Georg and Alex are Held Up at the Zimbabwe Border

Friederike, Georg’s wife, emailed me to say that some guards saw Georg tossing TBs as they approached the Zimbabwe border and became suspicious & wouldn’t let them in; they also searched the car and their belongings. That was a couple days ago and this morning, Friederike told me that Georg and Alex had been invited to the nearest Zimbabwe town to explain what they’re doing to a delegation. It’s good news that they were allowed into the country, I think.

Carol took a good look at them yesterday and saw the way opening up for them, so this might be a very positive development, however inconvenient it might be for the two guys.

Friederike asked me to post this, along with a boost request, so please send them energy, also send some to the delegation, okay? I have a sense this is a good opportunity, rather than an obstacle.



We worked on Georg and Axel’s situation on Sunday in the chatroom and the psychics discovered that the interference was ordered from on high, so to speak. We had an inkling of this an hour or so before the chat session when CArol nearly stepped on a baby snake that was trying, unsuccessfully to get across the smooth tile floor beside my chair. It had obviously been dropped there. We watched it for a bit, trying to figure out if it was a snake or a worm, and it eventually laid in the grout crack between teh large tiles.

When I picked it up and took it outside to hold in the sunlight, it became obvious that it had a skeletal structure and small skull. Carol ‘looked back’ psychicly and saw a female’s hand materialize, Montauk-style, and drop the thing beside my chair & that it was done by an African sorceress, not CIA tecchies. That was pretty fascinating to us. She clearly got that it was a listening device in the tradition of magic practitioners using live animals as remote eyes and ears. I dropped the little, black snake in the bushes outside, confident that if they put this much effort into spying on us, we were probably going to make some progress during the chat.

I was surprised that the psychics found mainly African leaders involved in the effort to prevent these guys from making that trip. Carol got a distinct impression that they mainly intend to prevent Georg from meeting Judy in Nairobi, as this would create some dynamic, funcitonal synergy for the AFrican network that would be unstoppable. Zimbabwe is now a commuist country ruled by a blood-stained despot who supervised the systematic plundering of that once-prosperous economy.

Dooney looked over their itnerary and found areas where interference is planned. We systematically went throught those locations, some of which are apparently connected to underground bases that Georg probably knows about, and we smoothed the path.

The two guys were still in the slammer last night when Friederike, G’s wife, emailed me. She hadn’t heard from Georg since the previous afternoon and told me that the police are apparently doing ‘forensics’ on an orgonite sample, now. I let her know that several American police departments, trying to make a case for us all being ‘terrorists,’ have publicly stated that orgonite is harmless. One particularly silly cop spokesman recently said, ‘Orgonite is entirely harmless, but we consider it to be terrorists’ material.’

In that light, our house was suddenly surrounded by SWAT cops yesterday afternoon–no kidding!

One of them knocked onthe window where CArol was working (I was taking a nap) and said, ‘I hope we didn’t scare you! We’re here for a training mission.’ They were all pointing their guns at the empty house next door.

When I got up from the short nap, they were still there, so I walked outside with a camera and took a photo of them, wiht our house in the background. One of them made ‘Hey, you can’t do that!’ noises but I ignored him. Another got in my way as I was moving toward the front door. He asked me if I was notified and I said, ‘NO!’ and walked past him & slammed teh door behind me. I was pretty pissed.

An hour later, as we were preparing to leave for errands, the boss SWAT cop knocked on our front door and politely asked if we’d been notified. I said, ‘No, and I resent the presence of SWAT cops on our property and feel like you guys are intimidating us!’ He apologized, after making an excuse, and said they would get off our property. We thanked him.

They all left as we were driving out. Some of them gave us dirty looks. Carol had gotten into all of their heads and found two among them who have gotten away with murder, before. Murder is mainlhy what SWAT teams are set up to accomplish, of course. I bet you’ve never heard of a case where they did any good, except maybe in the movies. I never have.

She also got that the FBI boss in Miami ordered the crooked Palm Beach County cops to do this in order to encourage us to leave Florida. He had apparently gotten some flack from his masters on account of our gifting the Miami waterfront the week before, where most of the drugs come into Florida under the protective gaze of the FBI. Janet Reno–the Butcher of Waco–got promoted to US ATtorney General after she succeeded in removing the remaining obstacles, on behalf of the Bush family, to the massive drug importation setup in South Florida.

