From An Observant Gifter In Sweden

Don Croft
08 May 2008 09:27
Subject: From an Observant Gifter in Sweden
Hi Don!
My name is Peter and i live in Stockholm Sweden

Bought the zapper and it works great. I was in good health before using it so I haven´t got any dramatic improvements to report.
Tell Carol that i love the Harmonic Protector. I only take it off in the shower:-)

Discovered orgonite a while ago – better late than never – and have done some gifting in Stockholm. It´s really wonderful the way it works. I met one of my surly neighbours a while ago – and she smiled!

Gifted the outside of an old cancerhospital last week that had a really really bad energy – two TB:s and fifteen minutes later the atmosphere was totally transformed – magic.

I haven´t posted on any of the orgoneboards and I´d like to keep it that way at least for now.

The following article is from todays Expressen- which is one of the big evening papers here in Sweden. It seem like the NWO is alive here as well.
I could not believe my eyes so I had to translate it so you guys can read it too. Was unsure how to translate some of the phrases but I think it´s pretty readable. Feel free to post it on the site if you want.

In the online edition they had this poll where they wanted the readers opinion about World Government and 70 percent was against.
We´re not as brainwashed here as i thought. Good news……

Hope you and Carol are safe and protected.
All the best Peter


More supranationalism can save us

Europe Day is celebrated this week. But why limit oneself to Europe and EU when so many of our serious problems are global? It doesn´t matter how much the Prime Minister and the Environment Minister preaches to the rest of the world as long as a global platform for democracy is missing.

These are the words of Torbjörn Tännsjö who would like to see a United Nations parlamentary assembly as the first step towards “global democracy”.
He writes today; Fear of a superstate cannot be allowed to hinder a global platform.

The environmental threats against humanity becomes more and more obvious. Global warming awaits, unless the nations of the world heads toward a radically new direction. Still our political leaders fail to find a reasonable solution.
These failures doesn´t depend on either stupidity or on malevolence. They depend on a system error. They depend on the political leaders of the world and their lack of mandate to deal with issues like this.
And then it doesn´t matter how much Prime Minister Reinfeldt and Environment Minister Anders Carlgren preaches to the the rest of the world.
The problem is global but our governments and primeministers are elected to solve domestic problems. They are commissioned by the voters to represent their own country in the best way possible. And each nation are interested in doing as little as possible about the environmental problems themselves, while other nations do as much as possible. When everybody thinks that way it´s no wonder that the attempts to find sustainable and viable solutions fail. It´s essentially what one can expect.

Is there a way to solve pressing problems of a global nature? Yes, but they must be handled on a global level. In my book, “Global Democracy. The Case for a World Government”, I´m arguing for global democracy. It is a controversial thought. Still it seems to be shared by a growing number of social thinkers worldwide, as well as powerful movements. The Catholic Church for example is in favor of it.

It would however be unwise to stall the solutions to the environmental problems we are now facing until a world government is installed. Something must be done immediately.
Here is a simple suggestion for the swedish government:
Start an initiative in the UN General Assembly, for the arrangement of a temporary conference with parlamentarians from all over the world. Such a conference can be summoned immediately and it would constitute the beginning of an exciting political experiment

Each nation may send three parliamentarians to the temporarily summoned assembly. Two elected by the majority of each parlament, one elected by the opposition.
The mandate to the assembly is to have a global outlook on the climate issue. The assembly should view themselves as a temporary worldparliament. It´s important to talk it over and arrive at a proposition for a solution of such nature that nobody reasonably, on sensible grounds can make any objections.

Is it reasonable that the political will is going to exist in all nations?
Will USA stay outside? It is hard to believe. The rethoric of USA has been to criticize UN for being undemocratic. The current initiative would mean the start of a democratization of the UN. It shouldn´t be difficult to generate opinion in USA in favor of US participation. A new (US) government would have a unique opportunity to improve the USA:s international reputation through participation.

What stand will a nation like China take then? Can they elect any representatives from the opposition at all? It will be exciting to see – and an eternal shame for China if they fail. But what if representatives from China and other non democracies gets elected anyway, but in reality represents their governments and completely lacks the ability to view the issues at hand from an impartial and global perspective?
That would be sad, but no hindrance to the proposition. Who knows what would happen to the delegates from nondemocratic nations, when forced to participate in open discussions, on equal terms with other parliamentarians, with the intention to find the best solution to the problems from a global viewpoint. Perhaps it would at least among these delegates generate a hunger for more democracy in their own countries

If a proposition like this one would turn out happily there would probably be many who would like to expand it further. Among these is the author of this article. I have like many intellectuals and parlamentarians worldwide signed an appeal for the installment of a permanent parlamentarian assembly within the United Nations. More about this appeal, initiated by the former General Secretary of UN , Boutros Boutros-Ghali, can be found at
In times of globalisation the need for common decisions increase – on an international level

Europe Day is celebrated this week in our part of the world. But why limit oneself to Europe and EU when so many of our serious problems are global? The fear of a “superstate” cannot stand in the way of a global democracy platform that can actually save us from environmental catastrophes and other disasters the world can be faced with.

Torbjörn Tännsjö
Tännsjö is a professor in practical philosophy at the university of Stockholm and presents his book about global democracy at the university upcoming Thursday (8 may 2008)

Link to original article if someone is interested:


I was very happy to get Peter’s report because we’ve been waiting a long time to get news about a commitment to gifting in Sweden. I should stress that it really doesn’t matter how soon or late a country is represented in this unorganized movement. A case in point is Germany, where not much was done for the first couple of years but the movement witnessed explosive growth and commitment in a short time, after that, and continues to expand and consolidate, there.

By now many of us are laughing at the way ‘global warming’ is used as an excuse for bigger global fascism, especially since those of us who gift a lot of HAARP facilities hae witnessed the end of artificial droughts and overal milder climate in every sort of region Cool

Apparently, we’ve been so effective with our orgonite-tossing that corporate academia, through the What To Think Network, is doing an about-face and saying that the problem is ‘global cooling,’ instead. Oops Wink . This waffling is apparently even challenging the incredulous, Rothschild-funded environmentalists who sincerely believe that we need more and more corporate fascism in order to enforce their marijuana-inspired vision of a ‘better world.’ They also believe that only religious fundamentalists are schizoid–go figure.

I like this definition of ‘fanatic,’ which applies to these folks: One who, having lost sight of his goal, redoubles his efforts to reach it.