German Film About The 9/11 Terror Scam

Don Croft
24 Nov 2008 13:09
Subject: German Film About the 9/11 Terror Scam
Really nice to see some Germans weighing in on the international terrorist scam. I went thru the Frankfurt airport on my way back from Namibia in Jan, 2002, and it was clear to me, then, that the German airport police definitely did NOT have their hearts into screening passengers, even way back then. The German expatriots I had met in Namibia all had read some the same solid conspiracy books that I’d read since the mid-1980s, so were also not fooled by the felons in Washington, DC and London. Atle Lovaas in Norway sent the following to his list, which I’m on. He sends around some real gems, now and then. ~Don

Hi all!

The first victim in any war, is always the truth. And who’s the ones who write the history books? It’s always the winners of the wars.

The war against terror has now been waged since Sept.11. 2001. But are the warmongers now about to win their propaganda war once more? Will their lies about 911 be printed into our future history books – telling us that Bin Laden and the terrorists caused the attacks on the twin towers?

Or are we the people – about to disclose their lies?

The Germans is a very accurate people. They call it to be “gründlich” or “genau” – and this Gründlichkeit they have used producing this film – lasting for 72 minutes – about the 911 scam.

Please, if you still have the slightest little doubt weather or not 911 was a false flag operation, take your time to watch this film. It’s made with the famous German Gründlichkeit. To all the others, already being convinced, it’s still worth while to see.

Most of it is in German, but with English subscriptions.

It’s the best ever.