General Awareness Level

30 May 2008 10:59
Subject: General Awareness Level
I was recently in my little burrito restaurant/Taqueria, hanging out, and a friend’s girlfriend and I struck up a conversation. By happenstance, a TB I’d made sat on the counter next to us, sort of a permanent addition to the place since I put it there now almost a year ago.

Not knowing that I’d made it, she picks it right up, smiles, says to me ‘what’s this?’ I said ‘it’s a hunk of what’s called Orgonite – it’s purported to cleanse energy, supposed to be really good for electromagnetic pollution’. Trying to keep it as friendly and uncomplicated as possible. I smiled and said “I made that, in fact.” Now, this is a rough TB, a dim brown with chips around the edge, bits of metal sticking out of it – vs. a really nice-looking ‘art’ piece.

She replied, brightly, ‘yeah, we met this guy the other day who had a whole bag of these!’

I’m chiming in, here, on the general tenor of the conversation, particularly her ‘yeah, I’m hip!’ reaction. From a six-degrees-of-separation perspective, I deem that the nation/planet must necessarily be beginning to be covered with ‘guys with whole bags of these’. Cheering.

Don Croft
05 Jun 2008 08:02
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
Congrats, Jeff–these experiences are priceless. This unorganized network is spread very wide and it happened without the benefit of coordinated efforts by various capital-backed media, which is how any allegedly spontaneous movement gets promoted.

The internet, combined with enough people’s natural inclination toward self-empowerment and accountability, is alone responsible, though it may be that agencies in the etheric realms are guiding and protecting each one of us, meanwhile. Some of them might even have a vested interest in our success.

Dr Reich deplored mysticism and ‘business’ but in his day those two kingdoms were ruled by predators, of course. Some of what we do might be considered mystical if it weren’t for our insistence on feedback and corroboration to validate our more etheric (psychic/intuitive) pursuits and you can see that many or most of the vendors sponsored by the Etheric Warriors website give away an awful lot of our products and/or sell too cheaply in the interest of spreading orgonite a little further among the species. There are many other examples of business people these days who exercise their heart centers. That was rarely seen in Dr Reich’s day.

Most of the psychics we meet are still mental slaves to Theosophy, unfortunately, but so many people are spontaneously awakening their psi abilities that it probably won’t be long before that insidious, mentally/spiritually debilitating doctrine is finally cast out through lack of general interest. I suspect that this will be concurrent with the abandonment of those cheap, enormous ‘non-denominational’ church buildings where clever, predatory preachers are able to manipulate large crowds of aggressive and vindictive, mostly- Europoid, bornagain chumps.

CArol and I usually only see TV when we stay in motels–a couple of nights ago we saw Jay Leno take shots at one of these institutions in California where people had been arrested for brewing crystal meth on the grounds. He suggested that the church can be renamed, ‘Crystal Meth Cathedral,’ and that they could form a denomination, called, ‘Crystal Methodist.’ Cool Seriously, the gargantuan bornagain-chump movement is a CIA mind control asset (cultured in a Scottish Rite petrie dish from the 1840s), just like the hippie movement was/is an MI6 asset (cultured on a 1700s petrie dish from Calcutta via Alice Bailey), though these sister agencies are functionally seamless since 1947. There still seems to be some separation between these Siamese twins and the KGB, though–note the present ‘outing’ accusations being histrionically thrown at each other by Jeff Rense and Sorcha Faal, for instance.

Also, as Doc Stevo points out, Dr Reich, himself, insisted that any conclusion or belief that he perpetuated which was not found to be accurate or viable should be challenged and, if possible, corrected. Even though this is an extremely rare human quality it’s a necessary one in terms of human progress.

