Gifted Pond at Namugongo now has healing properties

(Don Croft) #1


Doc Kayiwa just sent me an update on the pond we gifted not far from his home, near Kampala. The pond–about an acre in area–had been horridly polluted before we tossed some orgonite in it. If memory serves, we used five very small etheric pipe bombs and three towerbusters, tossed in around the perimeter.

It’s on the property of a national Catholic shrine and is in the middle of a landscaped park and after supper, most evenings, the Doc and I went for walks there. The first time we visited the place I saw poor people taking their washing and cooking water from the pond and was so alarmed that we gifted the place the next evening. A week later the water had cleared considerably and there was no more scum on the surface. A month later, Dr K emailed to say that it had cleared even more, also that Japanese were fishing there. Japanese fishermen are pretty discriminating. There’s a contingent of Japanese aid workers who live not far from there. The Ugandan government has reciprocal deals with a lot of countries, since London made sure, since 1986, that they’re unable to just buy services from other nations.

Today, he told me that many people have been fetching water from the pond on account of its having developed healing qualities. The water is sprinkled on sick people to induce healing.

By the way, his email address book was sabotaged and he had to contact Judy in Nairobi to get my email address this time. If you’ve been corresponding with him he’d appreciate getting your address. HIs email addy is [email protected]

Experimenting with water gifting is a good way to collect confirmations for simple orgonite’s raw power. If you live in a place like Toronto, where an armada of spewjets perpetually squirts out skywriting chemicals in an apparent effort to deflate gifters, it’s essential to find more ways to get confirmations than just measuring orgonite’s effects on chemtrails, for instance. If one focuses more on Toronto’s vastly improved ambience, sweeter countenances on the people on the street, no smog, milder climate, no more violent storms, gorgeous, white clouds, Sylphs galore, extremely clear and clean water in Lake Ontario, etc., then omnipresent skywriting won’t be so discouraging.

Remember taht Toronto was a favorite test bed for biological weaponry and other rude things and persistent, thorough gifters took all that away from the corporate world order in the past couple of years, thanks largely to Steve Baron.

South Florida is also constantly treated to skywriting but because we’ve disabled most of the HAARP facilities in the region even that stuff only sticks a few minutes on the heaviest of spew days. There’s no shortcut or substitute for getting out along the primary highways for one or two hundred miles in every direction and disabling ALL of the HAARP arrays, weatherballs, bowling pin transmitters, etc. in order to achieve this happy result.

When Jeff, Carol and I gifted all of Biscayne Bay and Card Sound on Sunday we saw a couple of ‘rare birds:’ spewjets laying curved trails [Image Can Not Be Found]

We tossed about 200 simple towerbusters in the drink that day and we’ve never seen so many and varied Sylphs. Jeff even erased a HAARPish, black thunderhead that was in our northbound path. He simply pointed the half-scale cloudbuster at it for a half hour or so and it was quite a show to see it transmute into a mass of white cloudmatter and shrink to nothing, afterward.

By the way, in order to get consistent confirmations for water gifting we have to return as often as possible to the gifted areas and look at the water. The reason it’s a good idea to gift many bodies of water is that one or two might apparently resist orgonite’s influence and that might discourage the gifter who hasn’t done a variety of targets. The brackish creek by our house is a case in point. I’ve got several dozen towerbusters in that two-mile long creek and it’s still mucky. Maybe it will clear up after we leave.

At least there are plenty of fish in it, now, and manatees even come to visit, which means water plants are finally growing there, again. The City of Jupiter had been quite concerned by the deep buildup of muck in this creek in recent years and dredging even failed to stop the problem. There are a hundred or so homes on the creek, many of which are upscale and have dock facilities. The other creeks, nearby, are clean and their bottoms are sandy. I gifted those on my little motorized inflatable kayak and they hardly needed it. A neighbor told me that he’d seen large bullsharks hanging out at the mouth of our creek, eating all the fish that came upstream. Sharks, like vultures, enjoy DOR.

Meanwhile, Jupiter Inlet, downstream from us a couple of miles, is so clear that one can often see the bottom (ten feet deep) and the aqua color of that body of water at high tide is breathtaking–reminds one of tourist photos of tropical tourist destinations. Jeff can attest that before we started gifting the ocean around here Jupiter Inlet was like an unflushed toilet–or like our creek, if you will [Image Can Not Be Found]

When we went out into Biscayne Bay from where we launched the boat last Sunday (ten miles or so south of Miami) there were no fish seen on our fishfinder along the channel out to the bay. That dredged channel is a couple miles long in open water because the bay is quite shallow. We spent four hours making the circuit of the bay and adjacent sound, moving south from that channel at first. When we returned from the north, the fishfinder showed a lot of fish along the length of the channel, which we’d gifted, of course. That’s how fast fish are attracted to orgonite. Little fish attract bigger fish, etc., and the commercial fishermen are catching lots and lots of fish along the stretch of coast that we’ve gifted. Before we did that, they were in dire straits, so to speak.


