From an Anonymous London Gifter

Hello there Don i haven’t wrote to you for a while but i started gifting a couple of years ago, bought one of carols orgonite pendants and sent you a couple of emails. I have just read your post ‘the vanishing tsunami’ i find reading about your endevours uplifting and empowering.

Personally i feel that we overly concern ourselves with being correct all the time so as not to offend people, or be misunderstood. Its better i feel that people should just say it as they see it with a little tact and diplomacy thrown in. Then everyone knows where they stand. I feel us english people are terrible for worrying about offending people to the point where relating to people becomes inauthentic and just an exercise in politeness.

The sewer rats – its been a bit of a journey for me to stop getting angry and frustrated at their mischief ! but i realised something one day, which was obvious but instead of it being a mental concept i realised it – felt it – that people can only be vicious to another when they hate themselves. The self loathing of an individaul is so intense that they find no joy in anything. These people never have any peace within themselves, and the more they go against life the more their internal angst will be. This, although aware of the fact that unhappy people can do foul things it didn’t curb my fantasies of retribution, but since this moment of properly realising its all about self hatred i can now just feel pity at them. Real pity. Perhaps, if we find ourselves getting concerned that rats are actually intelligent cunning creatures and to give them such a title might feel like flatery, we could refer to the collective lot as the joyless chumps. Just an idea [Image Can Not Be Found]

I liked reading that post about the haarped rippely clouds and the sylphs clearing it away. I see that often here in london. Sometimes the sylphs are giant ! really huge and angelic looking, i’m always amazed that i’m the only one standing in the street getting a crocked neck staring into the sky watching this amazing phenomina, and people just walk on by lost in their thoughts not noticing ! The skies are definately alot better these days, when i moved here eleven years ago the skies were filthy. I love seeing the sylphs, they do spray mostly everyday, sometimes they stick but mostly they don’t and if they do stick then slyphs usually always appear.

well all the best to you and carol and the larger gifting family i always send you all light thoughts to help sustain you doing your very valuble and interesting work, and i continue quietly in the background with my gifting and making attractive orgonite to adorn peoples homes with [Image Can Not Be Found]

Best wishes *******


Thanks for your thoughts and observations, ****, and it’s good to hear from you again.

London seems to be well-gifted, though I only know of a few people who have done a limited amount of gifting, there. Nobody’s keeping track of it, as is done in a few cities, but I’m sure that’s not very important.

Do you have any gifting stories I can post anonymously? Our readers need variety and diversity.

I’m mainly concerned about not enabling our enemies to get their ammunition from my own errors in judgement, hence my caution. My second most important concern is the credibility of the forum, which is why I ask people not to share all of what we do in the chatroom each week. DeMento particularly looks for an excuse to call us flakes or delusional, which is ironic, since Reich built his first cloudbuster to fend off aliens who were poisoning his lab with DOR from space. DeM used to seize on my journal reports about our experience with aliens, for instance [Image Can Not Be Found] . Carol and I mostly had those experiences during the early years and especially the year on the road. If more stuff like that happens, I’ll sure tell about it. After all, nobody can assault my character on the basis of telling my subjective impressions. Also, those were 3D experiences, observed by Carol and I. The purely psychic impressions can never be said to be objective information, even when all the psychics are seeing the same thing, though we sure do use it as battlefield intel every week.

To pretend or even infer that any of us have personal authority would pretty much guarantee the demise of our forum. Sycophants line up in serried rows to schmooze any EW-affiliated psychic who fails this test. It’s not pretty to see that.

I encourage folks not to be depressed by the determined ignorance of the Pajama People. As long as the corporate/military/clergy sewer rats are not weaponizing these snoozers with paranoia I don’t think they’ll do any harm, nor will they stand in our way. I count myself as blessed because I rarely have to deal with PJ folks personally.