Dr James DeMeo tried to castrate this movement, years ago, because so many of us use aluminum in our field orgonite. He based his assault on Dr Reich’s impression that aluminum isn’t a good choice of metal for orgone accumulators. In other words, DeMeo’s accusation was based on the ‘Dr Reich Said’ foundation. Since Dr Reich never offered an explanation for that belief and since aluminum in orgonite (also in accumulators) was found to be appropriate by so many experimentors, DeMeo’s campaign had no effect on the growth of this movement. His visit to Germany and Austria in 2003, during which he passionately advised his audience to disregard the Crofts, is probably what finally initiated the sudden and dynamic emergence of this grassroot effort in those two countries, immediately afterward. I had been wondering what it might take for some of those resourceful and analytic Germans to finally get busy with orgonite cloudbusters and towerbusters. After that, DeMeo has mainly resorted to character assassination. I wonder how Dr Reich would evaluate his approach to orgone research.

At the other end of the academic spectrum from Dr Reich’s rational and detached enquiry we have the modern phenomenon, ‘peer review,’ which is an arbitrary collective of self-aggrandizing scientific ‘authorities’ who get together and decide whether new information has any value. The three science fields that are most thoroughly regulated by peer review are geology, archaeology and astrophysics, which is probably why those are the least scientific of all fields Wink and are most characterized by turf protection and myopia. To me, peer review boards resemble packs of hyenas. One rational person has the capability of toppling these ivy towers through demonstrating a broader scientific paradigm, which is partly why Dr Reich was blackballed by Freud and Einstein, then was imprisoned and murdered. His character was officially assassinated and his books and publications were collected and publicly burned in ‘the land of the free,’ to add insult to murder.

That happened four decades before the internet arrived, though Cool , and the CIA and a few other sewer rat agencies who invest untold billions of dollars in disinformation and brain-police campaigns, haven’t caught up with movements like this one, I’m happy to report, nor will they likely ever catch up because there’s no center to it, so they can’t infiltrate and manipulate effectively. They pretend to take the initiative in this case but our readers, who typify the responsible and accountable vanguard of this effort, are mainly perceptive enough to see who the clever players are and thus ignore them. It’s really okay that sycophants and dysfunctional lonely hearts are rather attracted to the rumor-mongers and dart-throwers who only wish to personify this dynamic effort.

I’ve said for years that the dynamic nature of any grassroot effort is typified by the proliferation of camp followers. In Roman times the army was followed by a large crowd of whores, lawyers (professional liars), pickpockets, fake doctors, dirty psychics, gurus, etc., and so is the orgonite movement, today. The Roman Empire is a rich source of examples because it was so well documented, which is why books like THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE are so useful today, during the accelerating decline and fall of the parasitic old corporate world order Cool

Another blessing that issues from the internet is that Dr Reich is finally getting widespread recognition and appreciation for his massive contributions to scientific progress and to a fuller, practical and rational appreciation of the intelligent, living nature of the universe.

Maybe the last big hurdle for masses of people finally taking initiative with orgonite is pot addiction. YOu can mention orgonite to just about any college-age marijuana devotee and he/she will demonstrate an intimiate understanding and appreciation of this effort but won’t likely have ever made or seen orgonite, personally. If we can somehow inspire these folks to put down the little cigarettes and start being proactive with orgonite we’ll have probably taken an axe to the root of the CIA/MI6 infernal tree that derived from the union of Theosophy and the dope trade by the late 1960s and prevented several successive generations from getting clear of overt and debilitating corporate fascism and very deep mind control, colored by psychadelic silliness, and we may also help them get clear of lockstep conformity, disguised as comeraderie.


Don Croft
05 Jun 2008 08:32
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
The disinformants are between a rock and a hard place. They utterly failed to infiltrate and corrupt this grassroot effort so they’re going to have to attack it directly in the media if they want to stop it. It seems to me that they won’t be able to avoid attacking us that way because it’s what they’re ‘thrown’ to do, after all; it’s apparently part of their mandate. they’re clever enough to realize that attacking us directly will vastly increase our numbers and will also draw capital investors who will commit to large-scale gifting efforts, sort of like how capital investors turned that big desert, the San Joaquin Valley, into an agricultural oasis in the previous century, against the expressed wishes of the world order who wanted to turn it into a ‘nature preserve.’

