From A New GifterWorrid About Reprisals

Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 16:20
Subject: From a New GifterWorrid About Reprisals
Hi, my name is S****. I just purchased one of your Zappers today; I can’t wait to get it. But I do have a question; I was hoping you could enlighten me with some info.

I guess you have to be invited to post topics on Etheric Warriors. But I am new so I’m not certain. Anyway this is the only way I could think of to contact anybody with some information. I currantly live in a small town in ***** state called R********. I am new to gifting and just gifted my first towers in R********. They are atop a hill called Holy Cross Hill. There are two big towers and three smaller ones.

I dropped two TB’s within twenty feet of the towers on June 3rd. Today June 4th, I thought I saw something out of place up on the hill by the towers, which are probably two or three miles from my house as a crow flies. So I decided to drive up there just to check it out.

Well when I got up there, there were a bunch of guys working on the towers. I asked curiously what they were doing (it’s not that uncommon for regular citizens around here to drive around on logging roads just to explore). I was talking to two guys who wre just standing around, they said that they were with the Coast Gaurd and that they were taking down something off of a tower.

I tried getting more details but they were more interested in knowing what I was doing up there. I know there are quite a few cameras on the towers, but I was pretty inconspicuous about dropping the TB’s. Anyway it seems pretty improbable that they are coincidentally repairing the towers a day after I gifted them. I was wondering, with your experience, if it is likely that I will be having any visits from people concerning the towers.

I’m pretty sure the cameras have my truck and license plate info along with what I look like. Also wondering if you know why the Coast Gaurd would be up there.

Thanks A Lot, Can’t Wait For The Zapper, And I Hope You Can Get Back To Me.

A New Gifter, S****

P.S. I was also wondering if it is worth while to Gift Passive Microwave Repeaters (those big billboard looking things on top of hills).


Sean, the world odor’s agencies are so determined not to draw attention to their death towers that we are pretty blatant about our activities. I’ve even left my business cards at some of the juicier targets, just to tweak these rats.

As far as we can tell, thre are no ‘passive’ installations except communication satellites that handle all or most cell and wireless communications by now.

The Coast Guard (now part of Homeland Security, of course) maintains a lot of the HAARP weaponry, including the HUrricane Control Facility
south of Miami, which is a horror show of tower and weatherball arrays–well gifted, of course Wink

Most people who get into gifting don;t require online recognition or dialogue becuase, as you’ve seen, the work is incredibly simple and easy to understand.

Nobody has been seriously harmed ,either, though a few of us in the front row get pretty violated in various ways because the $#!+bird agencies can’t understand that this movement doesn’t require leaders.

If you’re genuinely worried about these freaks surveilling you, carry a Succor Punch on your gifting sorties to block their technical surveillance and learn to fight back by applying the information that’s on, okay?


Don Croft
08 Jun 2008 16:40
Subject: Re: From a New GifterWorrid About Reprisals
These coast guard folks are really good at helping people who are in trouble at sea but they only play at being cops, even though they’re now under the new Nazi agency. Also, it’s extremely unlikely that the guys at the tower site had any idea what the towers are for–they’re probably told that they’re for navigation.

We’ve talked to technicians at tower sites over the years and the really tight lipped ones are obvioiusly feds but the friendly ones are subcontractors who obviously don’t know what they’re working on.

Once in awhile, though, we get strange but credible second hand reports from people who know technicians who work on the creepier aspects, like exytensive underground tech at tower sites. One of the EW contributors works for a company that supplies the ‘curbside’ power boxes to the death tower bunkers and those boxes only handle 220v, if memory serves, but each of the heavy coax cables that run up these masts carry many times more current than that and each towre has dozens of these cables.

In Wyoming or South Dakota on our last trip we saw two huge piles of dirt rigth beside a fairly new death tower and that dirt was apparentl excavated from underneath the tower becuase nothing else was around for several miles.

Since the tech of the death towrs and HAARP weapons are military secrets we have to glean a little understanding from circumstantial evidence, unfortunately/ The fact that there is absolutely no discussion of the tech is yet another circumstantial clue that it’s all military, not commercial. We could write a small volume about all this.

I gifted one of those ‘passive’ billboards on a hilltop when we moved baclk to Idaho because Carol felt a lot of creepy energy coming from that location. I had to walk up the hill because there was a locked steel gate at the bottom and when I got to the top I saw that the ‘billboard’ was actually made up of scores of ‘death panels,’ all hid beneath a stretched fabric front.

People who name the various death tower forms seem to be making up stories, by the way. HAARP is the only officially stated death transmitting tech and even thayt is said by the gov’t liars and obfuscators to be for something other than weather warfare.

A good rule of thumb for gifters is ‘If it feels bad, it is bad,’ and the confirmations we get from the good feeling in an area after we’ve busted all the death transmitters is as important as the visual confirmations we get. This is a key to learning to trust our instincts, I think, and a key to getting this feeling is to disable as many towers as possible in one sortie. This fellow didn’t mention, by the way, if his two towerbusters were intended to disable all the towers in that hilltop array but we generally drop at least one towerbuster per tower and it’s better not to drop it close enough for the $#!+birds to easily find them.

It’s okay ifthey have to bulldoze away all the topsoil for a quarter mile around in order to keep using their death arrays because that, too, is a powerful confirmation for orgonite’s effectiveness and it’s easy enough to just go drop some more orgonite there Cool

I’ve never seen evidence that camera surveillance has helped these freaks in any way, especially now that there ar so many gifters. The bird agencies’ bottleneck is manpower, after all; they have unlimited material resources but increasingly limited personnel, which is why they tried so hard to kill off most of humanity.

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