(Don Croft) #2

By the way, the Doc intends to take a trunkload of towerbusters back to Burundi, as soon as possible, to press the network’s advantage by gifting Lake Tanganyika. That lake is DOR hell because it’s been a sort of satanic mecca for human sacrifice rituals and people are even afraid to go there. It’s a huge lake, taking up most of the western border of Tanzania, which was called Tanganyika when the Germans had it as a colony, then the Brits. Gifting that lake will revolutionize the fortunes of the region, simply stated.

He needs some substantial donations to make that happen. When he was a doctor in Michigan he made piles of money but that doesn’t happen much for doctors in Africa. He uses his own car for these international gifting safaris but the cost of gas for these trips is as dear as the cost of resin.

It’s kind of like how bombers had to carry a lot more gasoline than bombs [Image Can Not Be Found] in the bankers’ managed global conflict (WWII)–whoever thinks of logistics? This healing war relies on logistics and funding as much as the nasty, managed wars do, of course. If you can substgancially support one of the Doc’s safaris, please contact him or me. I don’t know of anyplace except East Africa where orgonite gets so much bang or the buck.

Our business took another hit last month, so we’re slowed down to mostly doing local gifitng work but we’ll probably bounce back, as usual.


(judylubulwa) #3

It doesn’t cease to amaze me what orgonite can do!

I’m quite thrilled to read about that pond, as my late mum built me a cottage about a kilometre away from it. I was meaning to get the place gifted but now see that good things are already happening there.

I also gifted a large and polluted pond in central Nairobi and will be going back to have a look at it in a couple of weeks.

(Don Croft) #4

Judy had told me in email that she has a place near Namugongo and I thought that seemed pretty cosmic, considering the size of the continent so I’m glad she mentioned it in a post. East AFrican huts are terrific–the main expense is the doorframe and they’re cool, round, roomy and light.

Last summer we gifted a polluted fountain and visited it every day. Sure enough, seven days later it was suddenly clear. We didn’t see much progress before that. Like Namugongo, the fountain also attracted people to it after the clearing happened. Before, we never saw anyone near that fountain, though the landscaping and lovely waterfall were enticing.

Like is happening around here, the fish ( two, large koi) in the fountain were ecstatic, judging by their constant motion and their close attention to the single towebuster that was on the bottom, finally visible. We didn’t even know there were fish in there, before.

If possible, I’d like for more folks to post observations, here, about whether this seven-day cycle is more or less universal in clearing polluted water. The more we toss orgonite into water, around here, the more we appreciate the power that’s released by the combination of orgonite and water. This is the first time we’ve had a boat available for covering a large area.

I got a report, five years ago, that a single HHg in a vortex’s spring transformed the atmosphere in a pretty big area of Northern Arkansas. That was before the death towers were thrown up but it was still impressive.

Vortices energize everything within them when they’re spinning the right way. I might have stumbled onto a way to make a vortex, three years ago, and I made the connection that radionics within a vortex is more powerful than otherwise, so I combined the vortex-generator with a couple of radionics project: the destruction of the Federal Reserve Corporation and help for Dr Kayiwa, whom I’d just met through corresondence. The Fed took a huge hit, after that, and continues to decline, along with it’s legbreaker, IRS, and it’s obvious that Dr K is in high gear by now. When my present procrastination phase is over I’ll complete a smaller, perhaps more powerful vortex generator and will be more mindful to get it all into public record. The photo tutorial and reports about the first one were all erased by a less-than-ethical board operator, not long after I posted it all on his board. This is all good juju, bwana.

We learned from Bradley that radionics in a vortex is better after he installed our donated, old, orgonite 7-pyramid stack (I made those pyramids in '99) in his home in Pasadena, almost four years ago. His house, then, was within the same vortex that Jet Propulsion Lab had been pirating before we cleaned it up and restored it. Aleister Crowley picked the spot for JPL (‘Devil’s Gate’) and apparently he, Parsons, perhaps Hubbard and a few other high (sic) level Los Angeles satanists performed some human sacrifice rituals there to ensure the ‘wrong way’ spin of the vortex, which persisted until we gifted it back to health, four years ago.