Free Energy Tech in Ireland?

I don’t know if this is legitimate but I’m going to keep watching (thanks, James!):

I do know that there are a lot of working free energy devices, ready for the market and mostly affordable but extortion by the terrorists (Brit/Ameican/Israel gov’t legbreakers) has kept it all away from us, except the Joe Cell, which is kind of difficult to operate.

These guys in Ireland are generating a grassroot support network by sharing information, first. I have the impression that it’s legitimate, since I’m not seeing an appeal for money [Image Can Not Be Found] . The more proprietary inventors (including my friend, Wilhelm Muller) have fallen to the terrorists–deaths mainly by poison and induced heart attacks over the past century or so. Carol and I gave away most of our orgonite and other inventions, early, so that we wouldn’t fall into that trap. In the last film on the site, the camera panned the crowd at a lecture. I like the look of the crowd.

There are a series of YouTube films on the website. I don’t understand tech-language stuff very well, so most of that is over my head but there are engineers and other tecchies who read EW posts, so I’m hoping one might explain it to us.


Hmmm – I’ll certainly keep my eyes on these guys. However I feel I must opine that the counterclockwise rotation of the spiral in their logo gives me pause. With the brief appearance of a fire-ringed black sun/eclisped sun at the end of the video perhaps even moreso. I’m going to research the etymology of the name/word ‘Orbo’ and see what I can come up with.

Latin: orbō, orbāre, orbāvī, orbātus

  1. to deprive, strip, spoil, rob, make destitute.
  2. to deprive or bereave of parents, children, or other dear persons; to make fatherless, motherless, childless, etc.

Yep I got a bad impression about these guys too. They are a company that before allegelly doing free-energy tech they desinged CCTV systems and also magnetic security systems for banks and such. Also they have a pretty bad reputation since in 2006 they staged a jury (picked by them) of engineers and scientists to look at their technology and they unanimously found it did NOT work at all. Not to mention they are now charging 500 euros for access to their technical information, and this is NOT a commercial license at all and they do not guarantee that it will work either. Seems like a lot of hot air and no substance. Another very public effort to discredit free energy.