From a close associate

One of my closest associates in north Italy, Davide, asked me to post this “hello” letter here,

he’s an amateur alpinist/trekker and is doing an incredible work gifting the Alps and many

important mountain vortexes in north Italy, I really think he deserves this mention.


Davide’s letter follows:

<strong><font size=“2” face=“Maiandra GD”><span class=“postbody”>Hello everyone,
my name is Tupix and I live in northern Italy. It’s one year I’m gifting, and I love very much mountains.
Every mountaintop I climb I place at least 1 simple tb on the top of the mountain. It’s very interesting to see
the effect of this on the powerful vortex of the Alps.
I have seen many sylph come with me till the top, combat chemtrails, and some monsters go away from
the mountains… Shocking

If someone like to see my pictures on flikr, and very wonderful mountains…this is the address.

sorry for my bad English

peace, joy & orgonite