Galveston Bay Gifting

I don’t even know this fellow’s name because he never signs his emails but the reports are really good. I posted another of his somewhere, here, but hunting for it would take more time than I’ve got, right now.

He sees energy, as do a whole lot of gifters. The difference is that he’s gained confidence in what he’s seeing and I’m posting this to help the folks with this ability who are doubting it [Image Can Not Be Found] :

Yes sometimes they angle down, sometimes they are straight down, out a few
feet, like you said. Sometimes, they favor one side or the other, or the top
vs. bottom, depending on the location of the tb and how many or how few in
relation to the directions of the panels-this is regarding the more
populated towers.
The very first tower I ever gifted is a 6 panel typical job, but I used 3
tb’s! The tower shoots down an angled white light! It took me 2 years to
notice it.

Thanks for doing me the honor of asking me to report on EW. Don, if you
don’t mind, for now I prefer to send any reports to you directly.