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Excellent work, Mark, as always and congrats on more exposure for your work. Brits are evidently starting to see the benefits of orgonite for their gardens. As you gain more and more notoriety I wonder if you could also get the attention of Brit farmers on the basis of what our African partners are achieving with their orgonite-enhanced farming.

The thought of organizing this effort repulses me but there’s no end of benefit (and sometimes safety) in networking as widely as possible, we’ve found. It’s the opposite of how most inventors and merchants operate but I think the new paradigm we’ve entered sort of requires cordial interaction and spreading the kudos around.

When David Wolfe gives us an opportunity to share the stage with him we always take that opportunity to promote someone else–Andy’s little $26 zappers on ctbusters.com , for example [Image Can Not Be Found]


I’ve mentioned the african effects in the lecture last week.

I have a spare 35mm automatic camera here and just loaned a basic digital one to a friend whose doing several gardens.

Both will be spare so I can mail them to africa or source another basic one for them.

What works best?


Lotte has posted the details of Saturday’s make your own orgonite on the FT article site.