Gerd Huber--Quiet But Very Prolific International Gifter

Don Croft
11 Nov 2008 12:20
Subject: Gerd Huber–Quiet But Very Prolific International Gifter

Hello Don,

i thaught it was very important Smile
In good old Europe the Orgonit gifting goes on and on ::wink:

The Canary ilands Tenerife Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura are good cleaned , El Hierro is very important because the 3 big Radars .……/radar.htm I send it Je and hope Peopel of Spain can gift int cheaper , because i havent money to fly to this target …

Marokko was my first Afrikan gifting Expedition , but i think very successful.

Italy is very good giftet ( i have more than 7000 Towerbusters and 1000 HHG in the last 4 Jears in Italy bury.

I go next to greece or north afrika again , targets are enough.

Have you infos tovery important places ?

Sorry for my bad english

Greets Gerhard


Gerd–you’re my new hero!

Thanks very much for the report, which I’m posting on Etheric Warriors. I hope you’ll consider posting your own reports, there. Half the members don’t live in English-speaking countries so it doesn’t matter if your English is not perfect. There are no pedants here Cool

I’m CCing this to Alejandro, our administrator. I want him to know that I’ve invited you.


Manfred Hotwagner
12 Nov 2008 04:44
Subject: Re: Gerd Huber–Quiet But Very Prolific International Gifter
Gerhard has done really great and good work all over Europe!

Lots of his substantial and well documented gifting reports can be found on the German CB-Forum.
These reports are very, very encouraging to new gifters, as well as to the more experienced ones.
He was and is systematically disabling the weather-machinery in the Mediterranean.


12 Nov 2008 07:21
Subject: Re: Gerd Huber–Quiet But Very Prolific International Gifter
yes, really great!
i’d like to give a big hug to them and tell a big THANK YOU from ALL italian gifters, DANKE!!
all local gifters have been supported by theyr orgonic-stuff in Europe!

Don Croft
13 Nov 2008 21:32
Subject: Re: Gerd Huber–Quiet But Very Prolific International Gifter
Thanks a lot, Manfred and Davide! I want to be sure that Gerd will get credit for his accomplishments and contributions on EW as well as on the German forum. I’ve invited him to post, here, and have assured him that most of the EW members don’t primarily speak English, so there are certainly no pedantts . Tetsuzi-san in Hiroshima, who speaks no English, even uses a translater program for his posts and everyone I’ve spoken to is grateful for his very substantive and exquisitely illustrated reports.

Actually, I think we all like to read colloqualized English because it lends an international flavor to the forum Cool


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