I think we’ve seen what only one rich guy can do in this movement, though I probably shouldn’t mention his name. There are a lot of wealthy people in the world who have consciences. They just don’t belong to the corporate world order, that’s all Wink and ‘results depend upon means,’ as the old saying goes. Until now, most of our efforts are self-financed and most of us have to choose between making oronite and indulging in modest luxuries. Carol and I are probably typical of the rest of the people in the front ranks of this campaign in that we’ve spent most of our usable funds toward this effort.

We feel sure that the only reason we haven’t been shot or framed or imprisoned is because the sewer rat agencies, who own both the media and the ‘criminal justice system,’ worldwide, know from hard experience that this would only fan the flames of this grassroot movement (so they poison us, instead, and sabotage our businesses), thus would hasten their parasitic world order’s final exposure and demise.

Delaying general exposure of the old world order seems to be at the very top of the CIA’s and other sewer rat agencies’ ‘to-do’ list, right now. We’re hoping that the timing of the general realization that China now owns the Federal Reserve Corporation, thus owns the world order, will be in synch with sufficient empowerment of enough people so that the suddenly and blindly enraged PJ folks won’t then go on a drunken rampage, shoot everyone in sight and burn the place down Cool . A little example of that response is how bornagain chumps can be turned into a mob by clergy and then will be induced to go after anyone who challenges their irrational paradigm.

I think it’s funny that so many people, when first engaging in some empowering activity, feel it’s necessary to immediately get the support of the Pajama People. Maybe these newbies assume that nothing is valid unless ‘the majority condone and support it,’ but history shows us that the really good stuff happens without ‘the masses’ every having realized that it took place.

Meanwhile, let’s relish our obscurity and stay busy!


05 Jun 2008 08:43
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
“help them get clear of lockstep conformity, disguised as cameraderie.”

Which is what Frank Zappa was trying to convey when he yelled off the stage at Woodstock “you’re all wearing uniforms!”

However, I must affirm that even the duped and the benighted, once un-duped, once awakened, cannot be duped again in the same way, cannot fall back to sleep.

Once a con has been figured out, the person who ‘wised up’ to it will be extra-sensitive to not falling for it again. The danger, if anything, is the cognitive dissonance that arises out of pride – the subconsciously-reinforced resistance to admitting that one has been conned. Once one gets past that, it’s easy street. From there, one keeps one’s hand on one’s wallet, as it were.

Which is why predators and parasites and pickpockets want so badly not to be noticed.

I’ve thought that making one of those yellow, magnetic faux-looped-ribbons for car trunks that says “Support our Dupes” (printed in that same smarmy, irritating, flowing script), would be hilarious. And trenchant, because it strikes the root.

“Carol and I feel sure that the only reason we haven’t been shot or imprisoned is because the sewer rat agencies, who own both the media and the ‘criminal justice system,’ worldwide, know from hard experience that this would only enflame this grassroot movement, thus would hasten their parasitic world order’s final exposure and demise.”

They are, it appears thrillingly, the monkey with it’s hand caught in the gourd trap, as you and I have discussed. Or Homer Simpson with his hand caught in the soda machine, if you prefer.

Don Croft
05 Jun 2008 08:59
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
Heheh, Zappa was probably prudent enough to recognize that if he said that onstage the loving mob might have pulled him apart Cool

Patrick Timpone of KLBJ in Austin, Texas, interviewd Carol and I on his popular radio show in April and May and I gather that it’s been tough for his webmaster to get the interviews onto his site, but I think that will be completed pretty soon. ONe has to register and I think pay a small fee to access the long list of podcasts on that site but he’s got mainly substantive guests and he doesn’t censor, so I think it’s worth it. We had a couple of other radio interviews over the years but this is the first time there were not many CIA reprisals, afterward. In this case, the hacking on my computer reached the critical point the morning after Carol’s interview–sour CIA grapes, I suppose

We’ll post all the media links we can get of people in this movement who have gotten legitimate media representation. Meta in Slovenia has probably gotten the most, so far, and Georg in South Africa has been interviewed on several national radio shows. The two guys in Switzerland who got some newspaper recognition for cleaning up Lake Geneva with orgonite probably got the best coverage, so far. Imagine what will happen when orgonite gets even modest media coverage in Africa! In that case even media attacks would be terrific advertising but could be risky in the short term for our African cohorts.


