Frozen charged water 2

Since it is difficult to add to previous posts I post these pictures as part 2.
As i mentioned in my previous post regarding the frozen charged water I would try to get better pictures: Well I have and to more than my surprise(!).

I placed a bottle of regular tap water on my charger this morning before doing my morning stroll and silence chamber treatment.
I came back about an hour and a half later and took this picture:

It clearly shows long striations of ice forming upwards and also in a circular movement.
At this point the water was not all frozen to ice.
I went to work and came back not too long ago and decided to remove the bottle from the charger as it had been on long enough to freeze completely and it had.
The energy captured in these pictures are really amazing(at least to me), the striations has disappeared and what looks like an energy implosion is taking place from a central column inside the bottle:

The picture is not 100% but shows fairly well a change in ice structure.
Here is a second shot of the bottom of the bottle which is nearer where the energy vortex of the CB is:

Those “bubbles” were not there in the first picture and the are formed around a clear column perfectly centered inside the bottle shooting out like small air spikes.
Quite amazing, i hope you will enjoy these pictures.

Big smile