Gare requests boosting asssist

please assist Me in boosting the CANADA embassy BKK to smooth Wife:s visa for CANADA through as We should have had it weeks ago already and seems to be held up. We only have a few days to push this through so We can go and make $s.

Ongoing interference has been happening to Us for well over 2 years now and have been looking after the boosting OurSelves but I know by enlisting help We will be

able to push this through at this crucial time.

Will post an update when allowed, seemed to be blocked from even reading most reports especially Don s email hacking.

Thx for any assistance.

I’ve been boosting the Canada embassy in Bangkok for Gare’s wife, Na. I hope everyone who is reading this will do the same. It’s also a good idea to boost Na at the same time.

Gare is the most vigorously hacked contributor to EW. It’s a minor miracle that he was able to post the above.

I’m in second place to Gare Clement from Regina, Saskatchewan Cool and I’ve always found that being overtly attacked by the sewer rat agencies is a wonderful personal endorsement for any of us, no matter how inconvenient it is in the moment.

I want this forum to attract people who are willing to commit to ending the bloodsucking tyranny of hiding oligarch parasites and that’s never done effectively without some personal risk.

Thank You Don and EveryOne Who boosted on MY behalf, You All know Who You are. Great news! Not only has Na received Her passport back with the CAN VISA inserted into it but, and pleased take note of this because it has never happened before, Her VISA is good for 5 years with unlimited entries! This option has never even been available to Us before. Why would She be granted this without any extra cost or asking for it? Is this yet another powerful confirmation of the power of boosting Love Energy out from Our Hearts? Yes I believe it is!

Thank You All!

Congrats, Gare and Na. We’ve been doing this predator boosting since July 3, 2002 and over the years we’ve gotten great loads of positive feedback like this. I started hearing from many others who were doing the same thing in informal settings and involving skilled psychics so this seems to be one of those things, like the internet, that is timely and necessary in our world for undermining the ancient, filthy power of the parasitic plutocracy. Within that trend, there are more and more psychics who do heart-based work and these are the ones who get the most consistent data. They’re also the ones who are most willing to work closely with other psychics and the synergy is tremendous–I never get tired of witnessing it. The Old Parasite trains psychics to ignore their hearts and focus on their minds and these are severely handicapped, of course. One of the main functions of Theosophy in all of its disguises is to con psychics into deadening their own hearts. I think the enemy have always felt threatened by heart-based psychics.

This is actually related: In late 2001 a couple in Koln, Germany, made that country’s first orgonite cloudbuster, then later built the first one in India, where they bought hand-made paper for their import business. I forgot his name and their last name but her first name is Radhika and she is from Kiev. She’s a wonderful artist and sent me a small painting of an ‘African angel,’ which hangs above my desk. Radkhika returned to Kiev some time later, after a long absence, and was struck by the absence of smog and the dramatically improved ambience and countenances of the people in the city. On top of that, she was treated courteously by government officials. Since she had some experience with orgonite she assumed someone in the city was doing this field work. By that time, smog had kind of suddenly disappeared from most of the world’s major cities, at least the ones where popular films are made. When we see movies made before 2001 or 2002 the cities are usually smoggy. Even Mexico City cleared up around 2004, thanks largely to our friend, Ismail, who posts on this forum occasionally as Ixma and is from there.

Radhika wanted to ensure safe passage through the Immigration offices in Kiev prior to her return to Germany so she kept a Succor Punch running in her purse. She told me that she felt sure that this expedited the process Wink.

I know an American couple who lived and taught English in Kiev in the early 1990s after the demise of the Babylonian plutocracy’s communism scam and the conditions were dramatically worse in those days, according to what they told me.