France Blitz - fast giftingrun from Pforzheim, Germany over the Black Forest, Freiburg, Besancon, Montlucon, Gueret, Niort, La Rochelle, Rochfort, Ille d'Oleron, Royan

Hi all,

From Sunday evening to tuesday night a made a fast giftingrun from Pforzheim, Germany over the Black Forest, Freiburg, Besancon, Montlucon, Gueret, Niort, La Rochelle, Rochfort, Ille d’Oleron, Royan and back.

I want to say that without the huge thing that Francesco did in northern Spain and without the support of Orgonise Germany – John Connor, this woudn’t have worked like it did.

300 TBs, some HHGs, 2500 Km and two days later there was a lot of rain, really a lot from the atlantic coast in France, Spain (Francesco in action), going over to Morocco and Germany – nice! I placed about 150 TBs into the Atlantic and rivers that go into the Atlantic and another 150 for the nastiest towers, especially on water castles and the suspicious HAARP-like towers all over France until Germany.
The typical confirmation like helicopters, police cars, gerdarmerie, ambulances and lots of dark sunglasses guys could be seen. This was the biggest fun for me.

What I didn’t know – what an excemple of the leading hand over all of us – yesterday was the day when Germany and France celebrated 50 years friendship. So this was my gift to France.

The whole landscape in western France was really dry, I hope thats it for now. If anyone fells like busting, Bordeaux and especially La Gironde in Bordeaux would be the cream on the cake.

A tout les Francaises, si quelq’un se trouve de jeter beaucoup d’orgonite dans la Gironde dans la region de Bordeaux et vers Bayonne a la cote Atlentique, ca serait parfait. La-bas il manque de la pluie, c’etait trop pour moi et je n’avait pas asset d’orgonites…


Your experience is quite overwhelming, in fact it’s like what we did while in a stiff operation in Somalia.In fact ,in some parts we were forced to gift the fast moving rivers so that may effectively transport the orgonite to the needy areas ans that is why now the united forces have managed to penetrate the Chysmayu region.
For sure orgonite is a life changer and if it’s effectively use good result will have to be realized without delay even if it might take some days. On this concept it’s quite advisable to continuously gift without fail for it’s a proverb in our culture

’ A hard working farmer will finally lough and rejoice during harvesting’ so all our hard works in gifting will earn us much credit very soon.Thanks a lot for your good work and research.

Habibi, I want to underscore the significance of your effort because you followed your instincts and this evidently produced plenty of immediate rain, also some yery good (unwitting) and immediate confirmations from the surveillance/intimidation teams all around you [Image Can Not Be Found] .

I asked Carol to look at the situation in Algeria that you mentioned in another thread and she also has the impression that they’re using Reich-style cloudbusters to generate all that rain in the desert, so are causing an energy imbalance in the ground water, there. She reckons that it wouldn’t take much orgonite to fix that problem, as you suggested.

As you progress in North Africa, from west to east, this will no doubt be resolved and it might be that whoever is doing this in Algeria will also find a way to correct the problem. If Reich had known about orgonite he surely would have used it.

Chris and the rest of the Kikundi in East Africa have always worked instinctively but systematically, as you do. I always dreamt of reversing the Sahara with Carol and few others but it’s much better if this becomes a much broader effort, as it’s evidently turning into. It’s especially heartening to me that Africans are pursuing this from the East.

One of my favorite aspects of this work is that it takes so few of us to accomplish very large and consistent results and we’re mainly doing it with our own personal resources, nor are most of us well-to-do; many of us are quite poor. These facts are not lost on the enemy but the nice people are too often inclined not to notice miracles like this, so it bears mentioning.


Well, in the moment I’m very happy with the results and can relax a bit bustingwise.

The next few targets will be in Germany, not many, but important ones.

About the project desert greening in Algeria, well, probably it would be a huge hit to bust this well where all the DOR is directed into. This could be a risky mission. Alternatively someone could do the surroundings. Any part of the ground water not too far away would be good, some wells and finish with the problems.

What they do is trading rain for a bad ground water, which is a bad deal in the long run. Someone will do this, probably not me – but I could try to contact Prof. Senf, the other guy didn’t answer to my mail. What you could do, boost those two guys and then lets see what happens.


I forgot to mention, Prof. Abdelaziz and Prof. Senf are involved, the latter isn’t there very often. They collect money for trees – I suspect that Prof. Abdelaziz’s motiation is the money, but not sure. He was the guy I tried to contact and he didn’t answer.


HI Habibi, I think that that guys will never answer you…There is even a document in internet in german about the use of Orgonite and the fanatic people are using it… … buster.pdf

If you read this text you ´ll understand with which people you have to do…They define us people with emotional plague…I agree everyone has it more or less but it is just playing with W. reich words to criticize us. If he would be really a free man he would experiment Orgonit without prejudices, and maybe thanks to his knowledge he could find interesting developments. I happy if they use W. Reich cloudbuster with discernment to makle good things, but I know too that they are concentrating all the Dor somewhere.
Moreover that people, that are “expert” in observing the sky, do not admit that Chemtrails exist… That is amazing and that tell me all about them. They would just need some orgonite to put on the collected water of the Cloudbuster and than it would be perfect.
Are they possesed from some alien interference? Are they too proud (This would be emotional plague).
Anyway I have to admit that they are somtimes pumpunig lots of clouds from Algerian to south Italy, this happens normally in Autumn and winter. During last sommer I did not see anything in the satellite.