ed by the people who posted them.

If anyone who has been posting on EW can’t log on since the latest agency hacker holocaust and if you don’t know Alejandro’s email address, just email me at [email protected] and I’ll forward it to him.


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