05 Jun 2008 10:53
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
I’d initially read it was Woodstock…appears it was at a different show…

“Everyone in this room is wearing a uniform, and don’t kid yourself”

(Frank Zappa) Live at the Circle Star, from 20 Years on the Road, when notified there were “cops in uniform” in the audience.

Don Croft
07 Jun 2008 16:37
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
My generation (I was born in 49) is the first, globally, to have been specifically programmed on a massive scale via the CIA and MI6, plus whatever the Russians and Chinese concocted. In terms of scale, I think the CIA is way out in front but MI6 laid the groundwork in the 1930s at Tavistock, under the direction of Sigmund Freud. His daughter runs it now.

I think the Chinese mind control traditions were used by the Brits for the earlier brainwashing protocols and the masons/CIA had been using ‘The Bible’ since the 1840s and perhaps much earlier to create mind controlled cults. I think the Jesuits and the masons are a seamless cooperative, of course. The ‘King James Version’ of the Bible was apparently a successful masonic project to encode their own ideology and doctrine into the text. Historically, James II was as stupid and predatory as our own fake US President is and it was convenient for the satanic British masons to do the deed in his name. That schmuck was the last king before the emigre (refugees of 'Abdu’l-Aziz seizure of their buffer, Constantinople) Venetian banking families in Holland installed their puppet, William of Orange, in London and then moved across the English Channel to expand and consolidate, over the next few centuries, their portion of the old world order.

I think that the only reason the Douay-Rheims Bible, which was translated into English (in France) around the same time from the old Latin texts, instead of being turned into a confusing muddle by masons, was suppressed is because it made church scriptures available and comprehensible to the masses around the time when printed books became widely available and affordable.

I’m not one of those benighted people who hate ‘the Bible,’ though the only usable part of the New Testament, arguably, are the transliterated words of Jesus, which amount to a medium sized pamphlet Cool and I bet about one percent of Jesus’ teachings were ever comprehended or recorded by His woman-hating apostles. CIA disinformation projects like THE DA VINCI CODE notwithstanding, it seems clear to many, by now, that Jesus’ demonstrated honoring of women through his wife, Mary Magdalene, signified the most revolutionary aspect of His message. I became convinced of this by reading some of the better material regarding the evidence brought to light at Rennes la Chateaux.

Now, it’s easy to appreciate that women and men are equal in all ways but two thousand years ago this simple truth was seen as heresy due to the patriarchic world order’s entrenched influence by then.

The fact that so few of His words have had so much influence on human history is a testament to their creative nature, I believe. Another testament is that a couple of millenia of blatant misrepresentation by murderous, rapacious and exploitive clergy and their manipulated mobs failed to extinguish that bright light.

Francis Bacon headed that encoding operation, also initiated the witch hunts, which were concurrent with and essentially identical to Rome’s bloody Inquisition on the continent. The West is still in the clutches of misogyny and the corporate-sponsored/controlled ‘women’s lib’ movement is an example of that. That scam is based on the assumption that ‘men have to give up some control,’ and of course women don’t need anyone’s permission to assume half of the world’s power, after all, nor is ‘abortion’ a national political issue, any more than religious freedom is.