FBI are the Rottweilers of this treasonous administration and they do, indeed, hate ‘terrorists.’ Anyone who doesn’t bend over for police-state tyranny is a terrorist to them. They don’t give a damn about the rule of law, of course.

Georg’s situation points up the fact that we’re at war. When I told Doc Kayiwa, a combat veteran and former field-grade mlitary commander, about Georg and Axel’s situation he emailed the following comments, which I hope you’ll take to heart if you don’t yet recognize that your gifting is an act of aggression toward tyranny:

Dear Don,

thanks for infoming me about George,it is a pity that our Africa countries
does not understand the importance of gifting and healing of the land,it
beyound their knowldge anyway.

For me when i am doing it it is secretly and you can not even notice that i
have done it,becouse i know we are working around our enimies line.
this gifting mission need a military know how it is a warfare,becouse we are
fighting against the [American] feds and brits who dont want anybody to be above
and when you want to win the warfare you need to be more tricky than your
enemy,and you have to be moble and flexable,so that is where we are but we
are winning…
 i have the materials
now at hand and ready to recieve George and his companion then we move on i
know they will be free soon.
it is a war you should understand that period.
greetings to Carol and thank God that you were saved from the snake and i
know you are victor in everthing.
your friend
Dr Rushidie
The Doc’s planning to go gifting in Ethiopia and Egypt pretty soon and I’m pretty sure all 
of his military acumen will be needed [Image Can Not Be Found] His fluency and scholarship in Arabic came in 
handy when we was invited to address the government and academia in Khartoum and I 
expect this phenomenal man to make some significant inroads in these other North African 
nations, too. 
How cool would it have been if Dr Reich had foreseen some of these wonderful, current 
developments? Toward the end of his life, Reich despaired that it might be centuries 
before anyone showed up in our numbers who could understand and apply the workings
of the wonderful new science that he discovered. 
Keep sending Georg and Axel boosts when you think of them, okay? I’ll update in this 
thread as info comes in from Friederike. 

I want to share that this morning I was startled by a slimey, snake-like little being in my bathroom. I instantly felt startled and strange about it, and must say you’ve solved a riddle for me, Don. It’s happened to me several times before, with little snakes, lizards and things that wouldn’t go away on being shushed, and behaved like they had a will of their own. They always left me with a very negative energy afterward.

A few nights ago, I also was woken up by growling dogs just outside my window, which felt to me like they were no ordinary dogs. My feeling on awakening was that they were radiating negative energy, which explained the nightmarish dreams I’d just awoken from. The dogs from my neighbourhood scamper away when I shooed, but these ones didn’t, so I started doing some serious blasting, and they suddenly seemed to melt away. I wasn’t looking, but that is what it felt like to me. I then remembered how Carol recently saw shapeshifters who turned into dogs around the being masterminding voodoo in Kenya.

My sense is that these beings have caused the financial straits my closest friends (who intend to make the trip) and I are experiencing right now, making it seem impossible to go, but we have to take away their territory through gifting, and we will, sooner or later.

I’m boosting Georg and Axel and look forward to them here. He and I agreed that I’d accompany them to 4 or so countries in this region, so I can’t wait.


Judy, thanks for those accounts. Many of us are experiencing an amalgam of technology/dirty-magic interference but most are unwilling to recognize it for what it is. A common effect, for instance, is that occasionally the motors of our cars, even fairly new ones, stop working during gifting missions, usually just for a moment. That’s pretty rare, fortunately; maybe they have to expend too much energy when orgonite is in the car. On the positive end, animals often show us where to put our orgonite, even which turns to take when it’s difficult to find rural targets. An open mind is essential in our line of work.

For what it’s worth, some of the traditional magic practitioners, including departed ones, who are benevolent and healers also have the ability to use animals this way but it feels pretty good when we encounter them–the experience helps us escape the What To Think Network grind, so to speak [Image Can Not Be Found]

I got a note from Friederike this morning, confirming that Georg and Axel are being held until Thursday so that the police can complete their ‘forensic tests’ to determine whether the orgonite they’re carrying is harmful to people. Bogus, of course, and a fellow named David called Friederike and told her that he’s their legal counsel.

Thanks for all the boosting, folks! Keep it up–just do it when you think of these guys–and we’ll all focus on them during Wed. evening’s chat session, too.

