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Hi everyone,

I think this will be my last big gifting mission for this summer.
I went to bavaria in germany for the first 2 weeks of august to a summer camp I always go to since i’m 12 years old, to meet friends there [Image Can Not Be Found]

This time I thought I might make this a useful trip for the planet, I had a look at what there was there strategic to gift.
I found an old US base from the echelon network that was supposed to be closed in 2004 (near Bad Aibling), but I don’t trust them… for me closing means they just reused it for something else [Image Can Not Be Found]
I also found a AN/FLR-9 circularly disposed antenna array (CDAA) near Augsburg. … -flr-9.htm

So I prepared a good batch of stuff to bring there with me [Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]
16 Earthpipes, 3 HHG and about 600 TB’s (If someone wants to count them precisely be my guest [Image Can Not Be Found] )

So on the way there I gifted parts of the motorway antennas, but not all of the motorway as it was during the day and there was a lot of traffic between big cities so I gifted where I could, I used about 150 TB for the trip to go there.
Some antennas on the way:
Near these MW antennas I threw 2 TB’s and on the return 2 weeks later I stopped there because I had 3 remaining TB’s and one earthpipe. I’ll get back to that later

Then when in bavaria during the second week I went to the ‘closed down’ US base in Bad Aibling to properly disable that place forever, as I suspected there was quite a lot of activity there for an abandoned place!!

That’s the approximate gifting I did there:
[Image Can Not Be Found]
The base is between the green lines and blue dots.

I first started by throwing 30 TB’s on about 4 km in the river at the bottom of the map. After I had mostly finished there, the sky had a nice hole right above all the gifted stream [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then I had to walk back to my car when I had arrived to my car sylphs started appearing in the distance (I’m really starting to get used to that now [Image Can Not Be Found] , they come everytime I do big targets now)

Then on the way to mietraching to the base I saw a big antenna in the middle of Bad Aibling, so I did a small change in my route to gift that antenna with 4 TB.

There was a big blue hole in the next 5 minutes, unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a panorama [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then I went to the right of mietraching to gift the waters there, Sylphs had nearly filled the sky already [Image Can Not Be Found] I hadn’t even started with the main target!!

One ball in the distance

Gifting the water

Small panorama

This place of bavaria was really beautiful ignoring the base, they have strange very high trees that look like antenna poles [Image Can Not Be Found]

Look at that sky it’s crazy!!

Then when that was done I went to the west of the base to gift another water stream leading right to the base.
Took some panoramas [Image Can Not Be Found]

gifting the water leading to the base.

getting nearer to the base.

If you enlarge this picture you’ll see a construction vehicle building something…

More water gifting

Then along the north fence

Throwing/planting TB’s

Other sylphs appearing…

As I was going around the base to go to the south side, I noticed there were quite a lot of delivery trucks for a closed place!

Abandoned houses, everything was abandoned there…

If you enlarge the picture you’ll see a helicopter, again strange for an unused place…

As you can see the gates of the base were wide open, so that was good for me [Image Can Not Be Found] Eventhough I didn’t do much inside I gifted nearly everything all around the base, not inside… I feel orgonites are safer in wild bushes [Image Can Not Be Found]

View of the base installations… yep nothing was built down, everything was still there and it even looked well maintained!

As I suspected, the lights of the top of all the balls were on, so it’s not turned off!! Also everything was abandoned except a building in the middle that looked brand new (or well maintained)

Some more photos

Other sylphs

gifting [Image Can Not Be Found]

again open gates on the other side

Hum, yes no pictures [Image Can Not Be Found]

Then I went back to the car to get 7 earth pipes and some more TB’s, as for the first round my bag was just overfilled with TB’s.

Still more and more sylphs…

one planted earthpipe

The balls were making noise, strange if it’s supposed to be turned off, or maybe I don’t understand what ‘turned off’ means [Image Can Not Be Found]

Sylphs [Image Can Not Be Found]

There were chemplanes all day long, at least 3-4 always flying above in all direction at all times, but as you can see in panoramas there are just bits here and there remaining the rest is just sylphs!
Anyway that was the most successful attempt I noticed [Image Can Not Be Found]



Derisory and futile, what did they expect to do!!

Meanwhile I was planting another earthpipe [Image Can Not Be Found]

Finally just for the enjoyment, more and more sylphs, it never stopped!


And they kept coming from the north…

40 minutes later on my road back to the camp, they were still coming in the distance!!

