From Another Quiet But Very Prolific Gifter

Don Croft
09 May 2008 09:28
Subject: From Another Quiet But Very Prolific Gifter…
I post these, occasionally, to show the nature of this unorganized grassroot movement, also so that our cohorts on Etheric Warriors, who rarely post about their own exploits, will lose some shyness and report more often Cool ~Don



Here are some experiences we have had with orgone creations (as we call them).

Lady afraid of being home, feeling somebody always watching her … my daughter, wife and myself got two hhg’s and made some affirmations with hhg’s back to back. Gave same to lady and found out much later that after placing them in her house it now feels good and normal.

Cured a couple of kids from bad dreams by placing one under their beds.

Friend said she was on the verge of road-rage … she place hhg on top of head and instantly felt cool, calm and collected.

Lady told me she placed hhg by electric meter and has saved a substantial amount of money … the lady that buys them from me to re-sale has past electric bills to prove this. She buys from twenty to forty at a time. She sells them at metaphysial gatherings. Lots of other stories to tell about hhg.

We have made over ten cb’s for people and all are satisfie with results. I was not sure that pipes sticking up were doing anything until I was pointing out some chemtrails to people at the place where we hang out at, approximately three miles from our house. We saw about four lines of chemtrails crossing our area, but noticed a circle shaped are where it seemed that they had quit spraying and started again once past this area. Then we noticed that it looked to be over our property, more or less … kinda made a believer of me.

About a month later, on the way home, we noticed a plane spraying and it seemed that it would come right over our house. I remained at a distance to watch and sure enough it went right over our house. Then while looking and within ten SECONDS, we noticed that the trail right over our house was starting to dissipate, and was completely gone within a couple of minutes …. now this did make a believer of me. We still get some helicopters flying overhead, but not as much as when we started.

We always give tb’s to our new friends to carry in their cars, telling them that it will make them and their surroundings feel better. We have gifted for miles and miles around our property. We make about 80 pyramids at a time, and tb’s by the hundreds.