As Sunday’s intel/blasting session confirmed (and Carol looked at it again, just now), this problem is originating mainly from corrupt African government officials, not from the CIA and MI6, so much. I know it looks pretty bleak at the moment but we might take heart by recognizing that the western sewer rat agencies may have washed their hands of the African gifting network by now. That conclusion might be too optomistic at this point but it’s worth considering. Time will soon tell, I think.

On Wednesday, the chat group will run some more interference for Judy’s gifting sortie to the ‘voodoo capital’ of Kenya, north of Nairobi. Timing is usually impeccable when we choose to do these big targets and her success will no doubt have a direct impact on Georg and Axel’s progress, as well as on the progress of the Kenyans’ gifting efforts. As Shiro, Judy’s brave gifting companion, might agree, ‘we’re all in this pamoja (together).’ [Image Can Not Be Found]


Georg and Axel were let loose on Thursday and not even fined or kicked out of Zimbabwe! The magistrate simply warned them not to toss things out the window but, of course, the magistrate’s not going to be in the backseat. As far as I know, the only orgonite they lost in that ordeal was what the cops may have busted up with hammers. Georg will no doubt give us all the juicy details, shortly. Friederike told me they were to be in Malawi Thursday night.

I think Friederike got the worst of this–a mom at home with two young girls–so please send her plenty of energy, okay? I didn’t stress that before and I’m sorry.

The night before, our psychics encountered the worst case of blockage, so far–forty minutes of third-eye blindess at the start of the session. STevo perceived that Dooney and he were in a cage made of a large spider’s legs and Carol perceived baby spiders above the big one. They weren’t seeing much else, but when it was suggested that we might go look at Georg and Axel’s situation the barrier started to break down and they found a bunch of President Mugabe’s favored sorcerers in a round hut. Mugabe is a horrendous parasite and a commie, to boot [Image Can Not Be Found] and his rule depends on the help of sorcerers, just like the BushSr regime, the Pope, Putin, Beijing, The Ayatollahs, Israel and the Whore of Babylon (QEII) do. Go figure.

Spiders are sacred in Africa, kind of like owls and eagles are in the West–power animals. those sorcerers were the best we’ve encountered but of course were no match for our psychics, who have the ‘might of right’ on their side. Ours all recognized that the main purpose of the jail obstacle was to prevent these Europeans from networking with our African cohorts, farther north. It seems apparent to the psychics that it was supposed to get a lot, lot worse for Georg and Axel instead of the way it turned out. Thanks, Operators!

I personally believe that the rest of the trip for G and A will more than balance out the unpleasant lessons they learned in their nine days of captivity. Congrats, guys!

Thanks for sending these two heroes all that energy, folks!


I had an opportunity to talk to Georg and Axel on the phone just now. They’re in Malawi, visiting the leader of the country’s traditional healer network. I was relieved that Axel got to experience the hospitality of Africans (besides jail) and we had a few laughs about his ‘initiation.’ Please send plenty of boosts to Axel’s wife, Eirgit, in Austria becuase she’s pretty distraught, as you can imagine.

Georg will post a full, fascinating account of their experience pretty soon, as perhaps will Axel. I was relieved to hear that the African healer will be travelling with them back to Johannesburg and that all the orgonite is being distributed among the other healers in Malawi, which is apparently a very gentle country, like Uganda is. Georg confirmed for me that President Mugabe was involved in that debacle, as our psychics were seeing. It may be that the old parasite may not be in the saddle much longer. Zimbabwe’s gov’t is about as paranoid and exploitive as the American one is, apparently, and it’s pretty clear that America was supposed to look like once-rich Zimbabwe does by now [Image Can Not Be Found]

Georg and Axel are quite disappointed at not being able to personally work with our East African cohorts, this time, but no doubt many opportunities for that will come up in the future and more Westerners in the network will be travelling to AFrica.

Thanks, again, for helping our heroes get thru their ordeal with your boosts!



thanks for keeping the forum updated about our ordeal. I will write about the “juicy details” later.

After being released from Zimbabwe prison, we made it to Malawi through Mozambique.

We received serious warnings psychically and “Otherwise” that our life would not be safe if we continued our journey. X, who is much more psychically sensitive than I am, had that impression already earlier while I initially wanted to continue at all cost.

The German Ambassador in Harare was also involved in the dirty game. Apparently they wanted to use the opportunity of me being “lost in Africa” to finally get rid of me.

