Free Energy Tech Is Getting Closer To The Open Market

Don Croft
24 Apr 2008 10:09
Subject: Free Energy Tech is Getting Closer to the Open Market
I got the following from our friend, Atle, in Norway—this is all circulating around the internet, now (eat your heart out, Agent Bearden Cool ):

On 4/22/08, Atle Johan Løvaas <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi everybody – free energy is full out possible to produce – and also to get more energy out of the magic lamp – than you put in – just on the contrary of what we learned on school – strange world isn’t it?

I got this one from Anne in France.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: vanadeux <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 9:08 AM
Subject: Fw: Ethos New World Technologies
To: Atle Johan Løvaas <[email protected]>

New Free Technologies…please share far and wide.


(Please Keep a copy of this information in a very safe place… just in case)

Hello my friends!

I’m back but still working flat out on all my discoveries from my six week mission of New Discoveries… So thought I’d get a few of my hottest looking favourite out there to as many people as possible…

I’ve got some brilliant fuel savers for you …but as usual I got sidetracked onto these FREE Energy Units again as they fascinate me so much!

Imagine cutting through steel with ordinary water!

Cuts through steel but you can put your hand in the flame and not get burned…

Fire Station Heating Boiler in Albaney running up to 170% efficiency…

Here’s Exactly How it works:

The latest 5 kW self-powered electrical generator – Generates 5 kW of FREE electricity!!! 2 or maybe 3 will power an average house for FREE…

Peter, I must say that I admire your energy and drive. As to new products, in the last week, Wang Ho Shum has completed the Chinese government’s mandatory “safety and reliability” six-month testing period for his 5 kW, self-powered electrical generator.

Energy from the air are seeking the marketing partner to promote this technology to the World.

Wang Shum Ho generator in motion

Emails Today…

From: Lawrence Tseung <[email protected]>
To: Peter Aldred <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: 5 kW, self-powered electrical generator

I shall meet Wang Shum Ho later today. I shall convey your interest.

So I hope to have a working demo unit here in Turkey very soon…

The Plasma Spark Plug saves fuel;

The Spark Plug that saves fuel and never wears out…

Here’s the latest International News I’ve created… Smile

4th April – US aircraft maker Boeing flew a plane that was powered by a hydrogen battery

Yesterday UK BBC NEWS – Bionic eye ‘blindness cure hope’

No more gas bills… no more electricity bills… soon no more petrol or diesel bills!!!

Just one water bill – and we can pump as much as we need out of the ground here too!!! Smile

This has been Ethos’s New World Mission…

All the best,


Ethospete – 22nd April 2008

"There’s one thing stronger than all the armies in the world…

…and that’s an idea whose time has come!!

There is nothing like a dream to create the future now…"

Don Croft
24 Apr 2008 11:21
Subject: Re: Free Energy Tech is Getting Closer to the Open Market
Atle is a well-known natural healer in Norway whom the Norwegian government tried their best to railroad into prison awhile ago, as is routinely done to healers in the Allegedly-United States of America. Before their kangaroo court trial, we went to work for him in the international chatroom and Cesco returned to Norway from Iceland to do some surgical gifting and the gov’t failed to harm him, then. That said, there are apparently very many more souls going to bat for him in this and in other realms.

His house was burned down, not long after that, but he’s okay and, as you can see, is still active.

Here’s another email he’s sending around that may interest you:

On 4/23/08, Atle Johan Løvaas <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi all.

I want to tell you about a Human Rights organization here in Norway, called Fampo.The abbreviation FAMPO stands for something like; The People’s Actions Against Police State and a Culture of Encroachment.

The chairman is Dag HiÃ¥sen and the two most profiled and active boarding members are Erik Strand and Joar Tranøy. They are all skilled and well educated academics, with many years of University education behind themselves. But in spite of that, they don’t belong to the ordinary flock of sheep, but definitely are able to make up their own minds, to see through the shame of what is going on within the Norwegian administration. And not to forget; the censorship of the press. They have been ridiculed and also met with Berufs Verbot, (job exclusion) and harassment themselves.

The Norwegian shadow government have even been able to exclude Dag from Internet for eight years. But not any more, due to thread less connection.

They don’t hesitate to call this country an over administrated plutocracy – with a controlling and enslaving juridical system, where the citizens by no way live in a democracy. A former Swedish trade minister once called Norway the last Soviet State.

But also in Sweden we now hear that the Ombudsman for the Press (stupid title isn’t it?) has been going out (which means to the press) saying that he didn’t like all the Internet blogs, where ordinary people are allowed to say what they mean. The Ombudsman of a FREE press? No way, its the propaganda machinery of Hitler – hanging around like a ghost.

Giving the people bread and circus, i. e. sport, soap opera, and entertainment from morning to the sun set, is a smart old trick to control the masses. And of course by letting some politicians come into studio or in the columns of the papers – to discuss and quarrel about some stupid political decisions – giving the impression we’ve really living in a democracy. Thus we all take it for granted that we do so. Nothing is a bigger lie – and hoax.

The decisions are not taken by the politicians, they are all more or less taken behind closed doors of boarding rooms.

Fampo has been fighting and standing up for small, ordinary people for years, against harassment and encroachment from the side of the authorities. They have revealed so much corruptions and economical swindle done by the Norwegian administration, that it is unbelievably. Under the polished surface, there is something rotten in this country. But the citizens are so blue eyed and naive, having so high thoughts about their own flock leaders, that they think they live in a Paradise. Therefore Norwegians are infamous for their need of missionary – telling the rest of the world how to do things. The Nobel Laurel is an good example of this, giving out Prizes to the biggest crooks of this planet.

