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That post by Franz on the German orgonite forum is full of pictures, so I hope you’ll study his comments and the photos. I’m not going to comment much on it, other than to say that this is the very first direct whale/orgonite interaction that has pictures. I’ll share the psychics’ comments, though, in this post.

The young fellow who gifted the blue whales from his kayak, several times, in Maui (right before he moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico some time ago) had similar experiences but we don’t have much about that for the record. Other times, smaller whales lingered far up rivers in the US and London, apparently in an effort to confirm and encourage gifters in those areas.

As with the Sylphs, which are a more or less constant phenomenon wherever in the world that someone has turned the tide against the world odor with enough gifting, these wonderful interactions with grateful cetaceans should perhaps be seen as just the beginning of a much more direct and constant connection with these astonishing ‘Operators.’ It’s probably up to us to get closer to their level of awareness, as some psychics can now do, before we can retrieve a lot of direct information from the experiences but that will surely happen.

When I told Carol about Franz and Karen’s success she told me that the whale was singing/announcing to all of the inhabitants of the sea and also to the cosmos that some humans (specifically Franz and Karen in this case) were taking the initiative for healing our oceans, which are the lifeblood of our planet. She also mentioned that whales sing when their heads are down and tails are up. They normally do it fully submerged, so the whale apparently wanted to honor Franz and Karen in a special way and to cement the occasion in their memory.

Carol and I have interacted with various dolphin pods around Florida, last year (she had more direct interactions in Costa Rica and Hawaii–apparently swimming with them gets a stronger connection), and we hope to get acquainted with orcas in Puget Sound pretty soon. There seems to be a short period of introduction, in each case, while the pod discerns that there are actually humans who are capable of doing what we’re doing. Once you make eye contact with any cetacean, that one is likely to remain connected with you after that and will help you. Sometimes a dolphin will look into your eyes as long as you’re capable of remaining there. This might be especially true of captive dolphins, who are apparently ‘volunteers.’ I connected visually with two pilot whales, up close, in the Gulf of Mexico when I was sailing a small, open boat across the Gulf, right before I sailed into a hurricane in 1995 so I know this is not an entirely new phenomenon. The orgonite part is new, of course. When they stopped to visit and look into me, I knew something important was happening [Image Can Not Be Found]

When Carol was on a catamaran during a whale watch off the Big Island (Hawaii) a blue whale came up to swim along, just under the boat, after she tossed a dolphin ball in the water and his singing almost violently vibrated the large craft. She had to toss it surreptitiously because the people who own the craft would probably have railed at her for tossing something in the sea. Environmentalists and animal rights folks can be such relentless nazis and volunteer brain police. It’s sometimes better to beg forgiveness than ask permission when dealing with fanatics, of course.

Until we’re more consciously aware of the significance of these interactions it will be sufficient to just follow our heart promptings and take orgonite to them. I personally think that the more orgonite gets tossed into the sea, the sooner humanity will reach that level of direct communication, which is a mixture of telepathy and strong, heartfelt emotion. I guarantee that I’m no more psychic than you are and I’ve had this experience, so you can, too, if you’ll spend the effort to donate enough orgonite to dolphins and whales.

Can you imagine how unlikely it will be, then, for humanity to endure tyranny and exploitation any longer? Meanwhile, the organic unfoldment of global unity and prosperity continues to accelerate. We’re IN the future now, in case we will look at things objectively and disregard the What To Think Network‘s grim, lifeless, artificial paradigm. Cetaceans are leading us through the present but fading miasmic maze, perhaps more directly than the rest of The Operators can do.

Here are Dr Steve’s comments:

Hello Don,

Here are my impressions on the whale encounter posted on the German Board.

The whale was in communication with other whales regarding the ‘awake humans’ that were spreading orgone gifts to the residents of the ocean. This whale was also giving a healing to the gifter(s) and probably all the passengers, to assist in raising their consciousness level.

I suspect this is a level of interspecies communication that can be anticipated by those who are willing to take the initiative to gift the
oceans of the planet,especially in whale migratory areas.

I agree with Carol that whale communications are more profound than those with dolphins, and I suspect it has to do with species maturity/spiritual-evolution.

Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you guys next weekend.




Coach Dooney gave me a list of observations, which I didn’t write down. I called her to get them, again, but got her answering machine. Carol and I will see them tomorrow, though, and I’ll post her comments in the thread, unless she chooses to.


Dooney reiterated that the whale was communicating directly with Franz and Karen that time, though they may have missed it on the conscious level, and that there was also some other signalling going on.

When we make eye contact with cetaceans it’s a huge download of energy/info for us, even if we’re completely unaware of it with our conscious minds. I’m guessing that the same occurs through whales’ songs. It’s quite enchanting to hear them underwater and the deeper you go, the clearer it is, even from hundreds of miles away.

MaryAnne, who gifts extensively in and around an Illuminati vacation spot on the coast of Maine, reminded me that she had the same experience with a whale while gifting last summer during a local whale-watching cruise. I wonder how much good stuff that people report to me is forgotten–yikes!

Photo records are very powerful. Carol and I have found it nearly impossible to send substantive photos through email, let alone post them on a forum, but my commercial webmaster has promised to teach me FTP over teh phone and has set aside some pages on for our photos, once we learn to transfer them from our puters. It’s impossible for us to use the free, online photo albums and I bet you can guess why Cool

Thanks, Jacques, for maintaining the photo-posting feature on EW! I know the sewer rats are trying their best to shut that down again.