Indeed the theme of undergound bases must have played a major role in provoking their fury, which proves that our info was spot on. (all those places had very bad energy and sounded hollow on driving the EPs in.

Strangely, I see that this untimely end of our big trip, however sad and let down I feel, will serve a higher purpose.

Networking with our friends in other countries is becoming a priority now and all the “go it alone” stuff is obsolete.

So whatever they"thought they could achieve" by deterring us from completing the big round, will fly in their face double time.

The trip has proven a few points:

  1. The continued supression of Africa is a priority for the New World Odor. They are willing to fight dirty for that goal, no pretenses of being a liberal democracy needed.

  2. Orgonite hurts them. The continued supression of Africa relies on a network of secret underground bases, from which wars, terrorist movements are started, mind control and weather warfare weapons are operated and many other dirty acivities. The anonymous information we received earlier about the location of some of these heinous and illihgal places is obviously accurate, measured by their fury.

These bases are of course not operated by the national governments in Africa and most of them might be even unknown to the respective Presidents of the countries on whose territory they exist. They are UN/NWO bases, sometimes apparently with off world beings involved.Some of them may look like conventional military bases of the respective contry, some may just show some deserted and dilapidated buildings on top where secreet entrances are concealed.

Of course we are not doing anything illegal (other than they, who could all be tried for treason to their respective countries and populations) when we put harmless gifts in these places. Gifts that cannot work according to conventional mainstream science and of course officially these bases do not exist. So everybody should be happy and go home, not so?

This kind of gentleman’s agreement may work in parts of Europe or the States, (At least as long as official state policy is concerned) but in Africa things work differently and the supernatural is much closer under the skin of most people than in more westernized cultures. So the feeling when being interrogated by their higher secret service guys was that they knew what we’re up to and we know what they’re about although it was not spoken about.

  1. The next phase is intensified networking. Africans will liberate themselves just like anybody else. Just like our friends in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are already doing. Our new contacts to healers in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe will trigger a much more profound orgonisation than we could have ever achieved in “fly-over mode”.

So, while it’s sad that we could not complete the trip into which we had invested so much preparation time and money, the results will be just as well and maybe much more so than anticipated in our wildest dreams.

I will not be able to do gifting expeditions like I used to do in the foreseable future especially outside South Africa. I have been warned to this effect by reliable sources with insight into the “intelligence community”. I’m not suicidal.

Next time I would be lucky if I only get tossed into a cell with 6 convicts and awaiting trial proisoners, stripped naked to sleep on a cold concrete floor.


So we’re back home, X went straight back to Europe. I’m spending a few days at the sea to get the shock out of my system.

More “Juicy” detail to follow……


The interesting stuff happened between the lines of course.

The waves and waves of officers who questioned us and somehow became convinced that we’re actually the nice guys.

The off hand remark by one officer that they’re aware of weather warfare directed against them.

The sometimes philosophical level of the discussion when it touched issues like wether we had the right to heal a country without consulting it’s government. Zimbabwe according to the official version sees itself in frantic defense against efforts of neocolonial subjugation. How ironic when one considers the fact that they’re actually paid by those neocolonials to wreck the country for corporate takeover… (watch this space, it’s close, the mining magnates will soon be greeted as saviours)

The gentleness and supportive attitude of our fellow prisoners, mostly simple family men who resorted to minor crimes because of the disintegrating economy around them, just to feed their families and some of them lingered in the gaol for 40 moths + without being tried because they can neither aford a lawyer nor bail. (I’ll get some of them out now)

The insight in a society at the brink of total collapse where we would have to probably buy them the bullet to shoot us with. Our own diesel was used to transfer the vehicle from Nyamapande to Maronderas. When we were released, the deputy prison commander had the audacity to ask me to hear around for someone to sponsor a new prisoners’ transporter bus, because the old one broke down while we were there.

The little sidelines where officers use an official trip (like transferring us dangerous prisoners to headquarters) for some brisk money making by the side, trading in soap, taking pasengers, goats and chickens along for a fare… Really a colourful scene, that.

We made some friends in Zim, that’s for sure, and who knows, what goes on in the minds of a lot of the guys who interviewed us. We also got a defamatory article in the Herald, the gummint parroting national newspaper. But we all know there’s no bad publicity, only publicity, don’t we?