Fampo has also been working with my case, being prosecuted for Quackery, and has been revealing the whole shame going on in Supreme Court, where a tricky “police blunder” was used as an excuse for avoiding precedence in court. And where the media are parts of the whole plot.

They have also been working with several cases where descent people have been taken away their children from, in spite they have committed no abuse or crime against their children at all. They have also revealed how municipal authorities together with constructing firms, have confiscated big sites of ground, for the purpose of setting up houses, to make big amounts of money. And where the owners, most of them peasant bachelors have only got some small amounts of money, like peanuts, as compensation for these robberies. This is so common in this country, that everybody takes it for granted, and being legal, and “the way it should be done.” Therefor nobody is protesting either.

In other countries this is called fascism. In our country it is a kind of our culture.

Fampo has been writing a letter to Amnesty International about this situation in Norway.

Please read what Erik Strand, together with Dag Hiåsen, has been writing.
I’m proud of being allowed to call all three of the Fampo gang – my friends.

All the best

Please feel free to write to any of the boarding members of Fampo.
And do forward this world wide, and also make links to your own web site.

Erik Strand fampo [at] hotmail [dot] com
Dag Hiåsen dag [dot] hiaasen [at] gmail [dot] com
Joar Tranøy joartranoy [at] hotmail [dot] com (also some in English).

Don Croft
24 Apr 2008 11:28
Subject: Re: Free Energy Tech is Getting Closer to the Open Market
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a group similar to FAMPO in the US? I suspect that’s unlikely to happen until enough high-profile, innocent white people get destroyed by this criminal government, as the Browns were this year. These IMF-payrolled gangsters do it all the time to people of color in this country but those people are already mostly impoverished and disenfranchised, or otherwise believe they have no political influence. Slavery is merely a voluntary condition, though, as some inspired Blacks demonstrated in the 1960s for a brief period until they were infiltrated, then co-opted by the CIA.

I’m hoping that more American Blacks will get into gifting this year. The many Blacks whom Carol and I taught in Atlanta, five years ago, each showed a lot of intelligent interest, networking and drive but the FBI obtusely extorted each one of these wonderful folks and they then withdrew. We don’t blame them, of course, but I sure hope they’ll try again, now that the US Govenment has gotten weaker and more exposed to the white Pajama People.

Did you know that there’s only one American Black contributor to Etheric Warriors? He gets a lot of etheric points for that, I think. Maybe our intrepid East African cohorts will inspire them to take the intiative.


24 Nov 2008 12:59
Subject: Re: Free Energy Tech Is Getting Closer To The Open Market
Hi all,

Yet another researcher in new energies being harassed by whatever/whoever is trying to destroy his life…
His researches are in the uses of metals to produce strange results, apparently metals are alive according to his researches. He doesn’t talk much about it, he talks more about how he is being harassed since many years by unlawful methods…


When: Monday Nov. 24, 2008 @ Noon – 1 PM PT

Where: Vancouver Coop Radio CFRO 102.7 FM

Listen Live:

A conversation with Canadian New Energy inventor and scientist Don Carter, for 15 years President and Vice President of the Caribou Mining Association on his breakthrough New Energy research in metallurgy. Don Carter also talks about the consequent malicious and unlawful prosecution by Revenue Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other entities of the New World Order seeking to suppress New Energy research which will eventually displace petroleum and nuclear sources.

NOTE: An unlawful emergency hearing is being held in Prince George, B.C. on Dec. 16, 2008 by Revenue Canada to illegally prosecute Don Carter, on behalf of NWO corporations. After listening to this program, listeners can register their complaints and letters of outrage against Revenue Canada’s treatment of New Energy scientist Don Carter by writing or calling Revenue Canada at: ……

Host: Alfred Lambremont Webre

Listen to interview:

link2: coop-don-carter-new-energy_en_0.mp3

Don Croft
24 Nov 2008 18:17
Subject: Re: Free Energy Tech is Getting Closer to the Open Market
Thanks a lot, Fabien! Hackers are trying to interfere with your post link, by the way, which is a nice confirmation Cool

British Columbia hosted at least five legitimate free energy device inventors in the years when I was visiting Wilhelm Muller, there. They all knew/know each other, too.

Would you mind posting the name of this fellow? I thing that will help us protect him from the corporate world order. I"m going to ask my fellow chatters to go to work for him after that.

I noticed that the radioi show is in Vancouver. Wilhelm Muller had contracted with a small factory in Vancouver to mass produce his magnet-powered engines before he was murdered, almost five years ago, so maybe we need to focus our efforts on the bloodthirsty corporate rats in that Canadian province in order to cause the dam to break and release perhaps hundreds of free energy device inventions to the public.

It’s a lot of fun to be in the vanguard of this effort to expose and thus destroy the world order’s murderous hierarchies.

Tbanks again, Fabien!


24 Nov 2008 18:26
Subject: Re: Free Energy Tech Is Getting Closer To The Open Market
His name is mentioned in the post: Don Carter.

Actually the links are not being messed with, it’s the forum system that somehow considered me a spammer and banned me when I wrote the post, so Alejandro reposted it, but as I see the links are wrong…

I hope I won’t get banned again by posting them…

link 1: coop-don-carter-new-energy.mp3

link 2: coop-don-carter-new-energy_en_0.mp3

Don Croft
25 Nov 2008 15:38
Subject: Re: Free Energy Tech is Getting Closer to the Open Market
Thanks for being persistent and thx, too, to Ale for helping get this past the hackers! As you probably know by now, Fabien, hacker interference is a very fine confirmation that what you want to say is worth reading Wink

The reason I asked you to name the inventor in the thread is so that the CIA and MI6 murderers who want his head will be served some notice that we’re going to fight them on his behalf in the chatroom, that’s all.