If you want nice background pictures, a good replacement for the original windows xp background [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think a show with so many sylphs just speaks for itself, that place is definitely Gifted [Image Can Not Be Found]
in video:

That same night when back at the camp I climbed up a tower with a newly met friend during the night and was expelled because of that for this year…
Though it was not a coincidence that I went up there else I wouldn’t have noticed the red lights in the distance from the place, which were of another US spying station (this one still active), I had no idea this place existed, thanks to that friend I discovered it, getting expelled was the price to pay to discover that place [Image Can Not Be Found]
Anyway that changed my original plan, I didn’t have enough orgonites to do the AN/FLR9 station near Augsburg as I originally had planned and that newly discovered place, so I opted for that new place, by intuition I felt it more important, else why would I have climbed that tower [Image Can Not Be Found]

By then I had used 350 TB (for the base (plus the motorway going there (about 50) and the motorway to go to the camp), but I had also given out about 150 to many kids and friends in the camp… many many kids wanted one or two to take home. They all live in or near München, so that is another 150 TB’s gifted in the easiest manner I can think of, with awareness too for many new people [Image Can Not Be Found]
And also during the first weekend I had used about 40 on another motorway (the A9) going to the north of München because we went to a music festival there for 3 days. So I had already exhausted nearly everything. I was left with around 80 TB’s.

So when I was expelled I went to that spying station near Ettringen with all I had in my car, except I didn’t use all of it there, I kept some for München as I went there to visit a friend for some days too so we gifted his district antennas (about 10) with around 15 TB’s.
I used 7 earthpipes and about 50 TB’s for that spying station.

Here’s the tale [Image Can Not Be Found]

Before any gifting, the antennas when I arrived.

getting nearer

Some pictures of the installations

Start of the gifting

The sky was already starting to lightly open up

The first earthpipe

Then I came out of my bush and saw that [Image Can Not Be Found]


Well, the small openings in the sky might look like coincidence [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found]
what about that next panorama [Image Can Not Be Found] (compare it to the first pictures when I arrived)
That was just about 15 minutes after I had started (I hadn’t even noticed, sylphs were already waiting in the distance)

Second earthpipe

There were still some clouds dissolving on top of the antennas

The first sylph above the antennas

Clouds further opening up

In video:


Clouds further opening up

The sylph above wandering about

going to the second branch (there were 3 branches in that station, you’ll see see the gifting map at the end)

The third earthpipe


going to the end of the second branch (I had already planted a 4th earthpipe)…

Some more installations

Panorama, with clouds lineup in the distance and sylphs all above [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some more pictures of the installations

The third branch

the 5th earthpipe

The installations from very near

Small panorama from the end of that branch, sylphs all above [Image Can Not Be Found]

the 6th earthpipe

Video of the sky:

installations at the end of that branch

and some panoramas showing how the sky is well opened above the place (with some sylphs) and cumulus lined up around

I planted another earthpipe somewhere a bit further away from the antennas on the way back to my car.

Photos after the gifting:

Then I washed my hands etc. changed clothes as I was full of mud and sweat [Image Can Not Be Found] and headed to München were I was greated by another huge sylph

The map of the approximate gifting
[Image Can Not Be Found]

The next 3 days in München I relaxed and one night we went around with 15 TB’s to gift the neighbourhood antennas. Should I again show pictures of the hundreds of sylphs that visited us while staying there [Image Can Not Be Found]
Oh, just one panorama [Image Can Not Be Found]

On my way back home I had some 8 TB’s left [Image Can Not Be Found]

I threw 5 of them on parts of the motorway I didn’t manage to gift when going to bavaria and made a last stop with the last 3 remaining and the last earthpipe at Heusweiler where I had seen the MW antennas, where I had thrown 2 TB’s on the way to go to bavaria.

There the picture again with the 3 antennas

What I surprise when I arrived there! It seems the first 2 TB’s were already more than enough, again the sky was filled with sylphs before I even started gifting the last orgonites!

Sorry for the repeated dot on many pictures, there was some dirt of my camera lens I hadn’t noticed…
That’s how the sky looked when I arrived [Image Can Not Be Found]

There were also 2 other antennas in the distance I could see from that place, I have to go there one day to gift these.

The antennas building

the forlast gifting

The last earthpipe

The approximate gifting map
[Image Can Not Be Found]

The 2 dark green dots are other strategic places I would like to gift one day.

The one near Augsburg, an an/flr-9 antennas array used to provide direction for airplanes, I wonder if it’s its only use…
[Image Can Not Be Found]

And the other below Frankfurt, near Darmstadt, the Griesheim base with 5 balls, I couldn’t find what this place is used for… Weather modification, remote spying and emotions behaviour modification?? If anyone knows the ‘official’ purpose of that base I’d like to know [Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s all for this gifting trips, thanks for reading and I thank all the etheric hosts for accompanying me everywhere I went [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hello Braikar,

Thank you very much for your gifting and your gifting report.

I am living in the middle of Germany and it was a great joy for me to read your report. You discovered really big antenna arrays …. [Image Can Not Be Found]

In Ettringen I have been some month ago too and I left there two dozens of TB`s….
…. the sylphs seem to have a lot of work to do there [Image Can Not Be Found]

so it was great to see your earth pipes, TB’s and to read your report.

Gerhard Huber, his friend and other gifters have been very active in Bavaria. … I’ll link your report to Georg Ritschl 's german Cloudbuster and orgonite forum.

Greetings Moritz

Cool, it’s always great to know other people have gifted the same places, there’s never enough orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] I Didn’t find any of your TB’s [Image Can Not Be Found]

btw I posted a link to the map of the precise locations of the other stations in germany and others in the world in

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