An advantage that Muslims have is that Muhammad’s words were all recorded on the spot, so there’s no ambiguity for clergy to exploit, though of course the mullahs still try their best to twist and distort those clear teachings to their advantage. Muhammad was the first to acknowledge the right of women to own property, which should offset Islam’s reputation for suppressing females. When Muhammad lived, females were chattel in the Christian and Jewish communities and in Arabia, unwanted female infants were being slaughtered (kind of like in mainland China, right now) and He stopped that.

The history of the world odor is replete with similar concurrent agendae to the slaughter of witches in England and the slaughter of all of the people of conscience on the continent. The widespread establishment of communism and it’s twin, national-socialism (including Rooevelt’s ‘Raw Deal’ in the US Cool ), in the first half of the 20th century is another good example.

I think that the main reason they railroaded LaRouche into prison and destroyed his publishing house, Franklin Press, is because so many of the research journalists whom he published were providing a very clear picture of how the world order has always operated. LaRouche’s own writings seem to be a lot less substantive than some of them, including Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Margery White and Chaim Chaitkin.


24 Jun 2008 14:57
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level

25 Jun 2008 08:10
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
Wow. Curiouser and curiouser. Reeking of M-Kidness.d

25 Jun 2008 15:54
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
great puzzle isn’t it.

another piece perhaps: Other celebrity replacements include Sylvie Vartan, Sylvester Stallone, Faye Dunaway, and Marianne Faithful

“Another time I was looking over at her (Sharon Tate) and asking her what she was thinking about, and she suddenly came out with: ‘The Devil is beautiful. Most people think he’s ugly, but he’s not.’”——Christopher Jones (Daily Mail, 31st August 2007

25 Jun 2008 16:23
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
That is an intensely good piece, cheers for posting it John.

It reminds me of some psychological problems I had, accepting alot of the bands I liked were at the very least infuenced by dark forces, when I awoke some years ago.

It has so many layers of Shocked after Shocked the reporting deserves kudos and I look forward to reading the subsequent parts when they are released.

I probably wouldn’t have posted thanks, but thought I may as well, especially after being on part VI reading about Vito Paulekas resurfacing in Cotati CA after fleeing some years before, when within 30minutes I get an email alert pop up from ‘Gemphora’ which is apparently a gem webpage/dealer (I had never heard of) who just happens to hail from;

PO Box 243
Cotati, CA 94931

26 Jun 2008 03:21
Subject: Re: General Awareness Level
I aint auditory (kinesthetic) so never much into music. I did buy one Beatles, one Doors album when a teen. Also 2 Stills, Nash, Crosby. But never really got into any of them, Stones–can’t see the point of them, horrid bunch, and Beatles never did much for me.

Elton John was the one for me, I am ashamed to admit. So that lot passed me by, luckily as it so happens, and being in UK helped of course. Could have gone to Isle of White festival. Every time I go to watch a band it seems to be a disaster. Saw Van Morrison (pretty good music as long as you never get to see him or his personality) in Birmingham a few years back–folks we went with had a marital on the way and wouldn’t talk, he was crap live, and looked an asshole which by all accounts he is as I knew his bass player–he gave me backstage pass, so we all went backstage to the ‘room’, never saw him or my ‘friend’, so stood around feeling a prat.

Then wife wanted to watch some old 60’s band, something like Deep Purple–sound also terrible, if I could have shot the drummer it wouldn’t have been too bad. Then I took wrong road out of NEC (Birmingham) and ended up down M1 to London at Watford Gap services.

Another S American pan pipe outfit at Malvern, sat on front row and had to put tickets in my ears to cut down on the sound, left after 10 songs, then spent ages trying to get tickets out of ears!

Looks like Zappa’s insight wasn’t so clever, more an insider. You have to wonder how many of these intelligence people’s kids are in on the plot.

"Government is the Entertainment Division of the military-industrial complex."– Frank Zappa

The Nicholson childhood being similar to Bundy’s was interesting. Someone took drugs with him, LSD maybe, and instead of seeing him saw a fat Demon, demons are the core of MKUltra according to Springmeier and others.